Thanks Levine Children's Hospital & WCNC!!!

Aimee and I would like to thank the Levine Children's Hospital and News Channel 36 for sharing Kayleigh's Story. This has been one amazing and miraculous journey. Our goal from the beginning was to share Kayleigh's story to give hope to that one person out there who may be in a similar position or who just needs some inspiration in their life. We have since touched thousands of lives through our website by reaching families from all around the United States and even several Countries (Check out the map on the right tool bar). Prayers from all around the world have been the reason Kayleigh has defied the odds. Everyone who is praying, cheering and showing their support by sporting their Kayleigh bracelets are our true family and we are forever thankful to you! God has certainly heard our prayers as Kayleigh is living proof.

The television program on Channel 36 that airs tonight and the Light 102.9 Radiothon coming up in December will also allow us to share Kayleigh's story to continue to reach families in need and to help raise money for The Children's Miracle Network/Levine Children's Hospital and for the March of Dimes. Since Aimee, my Father (Gary) and I make up Team Freeman for RE/MAX Executive Realty here in Charlotte, we also had the pleasure of sharing our story for The Children's Miracle Network & RE/MAX Golf Tournament last month, which was a complete success!!! If it weren't for people who gave us hope, I know Aimee and I would have not been so strong to fight for our little girl's life. We are so passionate about giving that strength to others. The more people we touch and help with our story, the more opportunities we will have to save lives and make known that through God, anything is possible.

If you are a new visitor to the site, you can follow our blog daily as we update Kayleigh's progress. If you want to follow the experience we have been through so far, scroll all the way to the bottom and begin to be amazed by one of the most exciting, but nerve wrecking stories that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. You can also visit all of Kayleigh's Friends and see other amazing stories that will completely blow your mind.

Again, thank you all so much for your support and prayers that you have given us through this amazing 8 month journey so far. Even though Kayleigh is not home with us today on Thanksgiving, I am more thankful to know that she is alive and has helped brought families together and friends closer. But more importantly, I am so thankful that Kayleigh has brought people closer to God through prayer and to teach people that God is standing, waiting on the other side of that door to help...all you have to do is open it.

God Bless & Happy Thanksgiving,

The Freemans :)


Jennifer in NM said...

You guys are so amazing to put Kayleighs story all over! You guys definitely are fulfilling the role that all of us should fill and don't all the time. God bless you guys. I am going to assume that since there is no update about Kayleigh that she is still doing awesome. Thank God. Check in on her later.

With much love and prayers,

jag said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I too am thankful for Kayleigh. She is an inspiration to so many!

Smithmomof3 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Freeman Family! God Bless all of you!


Unknown said...

I missed it! :(
I hope you can somehow find a way to post it.
Love you Kayleigh and Family! Still praying for you!

In Christ,

Mel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and still praying in OK!

Mel from OK

Anonymous said...

hey guys! i missed it, too! im here visiting with Rachel and ryan. Do you know when you guys might be able to have it posted on your blog, or will it be available somewhere else? I can't wait to see it! i can't believe we missed it. Rachel and I said yesterday that we have to remember to watch it! Ugghh! Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

Sam Katie Hani said...

Wow! What an amazing story. You are extremely lucky! I have a story as well, actually two. The first one is sad, but very simular to yours. My pregnancy was going great .. until about 20 weeks along, but my poor baby never grew strong enough as Kayleigh and didn't serve through the pregnancy. He too had a VSD and other heart defects, he stopped growing, and amnio fluid couldn't replenish itself. Everyone thought it was a chromosone problem but all the test came back normal ... now he is in a much better place were he is healthy. You are lucky that Kayleigh is here with you! If I could have Sami in my arms,life would be perfect.
But ... Try number two is sitting in my lap! My handsome boy was born June 18, 2008 ... but not after a long stay at the NICU. He too stopped growing, or known as extremely IUGR. Thinking again it was chromosones ... but test came back normal. Reversal flow began at 30 weeks and by 31 weeks he was born via c-section. For the next two months we had up and down days ... Good times, and bad times. Born at only 2 pounds our bundle of joy needed lots of growing. But at four pounds and two months later the doctors gave us the okay to bring Hani home. Under strict guidlines of living next to a hospital (literally), not to leave the house except to go to the hospital, and not leave the comforts of his corner in our room ... Our hani has grown to 10 pounds and will leave the house for his first outting in exactly one month!

I truly know how difficult life is for parents of a NICU child. I feel your family. I know that your time will come, and little kayleigh will be leaving the hospital! Keep in there ... don't loose sight of the future. Remember to take a breath, and enjoy eachother. Life is stressful for you right now, and some days just seem too difficult. They will pass and one day you will look back and realize exactly how lucky and blessed you are.
I wish you the best ...

D/J F said...

What a beautiful post -- Happy belated Thanksgiving from Oregon!

Love, The Floods

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I am volunteering at the Light 102.9 Radiothon this year! Hopefully i will get to see you guys there!!

Anonymous said...

God Bless all of you..keep your heads up..thats where your answers the hands of God..Keep the faith that with God all things are possible..pray that Gods will be done and all will be well