12/9/08 - A Little Bit Of Fun!!!

Here is how Kayleigh works lately. After being on medication to sedate her, she sleeps really well and she has no problems until it is time for her cares. Her cares simply consist of a temperature check, diaper check and some food. They don't last long, but are every three hours. Lately, this is the time Kayleigh gets really irritated. We have taken her off the Reglan since many of you mentioned that, it was worth giving it a shot. Hopefully it starts to work. Okay, back to Kayleigh. Here is the turn of events as we see it through our eyes:

She is sleeping so peacefully here and isn't she as cute as a button with her feet hanging out?

Here is a close up, I wonder what she is dreaming.

"Hey, Who Turned The Lights On!!!!!"

"Where'd MY PACI GO????!!!!!"




And it goes on until she turns purple because she is not getting enough oxygen and they have to sedate her. She had an episode early this morning where the sedation medication didn't work again, so they had to give her more. I sure hope it is the Reglan and she will get better now that we took her off. We'll see.

Okay, Now for some fun!!! I know with all the stress we are under and the everyday trips to hospital is enough to drive anyone insane. I guess it is starting to get to us because Aimee and I would like to share with you theeeeeeeee........


#10: 80's Head Band! (Wow, do I look cool...hmmm no!)

#9: How about Aimee's Pigtail Holders????!!!!!


#7: Look Who's All Tied Up!!!!

#6: Unleash that Beast!!!!

#5: Looks Like Someone's getting kidnapped!

#4: (Whistle) Look at that Garter Belt (Whistle)

#3: Adam can "Use the Force" with His Jedi Eye Wear!!!

#2: Whoo Hooo Gooooooo NICU STAFF!!!!

#1: "I just don't know what to say about this"

God Help Us!

The Freemans :)


Unknown said...

LOVE the pics of you guys acting silly! You have to do that to sane...that's FOR SURE!!!


kristyo15 said...

Oh that Kayleigh is cute as a button! I'm glad to see you guys having a little fun, it has to help keep your sanity! I don't know how y'all do it. I am still putting y'all on the prayer list at my church...and will continue to do so for the long haul.

*The Owens*
Cypress, TX

Breanna said...

Those pics are so cute of kayleigh! and i love the silly ones too! Glad Kayleigh is doing good!

Nutty Mom said...

your gown tie pics or hillarious! Poor Kalyeigh, she's probably just tired of being in the hospital :(

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

WOw look how big kayleigh is in your arms now!!! Hard to remember that little 1 lbs girl that was the size of your hand! She's growing up!!!


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

Also wanted to ask. Is that milk on her lips in the one pic? I'm just wondering if she was refluxing in her sleep? One thing about those paci's that helped us realize that Anthony had reflux is you could look through the paci in his mouth and we could see the milk sitting in the back of his throat....


Melissa said...

I am SO excited to see how BIG Kayleigh is! Such growth since the beginning of this journey! And, you know, she looks like any other full-term baby when she's fussing--I know you are excited to see her expressing herself, and at the same time it's hard to watch her get to the point of needing sedation.

Just one thought from me...I know you have used kangaroo care with her...but have you tried putting her in a sling and "wearing" her when she gets agitated--or before she gets poked and prodded? I'm part of a babywearing group here in Birmingham, and it is known that babies who are worn cry less and are less easily irritated. And I've found with both my 7 month old and my almost 2-year-old toddler that if they are having a "rough day", I can put them in a sling or in my Kozy Carrier mei tai (on my back) and that closeness settles them down quickly, and once they get their "mommy fix" by being attached to me via sling, they are usually more content when I do have to put them down for things (like cooking dinner)--might help Kayleigh to get past those moments of being bombarded by a thermometer, stethoscope, or whatever else she's getting touched with if she just gets a little more mommy or daddy snuggles first! And the nurses could do it when you two are not there!

Just a thought...keep the posts and pics coming! Still praying in Birmingham...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! You two are hilarious!! You two have to do things like that to stay sane!! Pretty cool!

AAAaaawwwww sweet Kayleigh!! You look so adorable! You are getting so big! That pic of her crying got me! To cute!! God Bless You sweetie! Keep up your hard work!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

D/J F said...

I have to say -- these photos are breath-taking. You guys are awesome!!!! (all three of you!!!) :)

Anonymous said...

Love it love it LOVE IT!!!! You definitely have to let loose a little every now and then!! Kayleigh is getting big!!! :o) Yeah!!!
Love and Prayers from us all here in West Virginia!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you are having entirely too much fun!

I cannot imagine how tired you are of NICU life. We've been at the hospital on bed rest and then with Zeph in the NICU for about 6 weeks and I'm sick of it. You've been at it for about 6 months. I'm glad you are able to have fun to keep your spirits up!

Jennifer said...

All I can say about the two of you is hilarious. I bet you guys are a bunch of fun to be around. Too bad you live across the country cause when all this is over and Kayleigh is home I would love to hang out!!! That little Kayleigh.......I'm still loving that tongue that is always sticking out! Is she still totally happy when you guys are holding her? I showed my husband Jonah's "stud muffin" picture today, he was cracking up!

Unknown said...

I agree, you do have to do something to keep you sane in the NICU for so long...and you guys have found a good outlet! How funny!! Kayleigh looks so big...she's getting there. I'd be really fussy too if nobody would ever leave me alone!!! Here's hoping & praying that they find the source of the irritation soon so that Kayleigh can continue to grow and go back to being the sweetheart we know she is all 100% of the time!!

Always in my prayers!

Keri in NH

Adam and Sherry said...

ok so cute!!! I love that you can have such a great attitude. Laughter helps everything!!

Angie said...

Hi there! I have been following your blog for a few months now. I have been praying and thinking about you guys! We have had 3 preemie in the last 4 years. Hayden, she was born at 28 weeks almost came into the world at 21 weeks, but we were able to hold off a few weeks. She was born at 2lbs 6oz. She was in the hospital for 3 months. We were having lots of problems with her heart rate dropping and turning blue. I think we saw her blue more than pink. They "the doctors" kept blaming it on acid reflux. So finally after months of dealing with this without any answers of why this was going on they decided she needed to have a fundoplication and put in a g button. Well to do this surgery they had to take her off of all meds. So 10 mins before her surgery they realized she did not have reflux at all.... It was the Reglan causing all the problems! About three days after taking her off this med she was able to come home! I hope that taking Kayleigh off of this will help! The neo dr's knew that med could cause problems, but they did not realize it could cause neurological problems until her. I pray that she gets better soon!! I have been through the NICU roller coaster to many times!! So I know what you guys are going through!

Michelle Jamie said...

Just read up on Reglan and I'm hoping that this works it sounds like it should. Will continue praying.

Thanks for the fun post!!

bri said...

I am glad to see you all doing productive work while you are visiting your sweet baby girl! someone has to know what all those things can be used for! hahaha

okay the last one looks like the old toothache cure!

Blessings! I love reading the updates on Kayleigh's progress. I love to see God moving in a very special way!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You guys just crack me up! It's like a movie if you scroll down really fast! ha ha Kayleigh was sleeping soooo peacefully - no wonder she gets so mad! I would too!

Well, it sounds like everyone is hoping the Reglan is the problem and I hope so too! I hope she is back to her ole self very soon! I just can't believe how huge she looks! She is just BEAUTIFUL!

I loved the 10 things you can do with a gown tie too! ha ha ha You guys are so silly -- have you blown up the rubber gloves and drawn faces on them yet? If I visit someone in the hospital I always blow one up and make it into a chicken head! ha ha Or draw a goofy face on it with the thumb being the nose! Oh well, just another silly thing to do to pass time! :)


~*~Bre~*~ said...

Kayleigh is too precious. Still praying *often* for you all.... especially the teeny princess! My little one goes to the computer every time she sees Kayleigh's picture up and goes "oh, baby, I wuva yeeeewwww" I'll have to take a picture of her doing this (maybe even a video)!


Jennifer in NM said...

She looks so beautiful. And goodness has she grown!

I was thinking that when my little guy was in the NICU he got to a point where when they would wake him up he would be fussy but if they let him wake up on his own he would be more cordial. I know that they have to worry about the sugar and other things but maybe she would be more responsive and less agitated if they didn't wake her up? Not sure if its a possibility but maybe in the future its worth a shot.

I will keep praying for her.

With much love and prayers!

Oh and you guys are too funny. Adam the first thing that came to mind with that last picture was a tooth ache.


Mel said...

You guys are too funny! Hang in there!
Still praying in OK!

Anonymous said...

OK, I read your post this morning (like always) and I had to come back to tell you that I have laughed ALL day about the "kidnapped" photo! Like the out-loud-in-the-car-all-by-yourself kind of laughing! You guys are a trip! Glad to hear things are progressing- even if it's slowly. Still praying!
-Jenni in KY

Anonymous said...

Aww, well congratulations for finding something interesting to do with your nicu ties :). Too bad poor Kayleigh has to suffer so much! I am praying for you guys!! Lord, I pray that poor Kayleigh's life will get better, because you know she is not happy in there, please Jesus let her come home to be with her mommy and daddy. It is not fair for her to be stuck in a little box for her whole life (so far) and not be able to leave with people she loves. Lord Jesus, you know she needs her parents more than ever, newborns come into this world afraid and need their parents for security/reassurance (after all, how would you feel if you were brand new and the only person you knew was only allowed to hold you for an hour a day?). Lord, in your name I pray for Kayleigh to go home with her parents where she belongs, not in this cage where she is alone and afraid. Thank you Jesus. I hope the Lord can bring Kayleigh home soon. My best wishes for the both of you.

Jennifer said...

oh my gosh you guys are so funny! i love the nicu humor. #1 looks like you have a tooth ache. lmao!
Jennifer (mom to 30 week preemie)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person above me. Kayleigh has every right to be freaking out. She is panicking because she has lived in the NICU/hospital her whole life, plus her life has always been difficult since Aimees womb problems, wouldn't you be freaking out? I also pray that she gets better so she can be with you guys who truly love her so much. I also wish the best for all of you. Forgive the harsh words just my sympathy for Kayleigh. You are also in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

hhhhhhhaaaaaaa.... lmbo (laughing my butt off).

Glad to see you guys get silly!!! :-)

~Rachelle (obbc member Sept 2008 babies)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs. Praying that Kayleigh will be smiling soon.

Blessings & Prayers,
C. Herlong
Irmo, SC