12/8/08 - Spread the Word

Before I get in to updating everyone, I want to let you know that with our very challenging schedules along with the real estate market in the pits right now, any extra time is going to be on working before I don't have any Internet to post at all :) Some days will be my normal long posts, but others will be just a real short update.

Aimee and I had an awesome, well deserved trip up to PA and we got our pizza's. I must say that dinner was good and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be good tomorrow too! ha!
Kayleigh is dong great. She has been showing less signs of irritability lately and they have even dropped her nitric level to 15ppm. I believe the Prosticyclin is working really well. She seems to be more like herself when she is up from her naps. We have started to notice that when someone walks by, Kayleigh's eyes will glace over to see who it is and follow that persons motions. You have to remember, Kayleigh maybe 5 months old, but we have rarely seen a smile or any type of bonding communication.

Besides her irritability getting a little better, has been tolerating her feeds very well. She is on 40 mls of Symilac Special Care mixed 1/1 with breast milk. She is not having any aspirates now, so she is digesting every single bit of it. That is helping her with her growth. They did not weigh her tonight, but she was around 4 pounds - 12 ounces the night before. She looks a lot bigger to me and I just went a day with out seeing her.

Hey Talyor! I heard that you were fussy like Kayleigh was today. I don't blame you! Baby life can be so stressful and it makes you want to pull your hair out. Wait until you get to adult life, it is so much easier. Ha! Thank you so much for your photo! You are as precious as can be and we love you.

Here is adorable, Jonah the stud muffin, sporting Kayleigh's bracelet and drooling all over the place because it is soooo goood :) Thank you so much for everything and your bright blue eyes are gonna have the babes crawling after you in no time, literally.

Wow, This is a first! Here is Tayveon, from Long Island, NY, asking Kayleigh to marry him in 25 years :) Tayveon was also a preemie who almost came in to this world around 23 weeks, but was held off miraculously for another 10 weeks. That means, he is younger than Kayleigh so Kayleigh would have to be okay marrying a younger man. I can't say no to that because Aimee is older than me, so the true test would lye in your heart. If you can stay true to what you say and continue proving your love for Kayleigh for 25 years and be a well mannered young man who has all his ducks in a row, then I will consider. But, If you can truly convince Kayleigh and myself that you love her even 1% of the love that I hold in MY heart for her, then without a doubt, yes!

I am so beyond blessed to have such wonderful people following our story. My goal with this has always been to touch one more life in one way or another. I heard the other day we were in a prayer chain for a whole church and a semester project on a college English Report. I am just so amazed at how you all are using Kayleigh's story to touch other people lives as well. Keep spreading the word around and gather more prayer warriors so we can ask God to heal her and we can bring her home for good. Many others will see God's grace and realize what a miracle He has created in Kayleigh and what He can do in their lives too.

Thank you,

God Bless!

The Freemans :)


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your trip and to hear Kayleigh is making progress. She looks bigger to me too. Her coloring looks really good as well.

Jennifer said...

Oh and one more thing..........we appreciate any updates, short or long :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you guys got your pizza and you had a nice time. Thanks so much for updating us when you can - you need a break once in awhile and like you said you have to have time to work too! We understand!

Kayleigh looks wonderful! She is getting so big! I've been praying that she passes that 5 pound mark this week and gains very quickly!

I'm sure you will begin seeing signs of bonding with Kayleigh soon! Usually a baby doesn't start smiling regularly until three months and Kayleigh isn't even three months yet when you adjust her age. I'm sure you already know that though! I know you are so anxious to see those smiles and you will soon! In the next few weeks she should discover her hands too (unless she has already!)

She is just beautiful! Thanks again for updating us! I pray for her every day!


Cristi said...

I remember waiting for those smiles. It seemed like forever but now they come so often. You will get there. Hold on!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, especially the first one. She looks so peaceful. I am so happy to hear Kayleigh is doing well today. And I'm glad you guys were able to get away for a bit. We're praying for more good news.

Mel said...

Miss Kayleigh looks great in your pics, Praise God!!!
Don't worry about us and posting, take care of yourselves first and when you have time, post or don't post. We will be here when you have time to post.
Hang in there!
May the One who knows you best and loves you most surround you with His presence and give you strength.
Still praying in OK!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your trip went well and that you got your yummy pizza. Kayleigh is making us all proud with her great report. She is growing stronger each day. Sending many prayers. Laura

Kristine said...

Wow, she is really looking great! These pictures show how much she is growing! What a beautiful girl!!

We received our bracelets in the mail, and look forward to sending over a picture and letter soon!!

Take Care!!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh looks great. Her coloring looks really good and I think she looks bigger too! Don't worry, she will break that huge first big smile very soon!
Praying that she will continue to tolerate her feedings well and keep her pressures normal. If there's anything you guys need to help with your schedules, remember I'm home with now job now and just down the road in Steele Creek, so email me on Facebook. Keep up the growth Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

That was so sweet of you to post Tayveon's picture on Kayleigh's page - seriously we all talk about and pray for Kayleigh every night since before he was born, I know he will grow up loving her - his first little girl he's ever prayed for!! Will keep up the prayers and hope for hitting the 5lb mark soon - and I agree with what you are saying about the sleeping peacefully and then getting upset to be woken for her cares... with all those lights and noises, I'd get annoyed too!! And love that you and your wife can smile and have fun when under so much stress... thats wonderful!! Stay well and thank you for posting your updates - they are the highlight of our evenings and we wait to see how your Kayleigh is doing!

Grandma Karen in Long Island NY (Tay's grandma)