11/5/08 - 2:11pm - Her Chest is Closed!!!

Kayleigh's Pretty Blue Sutures

Pretty Pink Bow

All of her "Battle Wounds"

And ALL of it for that fact. As I said before, they were concerned with not being able to close the whole cavity and the skin too. But, everything went perfect and they were able to close the whole thing and she has some pretty blue sutures. They are going to monitor her progress over the next 24 hours. If things are causing a strain on her heart, they will open her back up to allow the heart to work without any type of constriction.

I will try and explain to you a little bit about all the wires you see. The red wire with the heart on it goes straight in to her stomach to release any extra fluid in her tummy. Right above that, and below the main incision, there are two blue wires that go straight to the heart. Those are for the pacemaker in case that they have not had to use, but are attached in case they do. So if the heart stops beating, that will send a shock to the heart to help it beat manually. Under the white tape is a chest tube, that pulls off any extra fluid in the chest cavity around the heart. All the other wires are the normal leads that monitor heart rate and breathing compressions. She also has a IV line in her left arm, right leg and a PVC main arterial line in her thigh. Can you imagine having all that in you at once? I don't think she is going to like sewing when she grows up because she knows what a pin cushion feels like and she has been sewed back together more than enough.

She is so pretty with her little pink bow on her head. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing these photos with all of you. If she beats me up for showing you all, that is okay because I don't mind taking a beating from her, just as long as she comes home :) I won't lie, there have been times where I have questioned God for putting me through this strain. But, now having gone through it and as we are "almost" done, I know that I am going to have a much better relationship with my kids and my wife because of it. We have been really close already, but we are closer now than we ever thought possible. Aimee is my everything and so are Ally and Brandon, but I am so happy that Kayleigh will get to enjoy the love they have given me.

Keep the prayers coming as Kayleigh works hard to recover. So far she is doing amazing and we are so blown away by how strong she has been through all of this. I will update again later this evening. Thank you all for your support!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


caryn said...

I'm so happy for all of you. I will keep up the prayers.
PS I love the bow!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing and beautiful little girl - give God the glory!!

Dalila from Union City,NJ said...

I'm so happy for Kayleigh. I will keep praying. She is a strong beautiful little girl. May God Bless you all.

ERICA said...

I knew you could proove the doctors wrong!! You are doing so wonderful Sweetie! Keep it up! You have a loving family so anxious to take you home! God Bless You!

Aimee and Adam,
What an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, Miracle from God you have! She amazes me everyday! If I ever think of anything I can't handle...I think of Kayleigh and know everything is possible! God Bless you all!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker.

Ali said...

Kayleigh - you are a strong, strong girl. You are incredibly loved, and we continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

What an amazingly strong little girl you have. Your good news has truly made my day. YIPPEEE!!!! :o)


Emily said...

Your darling liitle girl will be in my thoughts and prayers. She is so incredibly strong and beautiful! 6/23 is a wonderful day. We share the same birthdate and my daughter is two weeks older than Kayleigh. I tell her everyday what is happening with her and show her pictures of Kayleigh.

Anonymous said...

The pink bow is priceless! So glad that things are going well. Lots of wishes for a speedy recover, what a trooper!!

Prayers from Kansas City!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing ! Thank you both so much for taking the time to keep everybody updated ! It means so much to know how she is doing ! She has a special place in all of our hearts. This blog will be such a gift for Kayleigh when she is old enough to understand all that she has been through. You are doing such a wonderful job !
Karen Smith
Calgary, AB

GiGi said...

Something tells me that even though her battle wounds will fade in time Little Miss Kayleigh will shine like the stars!
Thank You God for another awesome day!

Anonymous said...

I gasped when I saw her incision. Poor baby. She is so strong. I love her little bow. Hopefully she can get some rest and get those nasty tubes out soon.

Still praying here in PA :)

Anonymous said...

Bless her sweet little baby heart!!! She is proving that she has amazing strenght over and over again and such a strong will to beat this with all of her might!!!
Praying for a speedy recovery.

Traci said...

Kayleigh IS Beautiful no matter how many battle scars she has. You and Aimee are so lucky to have a fighter for a daughter. We are still praying for a complete recovery for Kayleigh. Please give her a BIG kiss from all of us in California.

With Kayleigh in HIS grip,
Traci Hallmark

Anonymous said...

Love the bow, shes a fighter, God bless you all.


Amy said...

God is THE GREAST HEALER!!! I'm so happy to see that Kayleigh is doing so good. I continue to pray for her and a speedy recovery.

In Christ's Love,

Amy S from KS

momof4beautifulbeauties said...

What an awesome recovery she has had so far!!
God is amazing :)
I will keep Kayleigh in my prayers.

Betsy said...

Oh Kayleigh! You are so strong! Aimee and Adam, you are amazingly strong as well! Keep fighting little girl, you're doing great!

francis said...

Aimee, GOD bless your child. Having children does make us change in ways that we have never thought we would- I feel this way. I am not nearly close to what you and your family are experiencing at this time. The photos are dramatic. I can not begin to imagine how you must feel but I can tell your faith is strong. My prayers and best wishes of recovery to Kayleigh. We will keep her in our prayers. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bow!!! I am so happy that she is doing so much better then expected!! Kayleigh you are a strong little girl and a little fighter already! Will keep praying lots for a speedy recovery so you can go home soon!!

Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

This is just amazing news!!! PRAISE GOD!! I'm so happy that things are moving right along. I can't even explain the happiness I feel everytime I read about good news. Keep up the good work Kayleigh. Show 'em what you're REALLY made of!

Still praying for a GREAT recovery.

In Christ,

Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

This is just amazing news!!! PRAISE GOD!! I'm so happy that things are moving right along. I can't even explain the happiness I feel everytime I read about good news. Keep up the good work Kayleigh. Show 'em what you're REALLY made of!

Still praying for a GREAT recovery.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Although I have never commented before, I have been following Kayleigh's story since the beginning. I must say your faith, strength, patience, and love inspire me more than you can imagine. All my love and best to you and your amazing family. May God bless you all!

Ellen said...

I am so happy for you all, this is amazing ! And thank you so much for all the updates. Kayleigh is a real inspiration for us all.

Ellen from California

Julie said...

What a trooper! Hugs from Oregon

Anonymous said...

I hope shes not hurting from all that poking and prodding they are doing to her. Poor baby! She is in my prayers. Much love and peace!

stephanie said...

God is SO good! Thank you for sharing this so that we all can witness his miracles and remember how much we are blessed. She is an amazing little life and I'm so glad you have shared and I have been able to follow her story. I don't know how you are managing all this stress, but it is obvious that God has been providing you with the strength you need. I will pray that he continues to do that and give you peace so that this Thanksgiving will be memorable and awesome for you! God bless you and take care of that baby girl!

Cherilynn from British Columbia said...

Those pictures are bitter sweet! I am so glad that God has answered all of these prayers in the way we've been wanting so far! I will continue to pray for all of you as Kayleigh recovers! God truly is amazing! I love the pink bow too!

Andrea in Ohio said...

Wow! That's just sums it all right up. Great news to come home to. Kayleigh is just doing awesome. I'm so happy that she is recoving SO WELL! The pictures are a little sad to look at but she's only going to get better from here on out. :) She's such a trooper. Hope that she continues to amaze the dr.'s and nurses with her recovery. We'll continue praying that tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week is just as good as today! Give that little girl a snuggle from all of her prayer warriors! God bless!

**I LOVE the pink bow =0)

Anonymous said...

TRULY AMAZING. I am so humbled by Kayleigh's strength and your testimony about God. Gives me chills and my faith grows so much stronger reading your blog every day.

I love her bow!