12/18/08 - 10:53am - A Glimmer of Hope!!!

PRAY!!! Get on your knees and pray right now!!!

Our doctor came to us not too long ago after having a group meeting about Kayleigh and told us that they have some small glimmer of hope. Now I said I would not go in to detail of Kayleigh's prognosis, but I want you to get the full understanding of what we are going through right now and what you all need to pray for.

Right now, Kayleigh is currently on the max setting of every machine and medication there is to keep her alive. She is on the vent, 100% oxygen, 20ppm NO2, Viagra, Prosticyclin, and still her oxygen saturation is at 80-85. She is also on 3 different pain/sedation medications and a constant drip of a paralytic. The paralytic is helping right now, but she is quickly getting to the max dose on that. The slightest touch sends her sats dropping and spiraling out of control in to a hypertensive episode. She has earmuffs to block out the sound as every bit of noise will also cause her to spiral out of control.

Kayleigh's x-ray came back yesterday showing some haziness around her lungs and the x-ray that was taken early this morning proved that haziness to be pneumonia and it is getting worse, quickly. They have ordered an ultrasound to see if the fluid showing up on the x-ray is inside or outside of the lungs. The good thing is, it is treatable by antibiotics and extracting the fluid. One follower mentioned Decadron, which is a steroid that helps with inflammation. They have a steroid similar to that which will do the same exact thing, but minus the negative side effects. So thank you for mentioning/screaming it to us. We heard you ;)

So, this pneumonia could be making her lungs cause problems with the pulmonary hypertension as did the urinary tract infection the other week. If we can clear up the pneumonia and the excess fluid, we may be able to get Kayleigh back to a state of stability. The only issue comes back to the pulmonary pressures and whether or not they have increased a lot due to the pneumonia and if they will be "fixed" at that level. It is like a zip tie. When something causes Kayleigh's pressures to rise/tighten, nothing will drop/loosen it up again. With Kayleigh's lungs looking the way they do right now, the doctors and nurses are shocked that Kayleigh is currently satting in the mid 80's.

All I have to say is that Kayleigh is fighting hard and God is listening to our prayers. Please keep praying that the pneumonia will clear up fast, her fluids will be released from her body and her pressures will return to a better level. Since the doctors have more answers, they are finding little hope in moving to a better prognosis. But, little hope from the doctors is A LOT better than no hope from them at all. Aimee whispered to Kayleigh this morning if she got better, she would give her some bacon. I think Kayleigh heard her, HA :)

We are beyond floored right now and we are honestly taken back as we truly feel that God is listening to all of our prayers right this minute. So please keep praying as hard as possible and hope that there is some way a miracle can take place and Kayleigh can make it through this. God is showing His signs of HIM being the one to decide what happens with Kayleigh, but it is evident that He is listening to our prayers. God is by far the one in control, so let's speak loud enough so He can hear every word we pray.

I will update you all as soon as I hear something.


The Freemans :)


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Anonymous said...

Praying harder then ever before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your sweet little girl!

Carole said...

Praying for your Fighter Kayleigh! You go Baby Girl!!! You can do it!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Praying....come on baby Kayleigh!!! Be strong and get better!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all and Praying that GOD will pull you all through this time and help Kayleigh get better.

Anonymous said...

Praying, Praying, Praying!!!!!!!!!! Come on Kayleigh!!!!!
With Love from Southern NH!

Anonymous said...

Go Kayleigh,

You are such an inspiration. You have touched my life more than you will ever know..

Stay baby.

From Caitlin and Amira (a 26.5 weeker) from Australia

AL VIENTO said...

Angelito de mi guarda, dulce compañía. No me desampares, ni de noche, ni de día. Si me desamparas, ¿Que será de mi?
Angelito de mi guarda, pide a Dios por mí....
May all the angels be with Kayleigh, let them comfort her, make her sleep tight and allow her to get well very soon....!

A. M.

Anonymous said...

Come on Kayleigh you're a fighter!! You can do it. I refuse to give up hope. You have too much work to do here on EARTH! Anxiously waiting.... much love and hugs to all the Freemans!

Anonymous said...

Many, many, many prayers still coming from Wisconsin. Kayleigh is a fighter and I will continue to keep the faith. May God heal her and keep her comfortable. Much love, many kisses, and many hugs from all of us- Tom,Kelly, Brennan, Eric, and Emersyn.

Anonymous said...

Love Much and Always,

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

AMAZING!!!Prayer works! We'll keep praying extra hard for little Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

Sending even more prayers to Kayleigh!!

Anonymous said...

It IS amazing what prayer can do. Still praying on this end! And Miss Kayleigh, I will bring the eggs to go with Mommy's bacon! ;o)
Paula L. (NPCN)

Cathy Holt said...

For the first time I am making the comment after following this blog daily with hopeful mind and heart. You and your family, each one of them are in my constant heartfelt prayers. I have grown attached to Kayleigh. She is a darling angel! She will always an angel in this life or after. I keep praying. Thank you so much for taking your time to share with all of us.

Anonymous said...

GO KAYLEIGH GO!!!! Much love and prayers from here!!! *sending another email too ALL my friends and family asking for more prayers!!!*
Much love and hope,

Becky said...

Come on Kayleigh!!! You know you want some bacon!!!!
Seriously, I have never been much of a prayer - I say some every now and then, but ever since I've started reading your blog, I've been praying every day. And today more than ever for Kayleigh!!!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how many people are right here with you on the blog! You post any type of news and within seconds people are reading it and responding. The Freeman family is like an extended family to us all!

GiGi said...

Thank You God Thank You God Thank You God!
Thank You for giving these doctors all the knowledge to keep Kayleigh going. Thank You for all of her prayer worriers that come up with new things to try and a wave of prayer that can be heard across the universe and Thank You for for giving us Kayleigh another day and Thank You for Kayleigh's Mommy and Daddy that have been so generous in sharing Kayleigh with us.
Trust in God and He will put all the pieces together.
God Bless You! Thank You God!

Anonymous said...

Praying for a Christmas miracle.

Anonymous said...

We are all watching the blog, calling/texting each other. You will never know how many are praying so hard for little Kayleigh. Kayleigh...please keep fighting, we are all praying and I hope you feel our arms reaching around you.!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Kayleigh all day today. Keep fighting precious girl. The docs used isoflurine on my son when his lungs got bad. It took some juggling on the hospitals part as it is typically used in the O.R. but it worked.

Anonymous said...

Waiting, hoping & praying! This page stays open all day at work and I refresh when someone isn't looking. I even talked to my co-workers about her. Your darling Kayleigh has touched so many lives, both of you, Amiee & Adam have touched more lives than you will ever know/realize!

Stay strong, continue to have faith.

I know how difficult it is to keep up with this when so many other things are important but we truly thank you for allowing us in your lives!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about Kayleigh non stop and praying for her constantly.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Kayleigh is lucky to have such strong parents, I will continue to pray for your family. I have also added a link from my blog (avabritniben.blogspot.com)requesting prayers as I truly believe God is listening.

4 Lettre Words said...

All things are possible!!!!

We are praying hard in Kennesaw, GA! XOXO!!

Deni said...

Praying for her right now! I am so glad to see that there is a glimmer of hope!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh you are a true miracle and you are fighting harder than ever. Kayleigh you keep fighting and we will all keep praying.

Anonymous said...

You have no clue who i am but i have been following your blog for sometime and have been on my knees for your daughter since i found your blog. i will be on my knees again today thanking our god for that glimmer of hope he has given you and kayleigh... GOOOOOOO kayleigh you can do it you just show em how tough us girls are..

Adam and Sherry said...

GO KAYLEIGH!!! You are truly in instrument in gods hands. Now and forever!!! We are praying so hard that this little glimmer turns into a full ray of light!! Hold tight Adam and Amiee!! I wish I could give you a big hug!!! We love you from Utah!!

Anonymous said...

Oh PLEASE dear God, help her. PLEASE get her through this. This little girl is showing us all your power and has done more to renew my faith than anything ever has. PLEASE dear God, hold her hand and let her inspire us all to be better people and trust in your wisdom. No matter what happens, Kayleigh is a true miracle and I will always see her as that. I am now asking you God, PLEASE let her stay with us. PLEASE. Amen.

Katie said...

I just found your site through a comment on McMama's site. I am praying for your beautiful little girl right now. Praying, praying, praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth."
Exodus 9:16

My sister had 2 micro-preemies (1lb 1 oz, and 1 lb 4oz)this past april, and this is the verse that we spoke over them all the time...they are beautiful and healthy and whole today thanks to God's goodness and grace.

We are praying continuously for Kayleigh and know that God will continue to show His Power through her and RAISE HER UP FOR HIS PURPOSE!!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying...



Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying...



Anonymous said...

I have been praying throughout the day for days that God would heal Kayleigh. I will be praying even more and even louder than before. I have tears of joy that this may be the answer to the problem, and that this is not the end. You are all in my prayers. With Love

Anonymous said...

Sending up many more prayers. God is good and he will hear our prayers like he has so many times before.


amanda said...

Keep holding on and fighting dear Kayleigh!!!

The Lord is great and I am SO thrilled for this glimmer of hope.

The Baldwin Family said...

Praying, praying, praying for Kayleigh and you too!

Betsy said...

Praying this every minute that Kayleigh will continue to fight stronger than ever. She has come so far and I know she has the strength with God walking with her to make it through this as well. Pleas Dear Lord, continue to give Kayleigh the strength she needs to fight through this and give us all a Christmas miracle to share with all your people. Please be with Aimee and Adam, give them the strength they need to cheer Kayleigh on. Please do not take her from us now when she, Aimee, Adam and all of us have been through so much. I know you are in control and through you anything is possible. Amen.


Rsymphony said...

I have been praying harder than I think I ever have since the 15th and I’m not going to stop! All I can say is that no matter what the outcome, Kayleigh is being used mightily by God…what a blessing she is :)
I'm going to call everyone I know to pray right now!

Anonymous said...

Many, Many Thanks to God!! I know that he's listening to us and hearing our prayers! Stay strong sweet baby Kayleigh!! So many people love you and are praying for you! You are such an inspiration. We are all praying so hard for God to work a miracle through you this Christmas. Love, hugs and many, many prayers for all the Freemans!!

Anonymous said...

Definately praying for Kayleigh today! How awesome is He to provide some hope during such a scary situation!

Unknown said...

All things are possible for those who believe.

We believe in God, you(Adam), Aimee, Brandon, Allyson, and especially you Kayleigh. You keep fighting I have said lots of prayers this morning and will say a million more today and all the rest of the days of my life. God has better plans for you little one here on Earth to continue to touch everyone's lives as you have already. You guys keep praying God is a miracle worker and a healer and he will take Kayleigh's pneumonia away just like he has done over the past 5 months with each and every battles. I am a nurse here in San Antonio, Texas and it has given me the strength to help give families knowledge that God's presence is everywhere. Thank you to God for giving the doctors, nurses, all the followers with knowledge about this situation the ability to use there hands to work your miracle. Lord Jesus your healing power is stronger than all modern technology, heal Kayleigh and give her the gift of life to spread your word for all to hear on Earth. I am just amazed and blown away God is so good. Thanks be to him for this revelation in saving Kayleigh.

Luke 18:1

Jesus told his disciples that they "should always pray and not give up."

and then Jesus asked "...will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?

Mark 11:23-24
"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, `Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. 24) Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Thanks be to God,

Amber Hoberg

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. I will pray for the pneumonia to clear up ASAP, and for her pressures to decrease as well.

Kim said...

Praying for her right now at my desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD! I wasn't satisfied with my post yesterday~ at all! So, I'm making up for it today. I wish I could have deleted it!

God is the ultimate healer, and the Great Physician. HE has Kayleigh in HIS hands, and is continuing to watch over her. He is in complete control over Kayleigh's body, and knows what she needs to make her better. My favorite verse is definitely Jeremiah 29:11 because it shows us that God has our best interest in His heart. He loves us, and wants His best for us. Kayleigh is in the best place she could ever be... in the hands of her Loving Heavenly Father.

I am still praying like crazy for your angel. The "K" has been on my hand for the last 3 days, and my kids are still praying for her. They come in every morning and immediately ask "How is baby Kayleigh doing?" After yesterday, they all said, "We're praying right now, and we're going home to tell our families to pray for her! She's going to make it" I pray that God's will is done in Kayleigh's life. I also pray for you two because I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster you're on right now.

Please, Lord, help baby Kayleigh overcome this pneumonia. I am praying that you will take the penumonia out of her tiny body, and that her levels will go back down. I also pray for Adam and Aimee. Please be with them, comfort them, and let them feel your loving arms around them. I pray that you will allow them to get some sleep so they are rested, and able to be refreshed each day for their precious girl. Thank you for Kayleigh, and for all of the lives she has touched. You are a miracle worker, Lord, and I am praying for a miracle for this sweet baby girl. Thank you for your unfailing love for your flock.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

*Go Kayleigh* You're a fighter! You can get through this, sweet girl! We love you!! <3 <3 <3

"All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me"

Much, much love,

Jennifer in NM said...

Adam and Aimee,

I feel absolutley horrible that I wasn't able to comment yesterday, but my little one was having a hard day so I had to tend to him. BUT, I am so estatic of this posting today. This could be the answer that everyone could be looking for. She could have had a little something and it finally reared its ugly head! I hope and pray that this is the answer.

Kayleigh mom has the bacon, another poster has the eggs, and sweetie I have the orange juice and toast! PULL BABY PULL! Rest, gather your strength and go home with mom and dad! I love you my "cyber baby".

Adam and Aimee among everything you guys have going on I am so greatful that you have decided to post. I was thinking all day yesterday what could possibly be going on I had all kinds of scenarios in my head. Thank you so very much for allowing us into your life.

Praying like I never have before.


Anonymous said...

I said a prayer for Kayleigh and her mommy and daddy too. She's a fighter. I know you do, but I hope you truly realize how much tighter I hold my son at night because of your story. It's all in God's hands but I pray for best.

The Gleasons said...

Praying, praying, praying!!!! We love you baby Kayleigh!

onlyhuman13 said...

C'mon Kayleigh!!! You can do it!!! I'm praying right now and will be all day... even during my finals! =) God bless!

Anonymous said...

I will get on my knees to pray to God. I had a feeling come over me a couple hours ago that your precious daughter was going to make it. Keep us posted!


Anonymous said...

One day at a time-all part of one BIG miracle that isn't over yet...I was so relieved when I logged on this morning. The fight is not over yet. We're praying the pneumonia will clear up and give her body the chance to heal so the pressures can come down. Praying she grows bigger and stronger and gets the chance to sleep in her crib at home. Keeping you all in our thoughts.

Unknown said...

I am praying with all of my might that little beautiful Kayleigh will pull through. She has touched my life in unbelieveable ways.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam and Aimee,

We are all very glad and were expecting to hear your good news! I am sure she will make it since her sats are in the 80's. My son also had pneumonia after being in the NICU for 4 weeks, and it cleared up after a few weeks.

Can you please tell us what is the name of the steroids Kayleigh is on? I wonder why the nicu dr did not give my son that one; he sure kept my son on Decadron for a very long time. I hope the side effects of Decadron did not cause his PHHN and high heart rate, etc.

take care,

PS- God will continue to bless your whole family (your two kids and grandparents included).

pss- The highest cannula hi-flow setting is "8", not 6. But it is better to be at 6. My son was at the cannual flow setting of 8 for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Thank You God!!
I have hope, faith and believe in Kayleigh! I told yeah, I am not giving up on you Kayleigh! It will be a strugle but we will be here for you Kayleigh! We will also be here for your mommy, daddy, and sibbilings! You can do it!!
Thank you for letting us know! I keep on coming back to check up on her!! God Bless You Kayleigh!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Anonymous said...

Prayer works! I'm praying harder than ever for Kayleigh and her family. Lord, give them comfort and peace, take complete control over the situation and hear our prayers! Praise GOD!

Anonymous said...

Here in Germany I am praying all day long for your little baby girl and your family...

Jutta, Solingen, Germany
former Coconut Creek, FL resident

Anonymous said...

"I know the plans I have for you," saith the Lord "Plans to prosper you & not to harm you, to give you a future & a hope"
ellie in ms

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Kayleigh! You are a strong little girl and have touched so many lives!

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Lord, please work your miracles for Kayleigh and her family. Her story has been such an inspiration; showing us your powers and Kayleigh's strength and desire to live. Please send strength to her parents, Adam and Aimee, as they are going through the most difficult time a parent can ever go through. Only you have the power to heal Kayleigh.

God Bless,


Boston, MA

kristyo15 said...

I will say it over and over again, Kayleigh is my hero. You know, before I ever entered 'blog-land' I had faith in God, but with the loss of my father at a young age, I sometimes staggered in my walk with Him. With Kayleigh's story, however it may end up, He has shown me that He is so so GOOD and HE does listen to us. Continuing to pray for y'all...constantly.

LMP said...

Keep fighting Kayleigh!!!!!!!

We are all praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Got on my knees on the restroom floor of my office building and prayed hard for Baby Kayleigh. From the bottom of my heart, I hope she makes it out of this.

Heather Marie said...

I am praying harder than ever! Kayleigh will pull through this! God has his hand on your little angel! She is a fighter and an inspiration! She will pull through! GOD is an awesome God!

Jennifer said...

Praying, praying, and more praying. Show us what you can do little Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

PS.- Adam and Aimee,

I forgot to tell you that my son was satting in the low 60's (and sometimes 50's) for almost a whole day when he got the pneumonia and serratia. He was on the vent for 2 months. So, Kayleigh is doing better than he was when he had the pneumonia.

So, just hang in there. It takes him to heal the pneumonia.

Anonymous said...

We randomly found your page yesterday, through a friend of a friend of a friend, during work, and we've both been hooked ever since. We checked in as soon as we got into work this morning, and again after lunch. There's been nothing but prayers coming from us, and we wish you and Kayleigh the best.

Becky and Jenny in Allentown, Pa

Anonymous said...

A glimmer of hope that shines so bright. Praying harder than ever and I know he is listening. Fight Kayleigh Fight!!

Hope M.
Ottawa, ON

Anonymous said...

When I read your entry last night that it was almost time for Kayleigh to go I just could not believe it. This little girl is just way too strong and full of spirit and personality. I prayed all night for her and hoped to God that things would change around and she would pull through. I will thinking and praying for you guys and Kayleigh all day!!!!

caryn said...

We all know Kayleigh is a fighter. We are praying up heare in MA that this glimmer of hope is the answer. Thank you for keeping us posted!
Praying for Kayleigh and her family.

Anonymous said...

I am praying so hard for your family this morning. I just found your site yesturday and could not help but read it all. I have been so touched by this little girl and like many, I don't even know her. She has touched so many lives in a positive way. I pray that the Lord will pull her through this. I had a premie 9 years ago and God answered my prayers to see my son through. I am asking for the same gift for you. Keep the faith and know many are crying out to the Lord in your behalf.

Omaha, Nebraska

bri said...

Sending up prayers all day! I will be out for most of the day but I will be pacing to get back home and read the newest GREAT news!

love and Blessings!

The Abstons said...

PRAYING LIKE NEVER BEFORE - GOD IS AWESOME!!! Your family is a true blessing and walking testimony for those in need. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jac Tubre said...

Prayers heading your way from the Tubre family. You are in our thoughts and prayers today and always.


Anonymous said...

The thought that God is hearing our prayers and giving us hope - and keeping us praying - gives me the chills!

I will pass on the prayer request again to everyone I know and will be praying through the day - I am putting a K on my hand also - I saw someone else that commented that they did that and every time they see the K they said a prayer - and thats alot all day -

Praying for our prayers to be answered.....

Gentle hugs to Aimee and Adam

Anonymous said...

I am praying for a miracle, which is God's specialty!!! Glory to God!

Jeri said...

Praying hard for you Kayleigh.
Also, my mom emailed the following to me this morning and I wanted to share - it's about HOPE by Dr. Terry Lyles:
HOPE ... The Ultimate Exercise

Hope is the canvas of life. We paint the details of our goals, aspirations
and dreams onto the canvas of hope, but they're merely the colors and the
brushstrokes. Without hope, we have nothing to paint on. The word 'hope'
has its roots in Old English and German, which give the word a base meaning
of 'trust'. Some dictionaries also suggest that hope is connected to the
word 'hop,' as in taking a leap. When you hope, you take a leap in
expectation. Hope is the ultimate exercise in visualization.

I've watched hope go out of people when a crisis or tragedy hits. They just
stop, because life as they know it is over. Well, it is, but refusing to
give up hope allows a new life to spring forth. Like the seed that has to
die unto itself before it can become a plant, a tragedy asks us to keep on
hoping, while letting go of the life we once had.

In the Bible, First Corinthians, chapter 13, there is the greatest definition
of love I've ever seen. It says you may have complete power or knowledge or
even sacrifice, but without love, your life is nothing. At the end, the passage
says (13:13): "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the
greatest of these is love." You may solve many mysteries or move mountains,
but love is the purpose of life.

In Hebrews 11:1, it says: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the
evidence of things not seen." Faith is the substance the paint on the brush
of the things we hope for. But hope is the canvas it's painted on. And what we
ultimately hope for is love: the unconditional acceptance of others and
ourselves. In Greek, three types of love exist: Philia, the love of friendship
and family; Eros, the love of sex and passion; and Agape, a God-like
unconditional love or acceptance, and the deepest kind of love. All three
types of love imbue meaning and purpose into our lives.

So love is the ultimate goal and it takes faith to live, but hope is the
trinity manifested through time. It's mentioned in the middle, not as a bookend.
Hope is in the middle of two very important things it's the glue that holds
together faith and love. If you lose hope, you skew the painting of your life
and instead create pain, sadness or hatred. Our hope comes to life in the words
we use, the choices we make and our relationships. We're always painting
pictures to reflect what we hope for. Our deepest inspiration is to do something
with that substance of faith onto the canvas of hope, so we can paint a life of love.

We simply need to make sure we have hope in something greater than ourselves.
If we only hope in ourselves, we're going to be limited. Hoping for success or
beauty will feel empty at the end of your life. So what if I made all of this
money, or accumulated nice things? Life is meant to be enjoyed and spent in the
moment! We must hope in something bigger than "I." Regardless what the holidays may
bring, you remember that the "Hop" in the future might be the medicine that you
need to transition to the next phase of excitement and peace.

Hope is the adhesive that holds a life together. Hope is "The Gift." Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for Kayleigh and your family. God is the great healer and I call on Him to touch Kayleigh's body and heal her, calm her, and give you all His peace, that passes all understanding.

The Woollard Family said...

It is fantastic news that they found out some of what is going on with Kayleigh's lungs. I hate that she has pneumonia because I know how horrible that is on a teeny tiny body. But, at the same time thank God that is treatable. I pray and pray and pray some more that this is treated quickly and she starts to become more and more stable. Your daughter is much more of a fighter than I have ever seen in my entire life. God has truly sent you a miracle from Heaven and she definitely has a purpose here!!

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting Kayleigh and we will keep praying!!

Anonymous said...

I got chills when I read that!!! I have been checking back every few hours in case of new news. I was holding my daughter a hour ago and praying so hard for Kayleigh! I will keep it up because I know GOD can help her. She is the strongest little fighter!

Anonymous said...

My daughter, Andrea, called me this morning and asked me to do a favor and pray for you! What an honor it is to do this....our Lord is good and He hears! Her own son, my grandson, was born 10 weeks early and went through some difficulties that we saw God heal in ways that surprised the doctors...He is in the business of glorifying His name. I believe in His power and His love. I will pray for Kayleigh's physical healing and protection and for your continued strength. Hold on and believe in Him no matter what this world offers! Isaiah 43:1-3.
God's blessings,

Jennie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennie said...

My 2 year old (which shares your birthday), Sept baby born one day before Kayleigh was due, and I just grabbed hands and prayed for Kayleigh. Hannah, my 2 yr old, always wants to see pictures of Kay-wee and now she says, "pway for Kay-wee". I told her she can pray for her anytime she thinks of her. Just say God please help Kayleigh. She said, "God pwease hep Kay-wee." Just thought I'd share with you. It made me cry. Kayleigh is touching the tiniest of lives.

Pennie said...

Looks like the Hotline to Heaven is running wide open!!! Yea!!!!!

God hears every word and responds!!!

Pulling for the Freemans and their front runner, Kayleigh!!!

onlyhuman13 said...

C'mon Kayleigh!!! Stay strong!!! I'm praying right now and will continue to pray straight through my finals!

Anonymous said...

I am praying so hard for your little girl, thoughts are with you.

S said...

Still praying for all of you! God is listening!! Keep fighting baby Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for all of you - strength for all of you. Healing for Kayleigh. A miracle for all of us. :)

Kristin0821 from BBC

Melissa said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow!!! Praying still in Bama!!

Anonymous said...

Im going to pray pray pray away !!!! Go Kayleigh be a fighter as you have shown us up before you can do it give mommy and daddy the best Christmas ever keep strong and go go go little "Super Girl" You can do it yes you can!!!!

We love you xoxoxo

Janelle in AZ

Elizabeth Graham said...

***PRAYING*** for Kayleigh in Lexington, SC!! Keep up the fight little girl!!

Sarah Benedict said...

Praise the LORD! Come on Kayleigh...show those doctors what kind of a God we serve!

Anonymous said...

Praying more then ever before!! Come on little kayleigh you can do it!! Keep fighting!! God is definetly listening to all the prayers for Miss Kayleigh!!!!

Lisa said...

I am so happy that atleast now we have a glimmer of hope to hold onto... that is all Kayleigh needs, she has proven them doctors wrong sooo many times. Come on Kayleigh you can do it- we KNOW you can! I have a picture of Kayleigh on my desktop so I can see her beautiful little face and so that who ever passes by my computer will ask who she is and I can get just one more prayer up to God thru them!

Smithmomof3 said...

Oh Praise GOD!!! Kayleigh you can do it!

Michele said...

God bless little Kayleigh!!! I am praying SO HARD!!!Come on Kayleigh...and God...Please let her stay on this earth with her family!!!

Julie Kaz said...

Adam and Aimee,

My son was very sick when he was born. His lungs were terrible and they thought he had pneumonia. THey tried everything! Nothing was working. They then decided with help from NICU doctors all over the U.S. that they would try the medication that they use for CF patients. It was the magic medication. It helped to loosen up what he had in his lungs and was able to get that fluid out of there. Talk with your Dr's and see if that would also be a possiblity! We are praying hard for her in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes right now. I don't like to tell my prayers but my prayer is being granted. Wow.

Mel said...

My Lord what a fighter's spirit your child has! Continuing to pray in OK!

Anonymous said...

Praying from my heart in Cali!! My grandson was born on Nov 03 2008 at 1 lb 11 oz, and we are stronger then ever from our lil miracle! Keep Strong and Know Kayleigh & your Family is in our Thoughts & Prayers

Anonymous said...

First off I want to say she is gorgeous!
I have been reading your story and it brought tears to my eyes. I lost my baby when I was 11 wks pregnant due to a chromosome disorder. My baby was growing 2wks behind one week and then went in for another u/s a week later and my baby was gone. She/he was meant to be in heaven with god.
Little Kayleigh has come so far and is a fighter. Kayleigh and your family will be in my prayers. Keep positive, she is in the best hands ever..Gods. May he protect her and keep her safe.

Anonymous said...

Praying hard from Connecticut!

Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying, praying! Come on Kayleigh! You can do it! Keep fighting sweet girl! We're all pulling for you!

Sarah said...

praying, praying, praying!!!!

Chelsey Dawn said...

im praying with everything i have.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Please keep up your great work and please get the pneumonia and that her pressures will not be fixed and that the fluids will leave her little body quickly! God please give little Kayleigh another miracle and don't let Adam and Aimee lose hope, she has done amazing things with your help and there are so many more that she and you are capable of if we can just get her strong enough. I know it is all in your hands so please bless us all another time to help her again. Adam and Aimee are wonderful parents and have been tested terrible and it has only renewed there belief in you, and there love for each other and there family. So please please please grant us another amazing miracle again, like i said already, and let the fluids go from her lungs, let the pneumonia leave her body quickly and lower her her pressures in her lungs.

Adam and Aimee,
We love you guys and don't give up hope. You guys are in our prayers, i think i was praying in my sleep, because i went to bed praying i woke up a couple times in the middle of the night and prayed some more and woke up praying. I think it is probable every few minutes that i am thinking of you all and saying another little prayer. Just know that we are here for you even though we are in Ohio, but your family up here is difinetly praying for Kayleigh.
Love you cousin,
Brandi and family

Anonymous said...

Aimee and Adam:
A special prayer goes out from my family to yours. I too, had a son, Jordan who was born at 32 weeks with pulminary hypertension and didn't make it thru the night. Kayleigh has already proven numerous times to be strong willed and a very determined fighter. I pray that things look up for her and for you guys as well. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Come on BABY Girl you can do it.... I'll even give you the sweetest choc chip pancakes! I'm praying now and will cont. Till that precious baby girl of yours is home in your arms!

Bless God he is hearding us all!

I feel a Christmas miracle coming!

In God I pray,

Anonymous said...

I am not someone who asks God for anything, but I have been sending up prayers and thoughts for your family.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, sweet baby girl.

Katie Anderson said...

Lord hear our prayers for your little one so Precious in your sight. Heal her take the pnemonia away and show the world that You Alone are the giver and taker of life. Be with Aimee and Adam as they face the ups and downs and let them know that you are holding their baby in your hands since they can't at this point. A miracle is what we are asking for Lord and a we know that trough You our Lord and Savior ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

In Jesus Name Amen

Anonymous said...

I am a stranger to you, but I have been following your blog for a while. I lost my sweet son when he was only 8 weeks old, and I know he is looking down on Kayleigh right now. I know what you are feeling and am on my knees praying for you--God bless you--He already has:)

Elisabeth said...

God Is Good.

This is the season for Miracles and I'm praying hard for one right now!

Anonymous said...

I am at work, and closing my door to pray for Kayleigh. Let this glimmer of hope and light shine within her and heal her body.

Anonymous said...

Go Kayleigh! You're a fighter and you will pull through this!!

We're Praying all the time for you and your family!
BBC Sept. 08 Mommy

Castle Rock Clan said...

lord hear our prayers! Lord it is in your hands now, we ask that you heel Kayleigh, fight for her oh lord, and let there be another miracle through you. Protect Aimee and Adam through your strenght. I am praying in jesus christ name.



Castle Rock Clan said...

lord hear our prayers! Lord it is in your hands now, we ask that you heel Kayleigh, fight for her oh lord, and let there be another miracle through you. Protect Aimee and Adam through your strenght. I am praying in jesus christ name.



Anonymous said...

I have been praying for sweet Kayleigh harder than ever since your post on the 16th; I have my family and friends praying as well. My son was 10 weeks early this past May and is himself a miracle, and I am asking the same for Kayleigh. Aimee, from one mommy to another, your strength amazes me, what a beautiful woman you are! Keep loving on that sweet girl while the rest of us around the world send our prayers out on her behalf. God bless...

Andrea (fort wayne, indiana)

Kristin said...

I'm praying hard - all day!!! She's so strong!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying Kayleigh grows up to be big and strong and able to enjoy her bacon!

Go Kayleigh go xx

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh wow, please continue to keep us posted!!!! I keep checking back and am praying - while covered in goosebumps! God knows the outcome.

Go buy bacon!

Anonymous said...

COME ON KAYLEIGH!!! You can do it baby girl!! Our God is still the God of MIRACLES!!! We are praying harder than ever for you!!

Shannon K. said...

We love you Kayleigh! We know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I screamed to high heavens when I read this!! I have said a prayer for every square inch on her body!! Me and my son (born at 25wks) say special prayers for her!! Hang in there sweet Kayleigh!! God please let these medications work fast and heal this beautiful child!!

Seth (at 1lb 4oz) had pneumonia and any type of movement..nosie..anything..would cause his stats to drop in the 50's. We were not allowed to touch him at all..just had to sit and watch..him heal! Im praying..SCREAMING that his sweet miracle heals FAST!


Pam said...

Come on Kayleigh!! Adam and Aimee, I came across your blog thru Babycenter and OMG! What a journey you and your family have been on. I read your entire blog last night and watched the videos and seen the beautiful pictures and bawled my eyes out. I have three boys, my youngest who is four months old and It really got me to realize how precious life is and to cherish every moment you have with your children. Kayleigh is a feisty little girl and I'm praying she keeps fighting. She's in God's hands and I hope he answers our prayers. Stay strong.

Much love from San Diego!!!

Anonymous said...

On my knees praying for Kayleigh. She has proven to be a fighter and is very strong to be so small!!

Anonymous said...

Praying at work is new for me but I just had to when I logged on to check on your beautiful daughter. I will continue to say a prayer for Kayleigh and your whole family. Big HUGS!


Anonymous said...

i`ve never posted on here before, but i have been following Kayleigh`s story.She`s beautiful little girl.She`s very strong.Kayleigh keep fighting.I`m praying for you.
My thoughts are with you all the time.

with love,

Petia, Varna,Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh, Mom and Dad would much prefer you celebrate the Lord's Birthday here on earth rather than with him in Heaven. Our God is a Mighty God, he can do all things, and by his stripes you will be healed. I am praying that your body will heal fast.

Anonymous said...

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1
-- Praying for Ms. Kayleigh in SC
Chi Anne

Anonymous said...

The day Hayden died, I told Tyler (his twin) if he lived...I promised to give him anything he ever wanted. Well, at the age of three I'm having a hard time going back on a promise...he's spoiled rotten.

I'm praying so hard that you and Aimee will be given that same chance.

Fight, Kayleigh, fight. Where there is hope and faith, miracles can happen :)

~Kayce said...

Please God....PLEASE heal this baby that we love so much! Thank you for this new revelation. Hope is alive!

Anonymous said...

i am praying for you and your baby girl. i have read your whole story and it breaks my heart. i am praying she will get better and you will be able to take her home and do all the things you want to do with her. you are in my prayers!

Unknown said...

Your daughter was born the same day as my son. I'm praying for my son's birthbuddy!
Krista and Elias from Finland

Anonymous said...

I just heard about Kayleigh's story yesterday and spent a couple of hours reading to get the jist of what has been happening. She is just as precious as can be! I am praying for her and I know God will get everyone through this. Little Kayleigh has touched so many lives and continues to reach more people everyday. I pray God will bless you with continued strength to get through this challenge and strength for Kayleigh as she battles for her life. Just know that He is God!

Rich said...

God's timing is always amazing..Never a second early or a second late. I receive from my uncle daily scriptures and this was todays.

Be Blessed and know your in our hearts.


‘And Zacharias said to the angel,

“How will I know this for certain?

For I am an old man,

And my wife is advanced in years.”’

Luke 1:18

It looked like Zacharias was too old, that it was

too late in life for him and his wife to have a baby.

And, to Mary, it looked like that it was too early to

get pregnant and to give birth.

Believer’s are not to go by what it “looks like,” but by

every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

With men these things are impossible;

but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

God’s work is never too early or too late!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
I am SO glad to hear that Kayleigh is going strong and will definitely pray for all three of you tonight! God is GOOD.

I am a mother of 2 year old former 24 weeker and pulmonary hypertension survivor. He is a very happy healthy toddler today.

Stay strong and stay together!

Anonymous said...

God is good, all the time. you have been blessed with an incredible testimony. your family is an inspiration to so many struggling with their faith, and i hope you see how God is using you in such an incredible and positive way, even though the situation is painful. some of my favorite lyrics:

God will make this trial a blessing, though it sends me to my knees
Though my tears flow like a river, yet in Him there's sweet relief
There's no need to get discouraged, there's no need to talk defeat
God will make this trial a blessing, and THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD will see!

so many people have already been touched by your testimony, and you've given all the glory to the Lord! thank you for being so strong of faith; i can't imagine what all God will do with your testimony!

Angela said...

Right at this moment there is a little girl beside me that the picture of your daugther here, was her picture also! What your daugther is going through right now, this precious little one beside me also went through.Every battle, every diagnosis the Dr.'s told her parents (I'm her daycare provider), has been proven null and void by God. She has started her first year in School. Her parents didn't know if this day would ever come when they were in the nic u, when they were asked by the Dr.'s if they should continue providing care for their daugther, (of course they said yes). This precious girl, has become the 'burning bush' for her mother, and has lead many to the Lord! I will be praying for you and your family. Your a wonderful testimony of God's power and glory!!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much your story has effected me. I now check in daily to say how your precious princess is doing. My heart aches for you and since I started following this, I want you to know it has given me a renewed faith in prayer. For a while I thought that prayer only worked for certain people. I have been TTC my first baby and felt that God had stopped listening to me because I led such a sinful life. I met my husband while married to someone else. I know that is neither here nor there but.... I find myself praying for you and that sweet baby so much. Thank you Kayleigh for teaching me to trust the Lord once again. Thank you for sharing your story. I will continue to pray for your family!

Anonymous said...

Praying! Praying! Praying!
All our love, The Nadeaus

Anonymous said...

Still praying for Kayleigh's earthly healing.

The MacWelch Family said...

Prayer changes things....PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! AMEN! Praise be to God! Keep fighting little girl! I am shutting down my shop now to take some much deserved knee time for the second time today!!

Anonymous said...

I am keeping you all in my constant thoughts and prayers, and you have the support of my birth club who are sending many prayers your way. He is listening to us. God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Fight baby, fight!!!! The world needs this little one pound miracle! I hold my breath and pray until your next update!

Unknown said...

How amazing... Sweet Kayleigh...I am still praying for you. Its so amazing how such a tiny little princess can be such a giant fighter. Lots of love and still praying LOUD and hard!!! Though we dont know all of the details with just how sick Kayleigh is...I wanted to let you guys know....that I still have never given up hope.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Kayleigh. FIGHT PRINCESS. I think of you so much through out the day and just prayed to God to take some of my strength. This is the time for miracles and Kayleigh is just that. Lord keep her strong and take a little strength from each of us. We are all with you baby. I have never been a religious person but I find myself pleading for your little girl. We all love you without ever meeting. You are an inspiration for us to love more and to do more in this world. I will hug my husband and my children and hold them close tonight wishing for you sweet girl. Aimee and Adam stay strong you have an amazinf fighter. Jessica from Connecticut

Anonymous said...

Kep fighting, Kayleigh!! LORD, hear our prayers!!

Oxford, OH

T-- said...

Go, God, Go! I haven't posted before, but couldn't help to let you know how hard I've been praying for sweet Kaleigh. I haven't prayed this hard and with such earnest in the longest time. God bless you and your sweet, sweet family!

Kala Family said...

AAHHHH....What a relief to hear some great news! God is listening to all of us. I'm getting on my knees now to pray again. Stay strong Kayleigh!

Erin said...

Come on "Sweet Pea" you hang in there Miss Kayleigh...I'm praying and singing. I have been singing the song by Mariah Carey "When you beleive" since your blog the other day. I even told my little man this morning that Miss Kayleigh is still hanging in there and did a little dance with him this morning. I praying and hoping with all the rest of us. Stay strong Kayleigh and family :)
The Polley's

Anonymous said...

We are praying.Keep fighting little girl. God bless Kayleigh.
Lots of Love
Julie & Kaylee

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all and logging on daily hoping for good news. I am a nicu rn in Boston and can empathize with this rollercoaster ride you are on with your precious daughter. Bless you all...


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all and logging on daily hoping for good news. I am a nicu rn in Boston and can empathize with this rollercoaster ride you are on with your precious daughter. Bless you all...


Anonymous said...

Lord, May you bless Kayleigh and keep her strong through this fight for her very precious life.

Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

Lord, May you bless Adam, Aimee and their family so that they have the strength to help Kayleigh fight the good fight.

Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

Lord, May you watch over all the doctors and nurses that are taking care of Kayleigh and may you give them the tools and the knowledge to help Kayleigh fight!

Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

Lord Hear Our Prayers and may he bless all of us in the name of The Father and Of The Son and Of the Holy Spirit.


This is how I pray, I know this is not how some people may pray but in times like this we should all join together in all faiths and pray for this precious child.

I do not know any of you but I have followed your blog from the start, I pray along with my family that you will look back upon this time as just a stepping stone in your journey to bringing Kayleigh home.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Come on Kayleigh... keep fighting sweetie!!!! Praying as hard as possible!!!
Lord ~ Please heal this baby!!!

Audrey Sue's Mommy said...

I just found your blog today and I've been praying ever since. I pray that God heals her and she stays strong. She's a beautiful baby and truly an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I just found out about Kayleigh a few days ago and have been praying every day. It made me cry the first couple of days but today I have a feeling deep down inside that no matter what everything will be ok because everything is possible through God who strengthens me (and you, and Kayleigh)!!! I have a little baby girl who is 10 weeks old and your story makes me love her even more. The blog you wrote the other day about wanting to see all of those milestones in Kayleigh's life makes me realize how precious each day is with each of my children. I want to thank you for your encouragement by the faith that you share -- which I think is ironic with all that you are going through.

Anonymous said...

What a little fighter! Will be praying for you all. Mother in Missouri

Anonymous said...

I just found out about your sweet baby girl last week. I've been praying for her ever since. When I read yesterday's entry I bawled at my desk and prayed ALL day. I've told EVERYONE I know about her and have asked them to pray too. Your precious little girl is only 10 days younger than my son. Your story touches me deeply.

Come on baby Kayleigh! Fight! :)

Praying hard for good news.

Rachel said...

Praying and hoping here in MN. Go Kayleigh! Go doctors! Go Adam and Aimee. She is our Christmastime miracle.

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you. Kayleigh you are a fighter...you can get through this!

Hayley Stewart

Anonymous said...

I found your site through another this morning and I am praying for you and your family. Never give up hope. I have had 2 special children. One born with IUGR that was not diagnosed until they delivered him by emergency c-section because he was not growing. We were told that he would never walk, sit, crawl, and basically told he would be trapped in his body. He will be 5 and does everything they told us he would not do and more, all because we were persistant and my daughter was born at 34 weeks, and although very developmentally behind, does remarkably well. As my pastor recently told us, all GODS children are in his hands and HE will watch and teach us all through him, even in our darkest moments.

GOD be with you all...


Anonymous said...

I read your angels story yesterday after a mom posted her website on mommies of micro preemies forum and told us to pray. You have such an amazing little baby girl!! The strength both of you have and the stregth she has is truly the power of God. I prayed for her several times today everytime I think about her. God will guide you through this as he has so far. Find peace with whatever the outcome shall be..you have a beatiful little miricle. We're all all here for you.

Pam said...

Waiting and hoping for good news on your next update!! Keep fighting Kaleigh!!!!

Anonymous said...

HI, I'm Carolina I was born in 1980 13 weeks early at 1lbs 14oz. I have a son named Eddie who is almost 2 years old and was born 11wks early at 3lbs 5oz. I found your blog on a myspace group. I pray that all goes well and that Kayleigh pulls though her struggles. God Bless. From two former preemies to another.

Chantelle said...

I've enlisted everyone I know to pray for your precious girl. She is absolutely amazing, and I am in awe of her tenacity and fighting spirit. I believe in miracles and the power of prayer!!!! May God heal her heart and lungs and send her home with you safe and sounds SOON!


Holly said...

Hey, my name is Holly and my son, Samuel was born weighing 1 pound 15 ounces and is now 19 months old. We are lifting you up in prayer and praying for healing, peace and comfort.

Blessings to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

Breathe girl breathe. Clear those lungs up - get those pulmonary pressure down!! Go GOD Go grant this a miracle of all miracles in this special time of year.


Anonymous said...

praying for Kayleigh..
God can do things that science will never explain.
they are miracles and I am praying for a miracle in your little body.

Anonymous said...

Jumped over here from MckMama's blog. Praying for your precious daugther and your family.
Still praying in PA.
Kathy B.

Anonymous said...

With God there is ALWAYS hope -- keep fighting Kayleigh! They will get the pneumonia under control and get you stabilized and we are all praying you will go home with mommy and daddy! You keep growing so you can beat this thing!

Adam and Aimee -- Kayleigh is a miracle! I hope the next update is even better news! I am praying hard for you little precious one!

Love you Kayleigh!


Leslie said...

Praying for Kaleigh and your family.

Though I feel as though we should be doing that cheer that we heard as kids, "Let's go Kaleigh! Let's Go! Let's go Kaleigh! Let's Go!"

God Bless you and the Angel He gave you!

Vicki Fields said...

Praise God for this glimmer of hope! Please keep fighting sweet girl! Heavenly father please keep making yourself known through this precious baby girl!

Love and hugs,

Vicki Fields (Jayden's mommy)


Anonymous said...

Kayleigh, we are praying for you in Texas....and trusting that God will bring you through this and strengthen you and your parents. We believe in Miracles!

Mesheala Sundblade said...

Hi Kayleigh,

I have not been blessed with your presence, but I just wanted to let you know that me and your extended family love you very much and are praying for you. You have helped renew my faith in God and I say little prayers for you all throughout the day! You are precious in His sight and I'm so glad He is listening to our prayers!!! You are a fighter, girl, keep it up! You have wonderful parents and a brother and sister who need you! Keep fighting, Kayleigh!!!!!!!

Your extended Aunt,

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I was just able to check in (well I checked first thing but there wasn't an update yet). She is such a fighter. I just kept thinking the doctors have got to be missing something. I am going to keep praying very hard for her full recovery. I am so excited. :) I just want to jump up and down right now with you two.

Denise in CA

Anonymous said...

I almost hate to say it but YAY for pneumonia!! I was just shocked that Kayleigh went downhill so fast and another infection makes so much sense. Hang in there Kayleigh!! Get those meds working quickly...its just the right timing for a Christmas miracle!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I got your info from a friend of mine, Amanda Pieper, from Indiana. I am Libby Mayes from Indiana as well. It was just about 3 years ago that our son, Elijah "Eli" who was born at 41 weeks stopped breathing and was in NICU for 6 days. Our journey was rough, but definitely as rough as yours. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and we are passing this info on to our Bible study group to pray for you as well. Keep your hopes and spirits up.

Libby Mayes

Anonymous said...

You do not know us. But I believe nothing is by chance. We try to seize every opportunity to lift the needs of God's people before the throne of God. We are adding Kayleigh to our church's Prayer Requests. We will be praying for complete healing for Kayleigh and wisdom and direction for the doctors. May every decision, every step be guided by the very hand of our Heavenly Father. God is definitely a God of miracles. Nothing or No one is too far from His reach. The more impossible it seems to the doctors, the more GLORY God receives once the healing is manifest. God LOVES to be Glorified!! "And whatsoever ye ask in my name that will I do that the Father may be glorified through the Son." John 14:13
Place all of your trust and faith in HIM! Our daughter Serenity is living proof that there is ALWAYS, not only hope, but Victory in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus suffered for this very reason, to bring healing to little Kayleigh.
"Jesus answered them saying, Have Faith in God! Therefore I say unto you What soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe the ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Mark 11:22,24
"It is the Spirit the quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing; the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life." John 6:63
Continue to Quote God's Healing Word over Kayleigh around the clock. For His Word is life!!! God has promised that His word shall not reture to Him void. "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I send it." Isaiah 55:11 We will be praying!
"My son, attend to my words; incline thy ear unto my sayings. For they are life unto those that find them and Health to all their flesh." Proverbs 4:20,22
",,,and with HIS stripes we ARE healed." Isaiah 53:5
By the way we also have a daughter named Kayleigh as well, you are the first people I have met that spell her name the way we do. :)

Love in Christ,
The Burk Family

For more on our miracle journey and the scriptures we quoted check out www.throughthevalleyofserenity.com

damien said...

just found your blog i am praying for your little princess .

Anonymous said...

Aimee -- before my son was born I told him all about bacon -- how wonderful it smells and tastes . . . When I saw that you promised Kayleigh some bacon I just had to smile. I pray that you will have many years to make good on that promise!

Elkins5 said...

Ohhh, Kayleigh.....you are going to love bacon!! Mommy's always know the perfect things to say!

I never stopped prying for her to turn this thing around! A miracle is what she is and she shows us everyday!

Its a fine line between staying positive and preparing yourself.....stay positive! KNOW that she is here to stay. Keep imagining her future....and keep promising her bacon!

Susan & gang

Alexa said...

found you through McKmama and praying like never before... God is good and He listens like never before... alexa

Sarah Suzy said...

I read this and immediately got on my knees in prayer and thanks. In almost continuous prayer today. Lets go God! Heal this little girl. Give her wings like the eagles.
Thank you for updating all of us.

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
(Isaiah 40:31)

Sarah, Chris, Helaina and Ava J

Anonymous said...

praying for your precious baby girl ! Dedicated my facebook page to Kayleigh and asking for prayers from all I know ! God is glorious !

"Elevator" in Indian Trail !

Anonymous said...

I have had Kayleigh on my mind since the beginning and have prayed that everything would be alright. Yesterdays news scared me but I continued to pray and now with the news today continue to pray harder than I ever have in my life. You guys are so right when you say Kayleigh has touched so many, I am one of them and have such a deep compassion for her it moves me to tears. I am pulling for Kayleigh so one day her wonderful father can walk her down the isle and her beautiful mother can help her pick out the perfect dress! I just know in a few years from now you all will be sitting on Oprahs couch promoting Adams book and marveling in the wonderful miracle that Kayleigh is.

much love from my family and the BBC September 08 crew to yours,

Andrea, Chuck , Cameron and Beckitt

Anonymous said...

Come on baby Kayleigh!!!!!!

Shawnna Samples said...

Sending prayers for your little girl and your entire family. God Bless

Anonymous said...

The last two days I have never prayed so hard. never ever in my entire life. And I will continue to do so. I am so happy that this little girl is doing better!!!



Anonymous said...

I just logged on to check my cousin's blog and she mentioned yall in it so I clicked on the link! Just wanted to let yall know I am praying for yall!!!
Joshua 1:9


Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Kayleigh you and Aimee on and off all day long. It's like God quickened to me to pray and pray in the Holy Spirit because even nurses do not know how to pray but God does and that is how I pray for my patients. I realize Kayleigh is not my patient but God has quickened me to pray for her continuously. Jesus told the disciples to pray without ceasing. So I pray for Kayleigh, You and Aimee as I pray for my neice Morgan Kate and her parents. I pray that God will continue to give you and Aimee strength.Kayleigh can do all things through Christ who is strengthening her. God wakes me up to pray for you, Aimee and especially Kayleigh.

In His Love,
An Aunt "J" in South Carolina

Molly said...

praying for you with a hopeful heart.

Anonymous said...

Sending strong prayers your way!!!! We have been praying all day today for Kayleigh to make a turn for the better. God is amazing and you have so many people praying for her. Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Praying so hard for you Kayleigh! come on little girl.. you can do it!
You know you want that bacon!! :)

God is working a miracle here! let's keep praying!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your babygirl. Your journey has realy hit home with me as I gave birth to a 27weeker due to severe pre-eclampsia and she passed away at 11 days old. YOUR LITTLE GIRL IS A TROOPER AND IS A STRONG LITTLE FIGHTER. I have all the faith in the world that she is gonna pull thru this. If there is anything i can do for you or anything you would like to talk about please feel free to email me
michelef518@yahoo.com I have asked my daughter in heaven to watch over her and help her thru this battle!

Many Prayers and tons of love,
Michele from pittsburgh pa!

Anonymous said...

Ijust started reading your blog two days ago and I am praying for Kayleigh. Her new prognosis is just proof of how awesome our God truly is. He is revealing himself to all of those reading this and keeping up with your trial. You guys have been such an encouragement and I will continue to pray with out ceasing. God bless

Amanda Hoyt said...

We are praying for Kayleigh.

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