12/18/08 - 10:25pm - Answered Prayers!!!

Bless this mess that's keeping sweet Kayleigh alive!!!


He is listening to all of our prayers. Kayleigh is still here for another day and we are all rejoicing in the little bit of progress she has made today. Aimee and I are in complete awe of how powerful all of yours and our prayers have been. It is a true miracle if she makes it through this. I can not express to you the feelings we have had over the past few days as we see our precious Kayleigh slip further and further away from us. It is a situation that I wish on no one as no medication was working to save her.

I (Adam) will speak for myself on this one, but after being physically and emotionally drained, all I wanted was Kayleigh to go in peace since our options were slowly drifting away. Having talks with the doctors as to when we should decide to no later intervene with the inevitable, was the most difficult decision anyone could ever think about. Even though my faith is 100% completely in God, I had lost hope for Kayleigh, but only because I felt God was telling me it was her time to go. I GUESS I WASN'T LISTENING QUITE CLEARLY!!!

Since confirming her situation has been spiraling out of control due to pneumonia, the doctors have taken action to switch her antibiotics to focus directly on the problem, add chest physical therapy and turning Kayleigh on her side to relieve pressure on her lungs, she has made some improvements. Little improvements at this time are BIG improvements in my book. The first x-ray showed her right lung was completely collapsed and her left lung was nearly in the same position. The second x-ray, five hours later and after some of the new orders were written, her lungs have opened up a good bit on the right side and even a little more on the left.

Not only were her lungs making progress, her oxygen saturation has as well. She has been satting in the mid to high 90's. The doctors say that once the lungs open up, it takes pressure off the heart and the overload back-up taking place in her liver will diminish. She is still considered critical condition and at anytime, she may have a hypertensive bout that could very well take her life. The x-ray that just came in 2 seconds ago showed there were no change in the past few hours. Pray tonight that the next one in the morning will show more improvements.

We are still praying for more days like today so we can have a true Christmas miracle take place as a lot of you mentioned. I want to thank you so much for your prayers, but we are not done with you yet!!! KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE!!!!! I can't begin to scratch the surface of how important your prayers have been in turning this situation completely around.

Some of you asked if there are any prayers you can say for Brandon and Allyson. Yes! Please pray that they understand us through this trying time. As they seem emotional with not being able to see Kayleigh (RSV season) and not being able to see us as much during Kayleigh's hard times, they will understand the love we have for Kayleigh is the same amount of love we have for them.

Also, please pray for Aimee and I. Since Kayleigh has been struggling for the past 6 months, Aimee and I have too. A lot of you think we are this perfect family, and we practically are with the love we have for each other, but we aren't when it comes to the market we all live in. We want you all to include Aimee and I in your prayers as this market turns around quickly. Since coming to the hospital everyday and being in the real estate business together, we have not had nearly the time it takes to survive in a dying market. Since Kayleigh is having such a difficult time and family always comes first, I would hate to find a salary position that would only take time away from the ones that need me most, not to mention that no one is hiring right now. If anyone knows a financial assistance program/company that will help us not go in to foreclosure or lose our only vehicle, we would greatly appreciate it. I know they are out there, but you all have pulled through for us before. Since there are so many of you and only two of us, we figured you all would have much better ideas to help us through this. Please email us at Adam@TeamFreemanProperties.com

We hate to give out our personal struggles to you all, but we have exhausted every angle and tried so much already that our options have faded away with little more time to waste. I can only trust in God that He is putting a spot light on our weaknesses only to help us find new strength.

Thank you and please keep praying as hard as you can!!!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Colleen Gebhardt said...

I have been down and out since the first post about Kayleigh's turn for the worse. Shame on me. Where was my faith then? Sometimes we give up on God too quickly, instead of riding it out. Can you imagine the Glory He will get when Kaleigh pulls through this? "Lord I'm Amazed, by You......"

Anonymous said...

Praise God for progress. Your family will continue to be in my prayer. God bless you!

E @ Scottsville said...

I opened up your blog this evening when I got home and I showed my kids. We watched her video together. We prayed for Kayleigh as we sat down to dinner. I have come back to your blog so many times through the day - just to make sure there were no new updates. Then just now - an update - and its good news! Praise God! We will not stop praying! I have also added her 'button' to the very top of my blog so all of my readers have been clicking over so they can pray as well!!!

Deni said...

I know that your little one is sick right now and of course is much more a concern, but if you could just take time to pray for Parker tonight, I would really appreciate it. He is sick, some viral tummy thing that's going around. The poor boy is miserable, lots of blow outs, vomiting, ect. Just pray for him and pray for Drew and I, as we try to love him back to health. We did see our Dr. and he said basically with these kinds of things they run their course and the most you can do a lot of times is love them back to health. He has to take some pedialyte as he can't keep formula down.

Know that even in our struggles, we are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Praise God. Hang in there Kayleigh, you are a little warrior in life and I'm praying that you will a be a warrior for God as you grow to know and love Him.

Anonymous said...

Praise God. Hang in there Kayleigh, you are a little warrior in life and I'm praying that you will a be a warrior for God as you grow to know and love Him.

Anonymous said...

What great news! I'm overjoyed. This little girl is one tough cookie. Let's pray for a great chest x-ray in the morning! Her sats are fabulous-way to go Kayleigh! Keep hanging in there pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

God bless your precious Kayleigh! I will continue to pray for her and your whole family for unimaginable strength.

Anonymous said...

GOd please keep up the good work and please let her lungs get better let them not be filled with fluid and let the pressures go down after the pnemonia is out of her little body. Kayleigh is a very strong fighter and with your help she can kick this in the butt like everything else she has kicked in the butt. Please let this illness leave her body fast, so she can beat all the odds one more time.

Adam and Aimee,
We are still praying. Love you all,
Brandi and family

Nutty Mom said...

Kayleigh is one tough cookie. I'll never stop praying for a miracle, and I'll be praying for the job/money situation as well. Hang tough, there's tons of prayers headed ya'll's way!

bri said...

Do not feel bad for bringing your needs to the table. How can God truly use us if we know not the circumstances. There is going to be a reader or 100 that CAN help financially and God will use them to help because that's who he is!

I really wish I could be of assistance in the financial field. I am not genius when it comes to these things so I will PRAY that you would be covered completely 100% financially. I have seen it happen for others so many times it blows my finite mind! I believe that you are being diligent where God wants you and for that He will ultimately reward you! I am believing for a huge sum to head your way!

I will be praying for Kayleigh most importantly. I am so in awe that this is becoming quite the Christmas miracle that you only see in tear jerker movies. I am so glad to be a part of the prayer team that is seeing this one to fruition!

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to come here and see some good news! Go, Kayleigh! We're all pulling for you!
As far as the finances, I think you'd be surprised at how generous people can be. ;)
Still praying for your Christmas miracle!!

Anonymous said...

ayleigh heep showign your strengtha as you and everyone around you needa it way to go with the improvements its a small start but you can give everyone a great big finish!!! Keep it going as I say in most of my post you are the "Super Girl" I would love to send you something special so if your mommy or daddy could let me know where to send something to you I would be delighted to get something out soon!! Aimee and Adam Im sorry to hear about your struggles I know when times get tough they really get tough keep strong and keep positive dont give up!! I will say many extra prayers for you and all will be well I promise!!

Janelle in Az

Anonymous said...

ayleigh heep showign your strengtha as you and everyone around you needa it way to go with the improvements its a small start but you can give everyone a great big finish!!! Keep it going as I say in most of my post you are the "Super Girl" I would love to send you something special so if your mommy or daddy could let me know where to send something to you I would be delighted to get something out soon!! Aimee and Adam Im sorry to hear about your struggles I know when times get tough they really get tough keep strong and keep positive dont give up!! I will say many extra prayers for you and all will be well I promise!!

Janelle in Az

Unknown said...

OMG! I've been waiting all day for this post. I am so happy to read this. She has puled through before and will continue to do so!!!
Adam, try and find a recruiter that can help you find a position that will be best for your family. If it has to be done, then do it. It will be ok. There is unlimited abundance in the universe and you will have your share. Keep the faith.
Your Realtor friend in Chicago,

Elisabeth said...

Praise the Lord! What a joy to read this before bed tonight. I will pray prayers of Thanksgiving for this news and continued prayers for the miracles and healing to come!

Alexa said...

still praying and knowing that our God is more mighty than any other in this world. You will make it through by His grace. Keep your eyes looking toward the sky- he is one that heals and answers!

The Woollard Family said...

I have been refreshing this page every minute or so for the past hour waiting on an update! I was just about to go to bed when you updated and THANK YOU so much for the AMAZING news!!!!! Right when my husband came home from work today, his first words to me were "I prayed for Kayleigh today, a few times". My husband is not a religious person but I call him everyday at work and read him Kayleigh's Story and he said that her story has touch his heart and he has decided to start praying whenever he can. So thanks again for showing my husband the way to God...

We are continuing to pray for your family...all 5 of you!!

Heather, Joseph, & Bailey Alyse Woollard

Wetumpka, Alabama

anythingbutlukewarm said...

Praise God for this wonderful news that Kayleigh is improving! As a mom of preemie twins, I know how every moment in the NICU is bearable only knowing our Lord is in complete control. I will continue to pray for your precious Kayleigh and your sweet family. God Bless you all.

Connie said...

I just learned of Kayleigh and her journey today. I have read every word on this blog and have cried for you and your family. I also have a baby, he was born on 6/23/08. They are Birth Buddies. I will be praying for Kayleigh every time I pick up Jason, feed, hug, and every other thing we do for our babies that some can't right now.

I am posting this link on MY blog, MySpace and everywhere else I can think of.

Take care, and know we are all praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that I came to the computer again to check on Kayleigh. I have been to your blog several times today hoping for the best. I pray while sitting or laying down usually but today I got on my knees for Kayleigh. God is hearing all of our prayers. Prayer is powerful as we are all finding out time and time again.

I will pray for her chest xray and also for you and Aimee. God will take care of everything. He will provide you with all that you need. He will send special people and resources your way - you have asked and I know you will receive.

Kayleigh -- keep fighting little angel. You are already a Christmas miracle in my book. Praying for a comfortable, peaceful and healing night for you!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Anonymous said...

I just arrived at your blog today and watched the lovely video and got somewhat caught up. Please know that I have been praying all day and am so glad to see this post tonight. I will continue to pray for all of you. God is holding you all in His hands and carrying you! Bless you and may we all rejoice in seeing this Christmas miracle before our eyes.

Angela D. said...

Bless your family. I don't know what the future holds for you but I am praying here in California

(Please don't send the bracelets I just purchased. I just wanted to help a little.)

Angela De Benedetto

Anonymous said...

Thank God! I have been praying constantly for her. I cried and cried. I work for a financial insttitution. We are having the same problem with a lot of our customers. Don't feel bad almost everyone is in the same boat. You might try calling your mortgage company and whoever your car loan is with and let them know your situation. They may have a hardship program. They don't want to take your house or car that would just end up costing them money. You make be able to work something out with them to either modify your loan or work out a payment program to catch you up. I know that's not totally helpful but it's worth a try. They'll appreciate you keeping in contact with them anyway at lest they'll know you're trying.
I'll keep praying for Kayleigh,

Anonymous said...

Adam, Aimee, and Kayleigh,
I have prayed daily for all of you, and will continue too! I will pray for the pnuemonia to clear up, and give you your Christmas miracle.

Anonymous said...

Praying so hard for you and your family, and for your beautiful girl. What wonderful news about her lungs. What a little fighter she is. She will fight, and we will pray for her strength and to be well. I'm so happy her lungs are looking better. God Bless the little sweet girl. Love to you all.

Living With CES After Failed Tarlov Surgery said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that the prayers are working :) Miracles happen in the most amazing ways. I am continuing to pray for your whole family, that things will turn around for kayleigh and you all as well.

I am not sure about where you live, but I know in california they do have a social security program for preemies. It might not be the answer you are looking for, but it might help a little :)

I am hoping for even better news tomorrow for you all. You will be constantly in my thoughts and prayers in this time of need.


Anonymous said...

This is a continuation of the previous post. I am so sorry about your financial struggles. I agree with a previous post about contacting the institutions your loans are with. My niece and her husband have been unable to pay their house payment for 4 months. He contacted the company their mortgage is through, and they were very willing to work with them. They even lowered their interest rate so their payments are lower, and the 4 months of nonpayment were tacked to the end of the mortgage. Hope you find some answers soon.

Anonymous said...

Sending many, many, many, many, many, many prayers your way! Keep fighting Kayleigh!!!

Anonymous said...

Set up a link for a trust for your family -- I'd donate. My preemie was in the hospital for only 11 days and the cost was enormous I can't imagine Kayleigh's bill. How can we help? Prayer is great but sometimes you need a little help from others.

Anonymous said...

kayleigh has amazing strength she is a little miracle, she is in our prayers every step of the way as is the rest of your family. I sit and read several times a day on her progress and just think how amazing she is. God bless her in every way, he has the control now and im sure he will do what right. I give extra hugs to my kids just for kayleigh
xxxxxxx The Friedrich family

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Prayers are still coming your way, and God will pull you through this. He knows all of our strengths & weaknesses, and He will get you through this.

Kayleigh - keep fighting, sweetheart. We know God has made you a miracle baby for a reason.


Infertile Myrtle said...

I would also be thrilled to donate, even if it could only be just a little bit. I wish there was something more I could do, for you and for Kayleigh.

What a superwoman! She is quite a fighter, and I have been praying for her and waiting for an update all day. She has proven that dynamite personalities come in small packages. I will keep praying and thinking about Kayleigh, and thank you so much for the update!

Debbie said...

Keep fighting little girl!! People all around the world are thinking and praying for you tonight. I prayed today for God to give your Mommy and Daddy a Christmas Miracle and will continue to pray as long as you need. Adam and Aimee I would like to add you all to our church pray team and pass along your blog if that is ok. Even if it is not know that I will continue to pray for your precious little girl. She is fighter. Stay strong, let your burdens fall to the people around you.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that God is receiving the glory for this incredible miracle. Everyday with this precious child is another lesson in life. Listen to God....DO YOU HEAR? Your faith is evident, your trust is overwhelming, your love is amazing, your patience is unbelievable. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! This child is teaching us so much, what is truly important, what really matters, why we exist in the first place...God hears your pleas, He sees you on your knees, He is in control!!!!! So much love comes your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! I am praying for your Christmas miracle. I also have a little 25 weeker in the NICU and everytime I pray for him I am also praying for God to guide Kayleigh's doctors through healing her and for dear, sweet Kayleigh.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear Kayleigh is doing better tonight. I will pray extra hard tonight that the x-ray in the morning shows much improvement.
I am so sorry for your finacial situation, when my boys were in the NICU we had a social worker who talked with us on several occasions. Is there one at your hospital who you could maybe talk with? I also agree with the previous poster, set up a link for a trust for your family I would love to donate as well.

Anonymous said...

You can check with local Ronald McDonald houses and they know TONS of family help aids. When my son was in the NICU (99days) we too needed the help. Also, there should be a local March of Dimes chapter that can help you two get the answers you need. Having a child in the NICU is so tough on a relationship. I will pray that you and mama both hold strong together! Oh, before I forget..Also Kayleigh should recieve SSI while shes in the NICU and until she reaches the age of 18(maybe longer it depends on her physical state). It makes a HUGE diff. in our home..heck every little bit helps huh?

Kayleigh's NICU photo that you posted tonight brought back soo many memories. While Seth was so very sick with the pneumonia and the MRSA he had those very same monitors and such keeping him alive. Do they do any breathing treatments with Kayleigh while doing the chest therp. Another thing my sons RTs did with him was let him sleep at an incline..It took a lot of the pressure off of his lungs too..

Please know that I am praying so very hard for you, Aimee, Kayleigh, Allyson, and Brandon.


Lori from TN

Anonymous said...

What a God! What a miracle! I couldn't accept the post saying she was slipping away. Never, have I been so determined in my prayers. With the news of the post she was slowly going, I found myself on my knees, hands raised, head bowed, with tears streaming, and my voice boldy coming before God (that was a first for me.)

Knowing that only God will turn this around and no science, I want to be one of your prayer warriors in this and your financial struggle. Believe me when I say, I am being schooled by God on the power of prayer.

This is only a part of your story, it is turning out to be a magnificent and glorious testiment to His love and grace. And He's not done yet.

Praying constantly! Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...



I am sorry if I am coming so strong at you. My 31 weeker got very sick as I have mentioned to you all. They did not know what was wrong or if it could get worse. When God finally spoke to me I knew that as long as he (my baby) was alive, God was listening to everyones prayers for him. Don't get me wrong I knew that there was a chance that God might of wanted him back home but I trust God with our lives and I know he knows what to do with them. Please don't give up and trust God!!
Don't worry about letting us know what is going on with you all. I know at my NICU they had a social worker who helped us (me) out with lodging and food because our NICU was 1 hour and a 1/2 away from where we lived. If there is a social worker there she may be able to help you all with programs that are avaiable to you!! You can ask a nurse about an social workers?
I pray for you Kayleigh!! God Bless you sweetie! You are strong and your mommy and daddy are too. You can fight this!!
Adam and Aimee, God Bless you Both! Allyson and Brandon we are praying for you both!! God Bless you all!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Trish said...

Hello Freemans. I found you on Facebook on a group we are both in. The first time I came to this page a couple weeks ago, I sat and read your story for hours! My heart goes out to you both. What a testament of faith you have. You both are an inspiration to me, and there isn't a day that you aren't in my prayers. I'm looking forward to reading a post when you tell us all that you're taking that precious baby home! Good luck to you both! Much love and prayers are being sent your way from KY.

JaMean said...

HOPE! Without it, we have nothing. Oh, I am SO grateful there is hope.

Adam & Aimee, I WISH I had more to give than prayers. I will pray for Kayleigh, but you two need prayers, too. Financial strain is hard.

God, thank you for your blessings so far. Please provide this family with what they need. Give Adam and Aimee the means to provide for their family. Father, PLEASE hold Kayleigh.

C'mon Kayleigh! My son Tyler says YOU CAN DO IT!

Aimee and Adam, all of our deepest and hardest prayers for her tonight from Utah. Tyler and I are rooting for all of you.

Gastonmommyof4 said...

My husband and I were talking about ya'll this morning, we have a baby born in June as well that was almost born at 24weeks but thru bed rest at the hospital thank the lord we made it almost to the due date. We talked about how we could have been you guys and how much stronger you are than we are. I wish we could help but all we can offer is prayer. God Bless and know my family, even my 3 older children are following your story and are saying a pray for you tonight!

Anonymous said...

I have been worried that she was going to pass, but something kept telling me, shame on you, hasn't this little girl proved us wrong before! she's a strong little girl! But I can tell you, the last few days I have prayed harder than I have in my entire life and I will once again continue to do so! My whole family is now following and prayers are circulating around my church.

Keep tryin Kayleigh!


Anonymous said...

We sure will continue to pray!! Our candle is your candle!! We have a candle lit for baby girl!! We are not giving up hope!! There are many prayers to be answered...let's put this one at the top :) God Bless


Anonymous said...

I am still so amazed at the outpouring of support and prayers and healing powers that you are receiving through this blog.

Adam - I just want to take a second to say that if it wasn't for you - writing this blog, and writing it in a way that is so descriptive and informative and mostly full of love and faith, then the world wouldn't know about Kayleigh and the world wouldn't love her and pray for her the way they are - and things may not be going as well as they are right now - With prayer all things are possible! I give you alot of credit for holding it together well enough to try to keep your business running, spend time with Kayleigh and your other children and Aimee too - and still have time to update us as well as you do - and involving us in your prayers... it hurts to know someone needs help and there is nothing you can do - but we can all pray!!!

I agree with the trust fund idea - even if your readers can only donate small amounts, maybe they can get their churches and other organizations to help out with donations also. You are not alone - you have the strength of many and you will get through all this ...

More gentle hugs for a peacful healing night

Anonymous said...

Great news!! I will pray tonight that those xrays look much better in the morning. Keep fighting Kayleigh! As my 2 year old says
"Feel better!!" MANY MANY Prayers for you all tonight!!

Sarah said...

YAY! I'm so happy! Prayer is a powerful thing! I will def be praying for the other things you listed- I can only imagine your stress! Your story has def kept me in check with reality- the problems i think I have are always so pathetic in comparison to what you deal with every single day!

S said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. You guys have been on my mind and in my prayers all day. I am continuing to pray for you guys and total healing for baby Kayleigh. Here's to more good news in the morning. Stay strong and faithful!!

Anonymous said...

God is soooo good. Your family is in my prayers. If you can, could you set up a account at a bank so that we "your extended family" can help out a little.

Angela D. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie Anderson said...

Prayers from George, Sidney, Katie & Steve

GiGi said...

Give it up to God and Pray and listen. Let God lift it from your shoulders
God will take care of you.

FHA loans will let you role payment to the end of the loan.
Most loans have hardship cases that can differ up to 6 months and you have a amazing team of prayer worriers out there that will pray for abundance your way... so you can spoil our little Kayleigh.
Interest rates have dropped to record lows. They are 5.5 for FHA and 5.04 Conventional so business is picking up.God is on it!
I pray that buyers and sellers in Charlotte NC
Call You for their Real estate needs. Your Link is on this page under the Freeman teem. Also any other Agents reading this blogg if any of your sellers are movie to NC I know a couple of agents you can refer them to.
Please God lift this financial burden off of the Freeman's shoulders so they can continue to do your will and bring people to God. Also allow Adam to see your gifts you have blessed him with. AKA I look forward to buying a few books.
Please help them to do your will.AMEN

Heather Marie said...

I am so amazed at your little angel! She does not give up! She is such a fighter. It blows my mind. Go Kayleigh go! :) Many many prayers being said for you all!

Anonymous said...

You are all still in my thoughts and prayers. That little girl is NOT giving up, and she WON'T give up! Keep it up, Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

Praise God, HE IS LISTENING to us all!!! I'll keep praying and praying!

Kayleigh is going to be a Christmas miracle I just know it!

Our GOD is an awesome God He IS!

In my thoughts and always praying in Pa,

Melissa said...

In the book, The Dream Giver, the process of attaining any dream requires that the dreamer be willing to give up that dream. At that point, their dream is fulfilled. Same with God--He wants to be enough for you, Adam, enough for you, Aimee. It is no surprise that when you two began to totally surrender Kayleigh to Him, and to no longer count on a doctor, that He has begun to show you just how awesome He really is! I am praying for your entire family, your finances, and your future--and I just know that Kayleigh is in it! :) Much love and prayers from Bama!

Unknown said...

Keep fighting baby Kayleigh you can do it. I have all the faith in God and you will have your Christmas miracle this year. I am glad she is doing better and I will pray her chest x-ray clears by morning. Praise God for his glory and answering all of our prayers. I will email you on your other site just want to help you out in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to let you two know that your on our familys prayers. Lots of people in the city of modesto, california are praying hardcore also. i kinna know the roller coaster your going through. my son was born 1Lb 11oz with grade 3 brain bleeds and back and forth on the ventilator. I have faith and belive in my heart everything is going to be okay. god is just testing you jsu keep praying and having faith.
love ryan and chrystal
modesto, california

Anonymous said...

Adam I sent you an email directly but am posting here is well. Not sure which you will read first! Here is an AWESOME website that helps people with stuff like this... http://www.modestneeds.org/
you basically tell your story and then people/companies can adopt you and help, its really cool! Ill look for more like it as well!

Rebecca and Kenna

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog from a message board I visit and just spent the last 12 hours reading it straight through - well minus some time for potty and crying breaks.

I too have a miracle boy. Born at just 25 weeks and weighing 1 lb 8 ounces. Your story is so inspiring and I held my son a little tighter tonight and kissed him a little longer as we sang a song for Kayleigh together tonight.

Love from Cincinnati, OH.

Anonymous said...

What a journey! My daughter was born at 27weeks gestation, weighing 775g(not sure what it is in pounds). I've had the ups and downs, but nothing compaired to what you and your family are going through. What an amazing couple you both are. An insperation to all.
Sending lots of love, prayers and cuddles all the way from Perth, Australa.

Keep fighting Princess!! You have such an amazing life and world to look forward to!!!

Much love,

Chrystal and Katelyn (Who is 3weeks corrected and still in hospital herself)

911shazza said...

I only just discovered your blog, and my heart goes out to you guys. What a long and bumpy road you have travelled so far. Your daughter is a miracle and I am in awe at the strength you guys must have. I will certainly include you in my prayers. NICU is never an easy road but it's incredible to see you making the most of some very tough circumstances. I hope little Kayleigh continues to improve!!

Sharon (mom of a 28 weeker who is now 2 1/2)

Stephanie said...

If we buy Kayleigh bracelets, does that help? I don't really need Kayleigh bracelets but would like to get something out quickly, in case you need to Christmas shop for the kids or PAY YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER. If not, then tell us how we can donate to the Kayleigh's Mommy and Daddy stress relief fund.

I am not shocked to hear that Kayleigh is doing better, but I am grateful. She had a good reason for all the problems she's been having and it just had to be found. Kayleigh taught me that faith is believing what you can not see. I did not cry this time like I did after the cardiac cath episode. I REALLY BELIEVE that Kayleigh will be home soon and that you will be relieved of all this stress. I hope that you can believe it too. I want Kayleigh to be able to go out in a stroller and hear the birds singing soon. Of, course, then you will have the new stress of calling the doctors every time she does anything weird, and with Kayleigh, that might be pretty often.

I knew the tone of your blog changed a while back, now I understand why. I don't know how you guys have stood up under all this pressure.

Cast your cares upon him....

Carly Marie said...

Praying for all your hearts!

Adam said...

Hello :) For those who commented already and are probably not checking for an update soon, Aimee and I added a button for any donations that could help our crisis relief (as someone called it). Someone also mentioned that this money could be used to pay the CABLE PROVIDER and the funny thing is, it was cut off at home today, so praise God the hospital has a free link up system so I can write all the updates. We are so touched by everyone and we are blessed to have you met you all.

God Bless you all for everything!!!

The Freemans :)

Lissy said...

Sending love & prayers & hope from Sydney Australia.
Bless you all on your journey...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

God is a Mighty God. I PRAISE His Name.Thank you Jesus. I pray that the xray will show full healing of her lungs and I praise God for this. Thank you for Your Healing Power upon Kayleigh right now. I pray that little Allyson and Brandon will feel the supernatural love this Christmas of how their little sister has touched so many lives. I pray also for Kayleigh's Mom and Dad (Adam and Aimee) to be able to feel God's supernatural love this Christmas also. Nothing is impossible with God. He knows your needs. What is on Allyson and Brandon Christmas list. What are there ages again. I will continue to pray for these little ones and you and Aimee also. Godspeed. Love In Him,

Aunt "J" from South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Fight Kayleigh Fight!!!!!

Spreading the word about Kayleigh South West Piedmont Mommies are praying for her and your family.

Sarah Elder Stafford.

Anonymous said...

God is good and He has a plan for your little Kayleigh. Continue to trust in Him. Everyone is praying harder than ever, this battle is not over. What better Christmas gift to give to our own healthy children and grandchildren than a gift to Kayleigh who hasn't had even one Christmas yet...
We hope you can all feel our loving arms wrapping around you and especially Kayleigh ! Continuing to watch with hope,

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers your way. I just know Kayleigh has more miracles in her. She's such a strong girl. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Agghhh! God is soooo amazing! Wow, how our faith can fade during trials. She's really a strong baby girl. God has a perfect plan. We're praying for you!!

Anonymous said...

GO Kayleigh Go!!!!!!!!!!!
Praying for you over and over!!!
Clear x-ray and all.
michelle from Hebron KY

Anonymous said...

Praying for Kayleigh, Aimee and Adam. Fight Princess. Aimee and Adam the economy is hurting so many and I hope things improve for you!!

Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus!! I haven't posted anything lately, but I've been praying and praying! I know you understand that Kayleigh belongs to God and are prepared to let her go if He should call her home, but I also know that your hearts' desire is that she could stay here for years and years! I'll keep covering all of your needs in prayer.

In Christ,

Cathy in Ohio

Carole said...

Keep fighting baby Girl. We are all praying for you!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Praise God! I know you are both so tired and overwhelmed. I have been on my knees for sweet Kayleigh, and will continue to pray for a miracle. Hearing that her lungs have improved,has given just a little more faith today, and I pray that you find peace today, and are able to rest your heads. Love M.S.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray, keep fighting Kayleigh!! We wil neve give up on you!

Anonymous said...

reading your post brings me to tears. one week before my son was going to come home from the NICU. he got some mystery blood infection. We stood there watching dr.s and nurses rushing around him trying to save his life.. we were told to step outside.. I went out to my car and cried out to God.. "UNCLE!!! I can't take anymore!" How could he let my baby fight for 5 months to live and then let him die a week before he came home.
I was always told God only gives you what you can handle.. but as you know.. that is not true. That day I learned that he WILL carry you through it. That is His promise to us.
I know what it feels like to prepare yourself to lose your child. Thank God I don't know what it feels like to loose one though.
God healed my sick baby when dr.s thought it was hopeless. That was 5 years ago. My preemie is cuddled up with me now as I write this to you.
ALL my prayers are with you.. Kayleigh needs a miracle, but God is in the business of making miracles happen!

Jess said...

I found your blog from MckMama yesterday. After reading your post yesterday I’ve been praying nonstop for your baby girl. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and God Bless you all.

Jessica Huseby
Fargo ND

mrsrubly said...

praise god for the little (BIG) improvements! o2 sats going in the high 90's! that's great! this beautiful baby girl is going to be a christmas miracle! god is good all the time...all the time god is good!
father i come to your throne this morning. i come and ask that you heal this little girl. you know the one. the one that is fighting so hard to take her next breath! jesus i ask that you give this family wisdom and courage and strength and peace. wrap all of this around this family. father i pray for their marriage. make sur their marriage can sustain all of this pressure. allow them to be @ peace with one another. father send some angels for this little life they call Kayleigh. allow her 02 sats to go as high as they can. i pray that her right and left lungs expand to where they need to be. i love you jesus...it's all in your name that i pray! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Still praying for your Christmas miracle! Keep hanging tough, Kayleigh! People all over the world are praying and loving you. You're so brave! Hange in there! You can do it.

Stats sound great! My son just recovered from pneumonia and 3 days in the hospital. Now that they know what's wrong, I bet they can fix it...with God's help, of course.

Praying also that all of your needs will be met. Hand that over to God also. He's going to take care of you. I know first hand the stress that can come along w/ having your child in the hosp for months on end. It can put stress on your marriage and every other aspect of your lives. Just communicate and love each other. God will take care of the rest.


Mel said...

Praise God for progress!
Please God continue to be with this sweet angel girl Kayleigh, her family and her parents. Please Lord block any more struggles from this kiddo and her parents. Please Lord help them, sustain them during this very difficult roller coaster of emotions and physical exhaustion. Please Lord help those around them to support them in fruitful, meaningful ways. Lord, thank you for the gift that is Kayleigh. Thank you for your unending love and strength. Thank you for Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!
Still praying in OK>-M

Anonymous said...

I know in my heart that Kayleigh is going to make it. Please do not lose hope. God is with her right now and is listening to all of our prayers. Kayleigh is a fighter.


Cathy said...

Can you post an address to send donations to as well? I do not have a paypal account and want to donate.

My name is Cathy - and I've followed your story from early on - I too had a preemie (well - 4 of them) and my smallest was 1 lb 6oz... and we spent a great deal of time in the hospital - and again after she was discharged for more issues that arose. I was helped by an anonymous family around Christmastime - and I'm finally in a position to "pay it forward" !!

You can call me 612-282-2242 anytime - for any reason... You may not know this - but you've been a part of MY FAMILY for a very long time now... and I have a feeling the same is true for thousands and thousands of other families too. You guys are in my thoughts numerous time every day - and will continue to be!!

Unknown said...

Prayers are still being sent stronger then ever from my home! May God bless you and your family!

the Herzog's

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with. God be with you and your precious little girl!

Anonymous said...

We are sending prayers for sweet Kayleigh. And we are sending prayers for you and Aimee. Believe...

COLE Prayer Team - www.colesfoundation.com


Hugs of love, Andrea

Joy said...

My best friend told me to read your blog because your situation reminded her of what we went through 4 1/2 years ago. We have identical twin girls that were born at 27 weeks gestation at CMC and one of my daughters had a grade IV brain bleed. I have to tell you that things looked really grim several times for us in the hospital, they both had to have PDA ligations, they both had infections and of course the bleed. God led us through it all and I am happy to say that I have two strong happy healthy little girls to prove it! We were told that Lori may never walk, may have mental retardation among other things but we continued to have hope and to PRAY and she is doing just fine today! Please don't give up! You will always remember these times without a doubt, they are never to far from my mind but we appreciate our little girls SO much now! God is amazing and can work miracles, there is no doubt. My husband and I struggled as well when they were in the NICU but we made it through and our relationship is stronger for it :-) We are praying for Kayleigh and you two as well!

Anonymous said...

I havent stopped praying for Kayleigh. On Wednesday when i couldnt stop crying over her fading condition she has been on my mind and in my prayers constantly since. I am so so so happy that she has made some progress. I am praying that she continues to be the miracle baby that she is and fight hard to come out of all of this!

Baltimore, MD

Rich said...

Praise God. It is good to hear your reports of change for the better.

Praise be to our Father in heaven who watches over every one of us.

We love you kayleigh, KEEP ON FIGHTING.

In the name of Jesus I release healing right now over every cell of Kayleighs body. I command every infection to die right now. May the blood of the living Christ wash over you and cleanse you.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! You will all continue to be in my prayers! I wish I had more to offer.

hollylorec said...

Dear God,
Please Keep Standing beside Kayleigh she is a great fighter just like my girl's where let her fight as long as she has too give her all the weight and miricals you gave my girl's. Kayleigh you keep fighting and santa will be with you thought your growing years with all the presents. I have one of your braclets and you are in my prayer hun so we will be together forever. I love you Kayleigh from the bottom of my heart. Go fight this and tell god you can handle this and come out.

love Holly Lorec

4 Lettre Words said...

Praise God, in deed! He is SO good.

We are still on our knees for ALL of you!!!

Ellen Seidman said...

I am sending out prayers to Kayleigh, and hope she continues to progress. I ache for all that you have been through; we spent two weeks in the NICU after our son, Max, had a stroke. He survived, he is a fighter. KAYLEIGH IS TOO.

Amanda Hoyt said...

We are praying for all of you during this difficult time.
Hugs and many prayers,

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and it has brought tears to my eyes, I belong to the inspire group for preemie's. I will pray for you to have a health little one at home with you. Our son is a former 32 weeker who was born IUGR with no apparent cause as well. He is doing good now, we still struggle to put even an ounce on him, but he is going to be 2 soon! Children are a blessing, and you little one has already touched so many lives. Please take care.

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I just found you through another blog and just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. Your daughter is a couple of weeks older then mine so it brings your story a little closer to home for me though I can't imagine going through what you are.


Artie said...

I found your blog tonight and have spent the last 2-1/2 hours reading. Your story is amazing, and all too familiar. Almost five years ago, I had twin girls. One of them was born healthy (early, but healthy), but the other one was born with Vacterl syndrome, which was evidenced by structural abnormalities to her heart (including a VSD), esophagus, trachea, and small intestine. She had 3 bouts of NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis), before they discovered her small intestine was malrotated, and had a stricture. She spent 6 months between the NICU and the level 2 nursery before we brought her home, tracheostomy and all.

The first time I took her into see her ENT after she came home from the hospital, the doctor said, "So this is the little baby who wasn't supposed to survive. Well, she looks like she's surviving quite nicely."

My husband said to me once, that he woke up every morning wondering if she was still alive, wondering when we would finally be able to breathe easier knowing we were keeping her comfortable and not fighting for her life.

We've been very blessed. Both twins are doing well. The trach has been gone for a long time. The g-tube is gone as well. She still has reactive airway/asthma issues and gets pneumonia several times every flu/RSV season, but we've learned to manage that. She'll probably always have some degree of reflux, but, again, that can be dealt with. God is good.

You family is in my prayers. I pray that some day, years down the road, you'll be watching your precious Kayleigh's ballet recital wondering how on earth you made it through this trying time in your lives. (We talk about that sometimes. The truth is, you do it because you have to, and God gives you the strength.)

Hugs & prayers.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Aimee I hope you still check yesterday's blog - but I wanted to leave this comment where you explained your financial problems and asked for any ideas - not sure if they will help but I'm awake waiting to feed my grandson the 2 am feeding and I found this site - maybe this will help or give you ideas....


Anonymous said...

That is soo amazing. Your storey is truely becoming the christmas miricle I have been praying for.
-Cameron xox