11/23/08 - Sleepy Peanut

Sleep! That is the story of Kayleigh's life today. We will remember this day for the rest of our lives, but Kayleigh will not because all she did was sleep. She slept through her tests, diaper changes, blood gas toe pricks, and all the loud construction going on downstairs. The awesome part is her sleep was not medically induced. She was not given any pain or sedation medicine all day today. Her sats were in the low 90's and her oxygen was dropped as low as 31% today, so that is wonderful progress.

There really wasn't any new news today, but it was a quiet day of recovery and progression. The progressive part of it all had to do with her feeds. Kayleigh was fed 5mls several times today and had no aspirates at all. They are starting her, and hopefully going to keep her on plain breast milk for a while. So far so good. I have been getting my days a little mixed up and Aimee is picking on me about it. The doctors gave me some Valium for my neck pain/stiffness and I keep thinking some things happened yesterday, but it was actually the day before. I just had to double check and make sure I didn't mention it yesterday, but Kayleigh weighed in at 4 lbs - 2 oz. She is doing much better and we are very happy to see that she is less agitated because that only means her UTI is not bothering her anymore.

For those who have not been able to put a face with the name. This is Rachel wearing Kayleigh's bracelet and signing/telling Kayleigh, "I Love you." Rachel and Ryan are our good friends that we met through Kayleigh's journey and I used to play baseball with Ryan a long time ago. If you remember, I had just posted about Rachel losing Hannah unexpectedly just after Kayleigh's heart surgery. Their other daughter past away just last year after 4 months of being in the same NICU as Kayleigh is in right now. Both Hannah and Carly are our special Angels who are watching over Kayleigh right now with our Lord in heaven. You can read their individual stories here: (Carly and Hannah) Rachel and Ryan both hold a special place in our hearts and we will always be there for them. We love you guys!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Unknown said...

Glad to hear Kayleigh is making more progress! What an ASWOME God we serve! To Him we give all the praise and glory! You go Kayleigh!!! :) Show 'em what you're made of!!!

In Christ,

Jennifer said...

Slow and steady Kayleigh!!!

Anonymous said...

Aimee and Adam,
Just wanted to tell you I checked in on Miss Kayleigh last night at work, and she was resting so peacefully! She seemed to be doing great! Keep up the good work, Kayleigh! And remember...slow and steady wins the race! I hope you guys are doing well, still keeping you guys in our prayers. Adam, your idea about a book is great! You guys are such an inspiration, and will help inspire so many others with your story. I can't wait to read it!
Take care!
Paula L. (NPCN)

kristyo15 said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kayleigh is my hero! She is such a little fighter! I'm glad everyone is getting some much needed rest! Still prayin' for y'all.

*The Owens*

The Woollard Family said...

Yay Kayleigh!!!!!!!!! That's wonderful news! She weighs almost as much as my little girl did when we brought her home from the hospital (4lbs 4oz). I pray that she continues to make such great progress.

I can definitely tell that Rachel and Ryan hold a special place in your heart. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to them. I'm so happy that they are able to keep their faith through everything they have been through.

-The Woollards

Anonymous said...

I just saw this blog linked in a babycenter bargain board message. I wanted to say as the mother of a former 458 gram preemie boy, Congrats on this milestone! My son is now 6 years old. He wears glasses and has some fine motor skill issues(is struggling to write neatly) but otherwise he's wonderful and reading at a 4th grade level. He had several surgeries(for ROP, hernias, and more) before his 1st birthday. but he doesn't remember any of them. he's a happy, caring, amazing well adjusted young man. I hope that that offers you two some comfort and inspiration in this difficult time. Some day all of these hard times may be just a tiny blip in the life of your family. You're sweet little girl will be in my thoughts. Good Luck on the road ahead. :)

Mel said...

Happy 5 mo. birthday Miss pretty girl Kayleigh! Still praying in OK!

Crissie said...

Hi! I just wanted to pop by and say Sleeping and eating KAYLEIGH, is what you need to do to grow grow grow! I am so glad to see that the progress and building up again! Yipee! NOW, go very slow littel peanut and no more tricks!

Crystal in Ct

PS still praying for you guys as always!

Lindsay Dean said...

Keep getting better everyday my special heart friend~
Love, Lindsay!!

Room 1 said...

I saw your blog button on another blog I read. I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for your family and Kayleigh each and every day! I live with a 1.7 pound miracle from God. She is a healthy five year old today.
God Bless!

MommaB said...

So gald the little Miracle is doing better.a blessed thanksgiving to you and your family..MommaB