11/7/08 - 9:58 - Slow Down...

I think I jinxed Kayleigh a little bit tonight. Aimee and I went down to get a bite to eat and I called my Dad to give him an update. Everything was perfect at that point and they were talking about extubating her in the morning, rather than tonight to allow her lungs to open up a little more. The sacs close over time if there is not enough pressure to keep them open, so they need a little exercise from a little device that taps her chest to loosen up those sacs. They call it chest PT.

Anyhow, as soon as I get back to the room, not even five minutes before we got there, she had another pulmonary hypertension bout. Her lung pressure shoots sky high and she turns purple, then her blood pressure will shoot through the roof trying to compensate for it and if it is not taken control of, her heart will fail. Also, with her blood pressure up, it could bust through her sutures or the arterial line causing major bleeding. So, they paralyzed her, gave her some sedation to relax her whole body, and increased her nitric and oxygen to get her back to normal. It doesn't take long to correct, but they have to act fast.

The doctors main goal right now is to push her to a point where Kayleighs says "Back Off and Slow Down." Being that she had her bout tonight, she was saying just that. Kayleigh will likely be extubated in the morning and they will take a step back with some of the weaning and try again soon. No matter what, they are completely satisfied that Kayleigh has only had two hypertension bouts since her surgery. They expected her to have them continuously, so I am stoked to hear that. The thumbs are still pointing up with her condition, so there is nothing at all to worry about. Way to go Kayleigh!!!

The photo above is from the Nadeau family in Louisiana, sporting their LSU pride! They have been so WONDERFUL to Aimee and I during Kayleigh's journey. Kayleigh has a beautiful and fun looking bouncy seat that we CAN'T WAIT for her to get in. Soon though, soon! We appreciate your support so much and we are so grateful that you have shared our journey with so many other people and gathered all of them to pray for us. It has helped so much! You all are forever in our hearts. God Bless!

These two amazing children are Aliyah and Owen. They are Lee and Kirsty Freeman's beautiful children. They live all the way out in Canton Michigan and have been following and praying for Kayleigh from the very beginning. It is a blessing to have such wonderful family members from all over the place who still keep in contact, no matter where they are. Lee is my cousin and one of these days, I wish to make a trip out there for a good ole fashion baseball game. His team plays ball in these early 1900 uniforms, which are unbelievably sweet looking. We love you guys! I wish you all the best and we miss you tons!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Kayleigh's hypertension bout is not something to be worried about. I know that it must be so hard to witness though. I really can't even imagine what this must be like for you two. I know we keep saying it but the strength of your family amazes us. Kayleigh is a force to be reckoned with! She's going to give you a run for your money when she gets older!

Remember to send me your address so we can send somethings for the shower. Kayleigh deserves everything a baby could possibly want after all she's been through, although all she really needs she already has, an amazing family who loves her more than words can say.
Sweet dreams.
The Nadeaus

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Kayleigh! I was a little worried when I first started to read the blog this morning but your Daddy assures us all not to worry. I am still praying for you all the time!
Love from Southern NH!

The Woollard Family said...

I love it when you post pictures of people showing their love and support for your daughter! That's wonderful! I'm glad that Kayleigh's caretakers were very prompt with everything and making her better after the episode she had. But you're right, she's doing beautifully! Especially since they thought she would be having many more spells like that one.

Keep up the good work Kayleigh! You are amazing!

Heather, Joseph, & Bailey Alyse Woollard in Alabama!