11/22/08 2:38 - HAPPY 5 MONTHS OLD KAYLEIGH!!!

Her scar is looking great!!!


Five months in the NICU is too long for anyone! If you are currently in the NICU, hang in there and know that Aimee and I will be here if you need ANYTHING!!! You can email us for questions or to vent as we know how stressful and exciting the ups and downs can be. If you want to know how we stay so strong, the answer is God and we highly recommend you getting in touch with Him to help you through this.
Mathew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Aimee and I are pleased to see some progression throughout the day. It is not a whole lot, but it is better than none at all. Kayleigh's heart rate came up a little bit, so at rest it is in the 90's now and when she is active, it is in the low 100's. They are still not sure why her heart rate is so low, but everything else checked out fine on the echocardiogram which gives the doctors nothing to worry about. Kayleigh's oxygen has been dropped to around 42% to allow her sats to stay above 90, which is fantastic. If she keeps that up, they will start to wean her off the nitric and start her back on the Viagra.

They are going to follow the same steps to wean her off everything as they did for the cardiac cath procedure and the open heart surgery when she was on the nitric. It may take some time, but the odds are in our favor that she will be off of everything in no time. They have written an order to start feeding Kayleigh tomorrow. I am not sure how much they are going to start off with, but that is a step in the right direction. The nurses have had to give Kayleigh some Adavan to calm her down a little today since she has gotten irritable several times. They noticed Kayleigh getting upset when there is loud noise or a lot of light, so they have tried to minimize all of that as much as possible. I am glad that we have a corner spot in the NICU where we are not wedged in between two other isolettes. That doesn't make for much room and it is one of those things that just causes more stress.

One of the other things that has been driving Kayleigh insane are the vent tube and the repogal tube that go down her throat. Both of them gag Kayleigh and cause her to want to grab a hold of them and pull them out. I know for a fact that once they remove those, she will be much more comfortable and relaxed. They actually removed the repogal tube tonight since they were not pulling much drainage off of her tummy. When we were taking her temperature and changing her diaper tonight, she was a little less agitated than normal which makes us feel a lot better. Lately, we have not been able to touch or talk to her much because her sats would drop quickly, but today we were able to. Since the echocardiogram came back showing that Kayleigh's pressures have dropped back down in to the 40's, she is less likely to go in to a hypertension episode when you touch/stimulate her.

WHEW! Today was a much better day on the stress level and such a blessing that Kayleigh had a great day of progression. I just hope the antibiotics do their job quickly so Kayleigh can get off of them and not have to risk the side effects sending her in to another plummet. She is doing really well so far and we just hope that she continues to get better. All I have to say is that all the prayers are helping Kayleigh jump over these hurdles. She is such a strong person and continues to show everyone just how amazing she is and will continue to be. We certainly have our hands full!


First of all, thank you all for voting on whether or not we should include our posts in Kayleigh's book. I have gotten some great ideas and I plan to use all of them to make my book more creative and exciting. I should finish the book shortly after Kayleigh comes home, but then the editing will take more time than it did to write it. It is going to be amazing though!

Okay now for my AWESOME idea...From now until the day this book is published and put on the shelves, everyone who has and does buy a bracelet will not only send in a photo to be put in to Kayleigh's kick butt scrap book, but will be put in to Kayleigh's book itself. I plan on taking up as many pages as possible to add every single one of Kayleigh's followers/prayer warriors wearing their Kayleigh bracelets so the world can see how many lives Kayleigh has touched. Of course we will not be publishing this book for a little while, but once you get your bracelet and take your photo, I will save ALL the photos in a file and have them ready to be added to the book. It will be so touching for everyone who buys the book to see all the support we have gotten through our amazing journey. What do you think??? I feel it would be so powerful for readers to see how inspiring Kayleigh was to all of you. So if you have not gotten your bracelets yet, get them now and send in your photos ASAP!!! Thank you so much!!!!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Sarah Suzy said...

Happy 5 month birthday Kayleigh!! I'm so glad she's doing better today. I've been holding my breath waiting for a post all day. Thank you so much for keeping us all updated Adam. I already sent the picture in of Helaina wearing her bracelet but I am going to get one of the whole family and send it as well! Keep up the great work Kayleigh, we all want to see you home!

Anonymous said...

You guys hang in there. Kayleigh will be home when God thinks she is strong enough. I'm so sorry that yall had to bring home a empty carseat...but before long she will be using it. I'm so very relieved that Kayleigh had a better day today. Give her a kiss on her beautiful little cheeks for me. Praying for Kayleigh.
Nikki Conway

Kira said...

Look at that beautiful little baby! You must just want to stick her in your pocket and smuggle her home. :) Kayleigh truly has God's personal attention. There's nothing that amazing girl can't do!
All my love and prayers,

Sarah Benedict said...

Praise the Lord...we had ladies prayer meeting last night and Kayleigh was on our list. I'm so thankful that God answers prayer! My heart breaks for you knowing you had to take home an empty carseat, but I KNOW the day will come that she will be filling that up. You guys are a great inspiration for those who are just starting the NICU process and your faith is amazing. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you all!

Our 3 Miracles said...

Your're precious little miracle continues to amaze me each and everyday. Her beautiful fighting spirit is something most will never attain. I have been thinking and praying for your sweet girl and am praising God that she had a better day. Continue to stay strong, you and your family truely are an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your little girl with the world!

Jen said...

Haooy 5 month birthday! You all are so strong, it's a blessing to be able to read about you.

Lipstick Jungle said...

Happy 5 month birthday Kaleigh!

I was so happy to see a feeling better post! I will continue to pray for you sweet girl, and for your mom and dad who are very strong for you.

God bless you all!

Kala Family said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been 5 months already. Happy Birthday Kayleigh! What a great birthday post to hear you are doing better!!!! Keep it up girl! Maybe you'll be at home to celebrate your 6 month birthday! We are continuing to pray for you.
Karen and family

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are so excited (and relieved!) that things are looking up today. Kayleigh sure knows how to stir up the drama! We're praying for continued good news today. Ya'll take care.
The Nadeaus

Kathy said...

Grateful for encouraging news on Kayleigh. She is a true fighter! Prayers will continue for additional improvements and strength for you and Aimee. Cling to the verse that through God all things are possible!
Grandmother to a 25 weeker - Morgan Kate

Shannon K. said...

Happy 5 months! Can't wait to get my bracelet so I can send in pictures. What a great idea to include them in your book!

Elkins5 said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Kayleigh!

Thank you GOD for hearing us all! Praying for another great day.

Book idea: This is AWESOME! Maybe you could also have everyone include a one line comment and who and where they are from....kind of like what you did for her caregivers. This way everyone know just how FAR your family's inspirations have traveled. Just a thought :)

Here's to a wonderful happy birthday day!

Melissa said...

I stayed up late last night looking for your update...and even got out of bed around 1:30am CST to check it again! No news until I awoke this morning--but GREAT news! We will keep praying!! She will be home soon!

Amy said...

Way to go Kayleigh!!! Keep progressing so you can get off trhe vent soon. God is awesome and answers prayers. Happy 5 month birthday little one. Awesome book ideas Adam! I'll keep praying for little Kayleigh to come home soon!

In Christ's Love,

Amy S from KS

Jennifer said...

I think the picture idea is awesome. We all feel so connected to your little girl and your family. Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey and your memory of it.

Stephanie said...

Adam and Aimee,

I ran across this last night while learning about my own health condition and it really made me think of Kayleigh's situation. It seems that diuretics(Lasix), blood transfusions, and toxemia can cause problems with magnesium and it is even specific about preemies. Here's the link:http://www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/Atoz/common/standard/transform.jsp?requestURI=/healthatoz/Atoz/ency/magnesium_imbalance.jsp
I have to soak in epsom salt(magnesium) when I start reacting to too much stimulation, and it helps within a few minutes. I can tell when I'm running low because noise and commotion gets unbearable, I want to jump out of my own skin.

I hope Kayleigh feels better soon. Five months is TOO long. As bad as it is though, it is God's timing that is important, not ours. I believe he knows the way even when we don't.

The Woollard Family said...

Kayleigh looks so much better today than she has looked over the past couple of days from her pictures. That's great! The book idea sounds wonderful. We can't afford to buy any bracelets at the moment, but your family is and will continue to stay in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 5 Month Birthday Kayleigh!!
I was so happy to see her sweet alert face when I opened your blog this morning. What an amazing little fighter you have. God is certainly answering the prayers of so many who she has touched. Adam and Aimee, your decision to share your story will bring hope and inspiration to other families facing the ups and downs of life with a preemie. I will continue to pray everyday for Kayleigh, and for you.
Pat in Az.

Unknown said...

Kayleigh is looking much better! I'm so glad to hear of the progress that's being made! Praise God!!!
I pray that she sontines to do well and is soon happy and home with you guys.

The book idea sounds GREAT! I wish you the best of luck with that!!!

In Christ,

Adam and Sherry said...

Happy 5 months Kayleigh!!! I can't believe how much better she looks. Her color is so much better!! Hang in there you are in my thoughts and prayers. I agree with you if you trust in the lord he will send you marvelous blessings.

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, five months and still so tiny! Kayleigh, you are in my thoughts and prayers and even my kiddos come to see your blog and want to know how you're doing. Can't wait til we are seeing the blog of your first crawl and your first steps and your first EVERYTHING!!!


Robin said...

Adam and Aimee, I think it's a fantastic idea for the bracelet and photo idea for the book. So glad to hear Kayleigh is doing better today.

Anonymous said...

Happy 5 month birthday Kayleigh! I'm praying for you every day! I do plan on getting a bracelet -- I'll do that soon!


Unknown said...

Yippee! Before you know it, she'll be bouncing around your living room.

Happy 5 months!!

Get some rest, Adam and Aimee. You deserve it.

A womb for rent said...

Happy Birthday Kayleigh!! I had just found your blog, and I just have to say I have never cried so hard! I'm taking it hard also being 16 weeks pregnant! Congratulations on your success this far! You sound like an amazing family and you are a beautiful family! I am an Aunt to Quads and when they born they were 27 weeks and they weighed 1.11 to 2.7! They are 6 now and we talk often about the days that were so scary and amazing at the same time. I'm so sorry!!!!!!!! You are in my prayers!!!! With much LOVE!!!! Jen

Julie said...

I just ran across your blog after I joined a preemie group on facebook. I started crying when I began to read about Kayleigh's story. My son was born at 31 weeks and 5 days. He spent 35 long days in the hospital. Although it was not 5 months I still can relate to the emotional roller coaster that you have been on for the last several months. Hang in there, you will soon have your beautiful little girl home with you and eventually this will all become a memory. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. Owen, my son, is almost 21 months old and when I look at him I can hardly believe that he he came into this world so tiny. I often reflect back on his days in the NICU and think how worth it those days were because without them he wouldn't be here. So happy 5 month birthday Kayleigh. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for sharing your journey.