12/1/08 - Aimee Needs Some Prayers

Quick update on Kayleigh really quick and I will update you on Aimee. Kayleigh had another echocardiogram and unfortunately her pulmonary pressures are still elevated. The pressures were around 69 this past Friday and they were 67 today, so they have not come back down and that is concerning. They have taken her off the nitric, so their plan of action is to keep weaning her down on the oxygen as needed and get another Echo soon.

She still have been crabby in the afternoons, but she has been a calm and peaceful as can be with us. I fed her tonight and she took around 20 mls out of 35 for me, so I was happy to see that. She is getting better with her feeds, so that is good to hear. She didn't wine or cry the whole time we were their, so I am guessing she just needs our love. Her weight stayed the same, which is not exciting, but we are still too afraid to start fortifying again. We'll see...

Okay, now to Aimee. Over the past week, Aimee has started to get short of breath, tired quickly and her heart races with the smallest of activity. We didn't think too much about it and then she started getting headaches, which have started to come more frequent. Aimee never got headaches before and has been in good enough shape to not feel so gassed over little activity. We thought maybe it was some kind of side effects to the Mastitis that she was dealing with or the antibiotics that she was taking, but these issues started before she started that medication. We also got a pregnancy test to be sure it wasn't that and that came back negative.

Over Thanksgiving, she showed more signs of fatigue than normal. She would get tired opening a can of corn. We decided we would wait through the weekend, take it easy and if it didn't get any better, we would schedule an appointment with the doctors. Well, over the weekend, Aimee heart has been racing more than ever and she even gets worn out walking down the stairs. Her headaches are still frequent and on top of that, she started to get jaw pain, sporadic nausea and now she has upper abdominal pain. All of them are not very good signs!!!

Aimee and I are the type to research everything. We scared ourselves to death tonight looking up on Web MD to see what type of issues could be causing all these symptoms and one stood out above the rest that we are hoping is definitely not the case. All signs point towards Angina, which is caused by stress and can lead to a Heart Attack, but we hope to God that is not the case.

We have an appointment to see our doctor first thing tomorrow morning and since we are going to the main hospital right afterwards to see Kayleigh, we are hoping they will get her in there to do some tests. When it comes to pain or an illness, Aimee won't complain unless there is something really bugging her and she is really worried right now. Please pray for her and ask God to heal whatever the problem is, and please pray this is no heart issues.

I will post when we get some answers.

Thank you and God Bless,

The Freemans


Rissa said...

Will be praying for Aimee & Kayleigh... Please let us know what the doctors find from Aimee's test..

Remember Trust In the Lord!!
With Many Prayers!

Nelson Family said...

Have her thyroid checked!
I had every single symptom you listed and then some.. brought back memories... I also had a huge weight jump and was running everyday...
I hope things look up for you guys.. your family has been through so much, and I know it may seem that the weight of the world is on you but, This to shall pass.
favorite scripture:
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

as always,
lots of prayers your way
25 weeker
moscow idaho

Anonymous said...

I agree on the thyroid thing. My daughter is hyper-thyroid, and and also suffers from PVC's related to the thyroid. Her heartrate on a good day is in the 130's, and when she is stressed or excited or physically active, it can get up to 200. She is often fatigued and short of breath.

Will be praying for you all.

The Duncan Clan said...

I will definitely pray for both Aimee and Kayleigh. I also wanted to mention that when I looked up pulmonary hypertension I found this board for preemies and one of the posts had something about an experimental treatment with inhaled prostacyclin to treat the PH. Here is the link and the post is by 'stushrn':


Anyway, I don't know if this helps any, but I just thought I would share it with you just in case!


Joe said...

Prayers to all of you!! Please don't discount the issues that Aimee had with swelling and blood pressure when she was pregnant, and the pre-eclampsia that hit her when she had to deliver. Elevated BP can have long-lasting effects. I will keep all of you in my thoughts. I hope that you find peace today - Meg

Cristi said...

I will be praying for Aimee. Hope it is just stress. That can do tons. Praying for the baby too from Louisiana.

Amy B said...

This sounds like a post I could of written a month ago. I ended up having a EKG and test. It was my thryoid...
I will be praying.

Jennifer in NM said...

Adam, just by your wording and the feel of the post I can tell you are spent emotionally and physically, but thankfully you still have your faith and hope. It seems that the path you are to go down right now is difficult, but it will only prepare you for when Kayleigh is home. Regarding Aimee, I will pray for her and pray that it is only her thryoid as other posters have mentioned.

On a side note, you guys sound like me, I will look things up on WebMD and scare myself to death. My doctors have acutally kind of banned me from the internet in that regard! There is a plethora of informaiton out there, but it is hard to discern the many many diagnoses that could be out there!

I too am worried about Kayleighs pressures, but hopefully they will continue to come down.

Still praying like a mad woman not only for Kayleigh but also for both of you.

With much love,

Heather Plis said...

I will pray for the Lord's hand to be over the doctors that look at Aimee!
I too first thought of thyroid before even reading the other comments and then I thought of gallbladder...both of which I dealt with after having my second child.
I will pray that the answer is clear and that you can get Aimee well real soon...and of course continued prays for Kayleigh and the rest of your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Aimee and Kayleigh you both our in my prayers. I hpray god Blesses you both with health!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

bri said...

This is not good news. I am so sorry that you all are having to walk such rocky paths. I know God will see you through them all and you will forever be changed by His Presence.

I will be praying for you all today and asking The Lord to bring healing to your wonderful, brave Wife and your precious, strong daughter. I am asking for a hedge of protection to surround your family and that no more attacks would come in and tear down the faith built walls of victory! I am standing in the Gap for you guys today!

Blessings and Peace be rich and nourishing today!

Mel said...

Will continue to pray for you all!
Don't discount the effects of a stressing pregnancy to the body. Pre-eclampsia and all the effects of a rigorous pregnancy/birth could still be negatively impacting the body.
I know it is hard to stay off of WebMD, but you might try just using it AFTER you have seen the doctor to better understand what he/she has told you re: tests to have/diagnosis, etc.
Deep breaths my brave friends and peace to your hearts...
M from OK

Anonymous said...

I am praying like mad Kayleigh will make it threw this! Its scary hearing that they dont know what is wrong, is there a better hospital that she could be transfered to or get a second opioin from? I wonder if one of you were able to stay with Kayleigh for an entire week or so since she is calmer with you both, that she might show signs of improvement quicker feeling safer in your arms. May god grant her the strength to fully recover!

Jennifer said...

I will be praying that you will find the cause of your symptoms, Aimme, and that you feel better quickly. As always, still praying for your family :)

Anonymous said...

I hope all turns out well with Aimee. You have both endured so much stress. Take care of yourselves and one another. I know with Kenna it is easy for me to let myself "go" because I get caught up in taking care of her... and the rest of the family... Hugs to you all!!!

Rebecca and Kenna

Unknown said...

Hey Guys~

I just went to my doctor today for the same symptoms. Fatigue, racing heart with the slightest action.dizzy Ihought for sure I was having a heart issue while I was on Vacation. But I went today and it was just that my iron was low from a heavy period (sorry adam) So have them check your Iron Aimee. Best of luck and dont go on the internet for diagnoses. It always freaks me out over nothing.

And for my sweet little Kayleigh I will keep praying for you presures to go down. I hope they can figure this out. So sorry Adam that your two ladies are not doing well..but this will turn around....just wait :0)

Unknown said...

Keeping Ammie and Kayleigh both in our prayers!

In Christ,

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Oh I am praying for Aimee and Kayleigh.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for Kayleigh and will include Aimee in my prayers as well. I have heard that symptoms of preeclampsia can last for months after delivery so Aimee could still be having side effects from that. On top of that she is stressed and sleep deprived all of which can affect your heart rate. I do have PVC's was diagnosed when I was pregnant with my first child. It scared me because i was so tired and my heart would do funny things. Sleep deprivation and stress make them much worse. All of which Aimee is experiencing. Anxiety can do crazy things to us. This is such a hard time on your all emotionally that her body may be reacting to all of this. Hang in there! Will be good to see the doctor!

Baltimore, MD

Anonymous said...

You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Has Aimee had her blood pressure checked recently? Maybe one of Kayleigh's nurses could do it real quick. Sounds like some of the symptoms I get from my hypertension. I am sure the anxiety and lack of sleep has to do with it. Anyway, I hope it is a simple fix. Big hugs (((HUGS))) to you both.

Denise in CA

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is ok with Aimee and Kayleigh. While I was going through the NICU experience, I too had a racing heart. I had an ultrasound, echo, and stress test done. Everything came back fine and the Dr.s said it was probably stress.

Sarah Benedict said...

I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you havn't left my daily prayers. I think of your family often throughout the day and pray for you when I do. Keep us updated!

Unknown said...

You guys have been through the ringer!! Poor Aimee. My gut tells me this is nothing more than a terrible case of stress taking its toll on her body. But - not to make light of that, of course. Stress does terrible things. I hope the Dr. can tell you what's up. I'm sure a blood workup will be in order. Get plenty of rest - the both of you! Kayleigh needs strong parents. Get well soon, Aimee and Kayleigh!

Heather Marie said...

I am saying some prayers for Aimee and Kayleigh! God will take care of everything! :)