We just got confirmation that surgery will begin at 7:30AM - Tuesday (11/4). We were told it will take 6 hours, from we we leave her to the time we see her again. Please keep her in your prayers. I will have my computer with me to give updates a couple times a day as the week goes on.

Also, we have had several people request that we post our address on the blog. If you would like our address, please email Aimee so we can keep track of everyone's email who plans sends something for Kayleigh. Her email is:

Thank you all so much and please PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Unknown said...

we will send prayers thoughout the day! good luck little Kayleigh!! may GOD watch over you!
Good Luck
a momma from michigan

Anonymous said...

You, precious Kayleigh, and your families are and will continue to be in my prayers. This is the last hurdle that she should have to overcome before she COMES HOME!! God Bless!

Andrea in OH

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog since almost the beginning but have been quiet! I just wanted you to know that I'm praying like crazy for your little girl. I can't wait to hear an update on her and know how it all went. We love you Kayleigh! Doug, Sarah, Marissa and Madalyn Benedict...Madalyn was a preemie too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are taking lots of pictures but you can never have to many I took several pre surgery pics of my son and I was so glad I did because I didnt have the honor of taking any after his heart surgery as he passed in the OR but Kayleigh is strong I call little "Super Girl" you dont have to worry about it, just take lost of pre battle wound pics I love seeing her she is such a sweet cutie and love to get updates with lots of pics. Please post more pics. Kayleigh FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT you are awesome and in my prayers.
Janelle in AZ

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be amazing it at the same time tomorrow when the surgery starts we could all take one moment and pray at the same time?
God Bless little Kayleigh and I will be praying my heart out from Canada xo

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for her through this surgery and continue until she gets to go home. I love the idea from Canada of taking a few moments to quietly unite in prayer for Kayleigh at 7:30. I will set a reminder to do this.
In prayer and love,
Jennifer, Danny, Breanna (13), Nathaniel (2), and Jonah (4 months who was born a preemie too)

Unknown said...

lots and lots of LOUD prayers for our sweet little girl. I know she is going to do just fine. I ll be checking thoughout the day tomorrow. Quick ?? is that 7:30 Eastern time?? Iam in Mass so Iam hoping so. And lots of prayers for you and Aimee too.

Anonymous said...

She will continue to be in my prayers constantly as she has been for the past couple of weeks! I too am hoping someone can let us know what time zone so my kids and I can send up a prayer at the same time.
God bless you all.
With love from Southern NH!

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Kayleigh!! Stay strong sweetie as you always have!!

I will pray for Kayleigh that her surgery will go well!! I pray for health for you Kayleigh!!

God Bless You Aimee and Adam with Strength!! Thank You so much for keeping us updated!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Anonymous said...

Its Canada again :) guess I should leave a name, My name is Barb ..

I will check in tonight to see what time zone to use. We can get a big prayer circle going. I have told other friends online and off.

Anonymous said...

I am a faithful reader, and your story has touched me to the depths of my soul. I had to respond tonight, as tomorrow is Kayleigh's surgery. Please know that my whole family and I will be thinking of Kayleigh, and praying for the surgery to go smoothly. She has proven herself to be such a fighter and I have no doubt that she will continue to fight and persevere!

The Duncan Clan said...

I will pray so hard that she does great during and after surgery. I am also praying that this is the last hurdle for her coming home.

Many, many prayers!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of everyone sending up prayers for little Kayleigh, Adam and Amy all at the same time! NC is on EST, so 7:30 am coverts to 6:30 am CST, 5:30 am MST and 4:30 am PST. Barb, I'm not sure what part of Canada you're in to covert to your time zone. I will spend a few quiet minutes in the morning at 7:30 to send up prayers for Kayleigh! She's proven to be such a fighter, this is just the last round before she wins the whole thing and goes home. :) God Bless and many many prayers to you all!

Kayleigh truly is a miracle and thank you so much for including all of us in your journey! We can't wait to see her go home to the beautiful nursery that you made for her!

Andrea in OH

Amy said...

We will be lifting little Kayleigh up in prayer at 0630 CST here in KS. I am calling the church now. This is such a wonderful idea! Kayleigh is in God's hands and will be just fine.

In Christ's Love,

Amy Sanford

Anonymous said...

I am eastern standard wonderful to all come together for such a special amazing family

Canadian Barb xo

Robyn said...

My family will be thinking of you all tomorrow!

Stay strong beautiful little Kayleigh, show those doctors what you can do!

Praying for a quick recovery as well, so she can get home to you guys and then the real party can begin!