After a few unsuccessful attempts to get a new IV in the other day, they had to take Kayleigh down to the OR to put in a main line which needed to be surgically insert in to her chest. They finally got one of the IV's in her head, but that came out shortly after as it was not cooperating the way they hoped. The reason they put in another main line is because the central line (Broviac) has some puss coming from it, so they will have to pull that if it gets infected.

To me it looks like Kayleigh got the mess beat out of her, but she is doing better than she looks. Her belly is still a little on the "big" side and they are waiting for that to come down before they start to feed her again. I feel as if they started her back too quickly while she was still on her pain medication from the tracheostomy procedure. Pain medication tends to slow down the motility of a digestive tract.

Also, the trach site is oozing and they are taking precautionary standards to apply some medication so no infections occur. These type of infections are normal because Kayleigh slobbers and the folds of the neck are hard to keep clean. The medication they have should clear it up in no time.

On a lighter note, Kayleigh is enjoying having both hands to put in her mouth since there is no vent tube shoved down her throat. Oh, and let me tell you...Kisses are becoming plentiful!!!
It is cute to see no obstructions, like the tape that was across her face. Let's just hope Kayleigh can recover fully from this procedure and start moving in the right direction.

Now on to something really cool that I am planning on doing and I wanted to get everyone's advice, so all comments and ideas are welcome. As you all know, Kayleigh's blog is not only geared towards sharing her story with everyone, but helping people in so many other ways. Whether it is helping people through faith or through a battle they are facing, Kayleigh gives people that needed strength. I want to make this more about helping others in every possible way, while we still enjoy in the journey Kayleigh takes us on.

I was listening to my local radio station the other day and they are doing something really awesome for their community. It is called the "Drive Thru" experience. What people are doing is paying for the person's food behind them in the drive thru, so when that person arrives to the window, the employee tells the driver that their food was paid for by a listener of New Life 91.9 and to have a blessed day.

That is so cool! But...I am not going to ask everyone to start paying for everyone's fast food. What I am going to do is similar though. If you haven't seen my blogging friend, MckMama's site yet, she does a "NOT ME Monday" which is hilarious and you must go check it out. I am planning on doing a "Kayleigh's Thoughtful Thursday" for ALL of our readers to get involved with and have a great time sharing stories.

Here is what you do. You must go out in to this crazy world, away from your computers, and do something (beyond your normal self) extra extra nice for someone and come back to share your story with everyone here. And when you do this, you must tell them (after they say "OH MY THAT WAS THE NICEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER DONE FOR ME") that they have been touched by, none other than...."Kayleigh."

Now, I am not talking about opening a door for someone or saying "Thank you" because you should all be doing that already. (lol) I want things out of the norm and the better they are, the more wondeful ideas you give others to do on their own. Also, I am sure when people start reading other people's ideas and the link list grows larger and larger, it will be such a blessing to see ALL the wonderful things people are doing for others in this world. Kayleigh should not only be touching your lives, but she should be touching everyone's life you touch too. Make no mistake, God has shown himself through Kayleigh and all the people in her life and we need to glorify Him for that.

I am going to create a button for this "Kayleigh's Thoughtful Thursday" and you will be given detailed instructions on how to post the event on your site and set your link on ours for others to read. Since today is Tuesday and I don't have the time to get this ready for this week and you haven't the time to go out and touch someone's life and write about it, it will start next Thursday so go out and start sharing the love!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! God has touched us generously as Kayleigh's story will be captured by WXII 12, NBC News Affiliate in Winston-Salem, NC. We will be able to share our story on the news and hopefully touch the lives of others. We are filming tomorrow morning and hopefully when it is all said and done, I will upload the clip for you all to see. It will be airing Monday for all of those who live in that area and catch that station. We are really excited and I am already nervous to be in front of the camera. For some odd reason, I tense up and forget everything and it must be a serious problem because how could I forget anything that I have been through in the past 10 months. LOL.

Keep us in our prayers that we deliver a message that will help others. Please continue to keep Kayleigh in your prayers that she will get over this belly issue and can get back on track with her feeding.

Thank you all so very much for your comments and if you haven't been to LeeLou's Baby Shower to vote for those cute babies, do so. They are giving away some cool prizes and it ends Thursday, so don't miss it!

God Bless,


Jennifer in NM said...


That is a way cool idea!!!! I hope I can figure out how to do the link thing on my own blog, I'm having a hard time sprucing it up! But I will for sure try! Thank you so much.

I always have Kayleigh in my prayers, and I am saddened that her belly is so big. Hopefully the air comes out and she is good to go! Could it be because the trach?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that baby girl is doing OK! We are awaiting news of our son's transfer to Boston, MASS to the children hospital in hopes of a diagnoses. In following this journey you all have been though it gives me great hope that we will soon find a way for our little guy to get over his hurdles as well. I encourage everyone to PUSH (pray until something happens) ever day for all these little miracles. GOD BLESS

and Adam-Just pretend you are talking to all of us and you will be just fine.

The Michaels' Quads said...

Kayleigh is looking great! I love her red lips. What great color!! Watch out dad, she is going to be a heartbreaker!!!

The Michaels

Anonymous said...

I know it's not Thursday but I did my Thankful thing today. Close friends of mine had a 28 weeker in Dec and she's currently 5lbs 1oz. They'd asked for donations for something called a Freddy Frog (a weight pillow thingamabobby). I decided that today sounded like a good day to do a good deed. So I bought 2 boxes of them so other babies can be comforted while in the NICU, etc. I know my friends baby has benefited greatly from Freddy and I hope others will as well.

I've spoken with them many times about Kayleigh and how well she's doing and the struggles she's been through.

So I hope my 'Pay It Forward' helps others to think outside of the box. It's not just the drive thru's (I've done that and been a recipient (12 cars long!!)), picking up a gallon of milk for daycare, or even wipes, or a box of kleenex for school. It's the little things to make people know that they're special.

~Tara~ said...

This new idea you have about thursdays sounds great and I can't wait to figure out what I am going to do for someone else. Kayleigh is such an amazing and beautiful miracle from God. May he continue to bless her and so many others. I can't wait to see the news when you get to up load it for I live in TN and won't be able to watch it monday. Keep up all the work you all are doing and speading the faith of our Lord for he is bigger than anyone of us could imagine and listens to our prayers. My prayers are with you and good luck tomorrow and may the words flow natural tomorrow for you as they do in your blog.

The Woollard Family said...

I think that "Kayleigh's Thoughtful Thursday" is a wonderful idea. Everyday I try to go out of my way to help someone else so I'll be sure to remember what I do so I can share it with others.

I'm glad that Kayleigh is doing well. She doesn't look near as bad as I'm sure a lot of people thought she might after being put through so much recently. Actually, she looks quite amazing!!

We are still praying for your family!!! God Bless!

Heather, Joseph, & Bailey Alyse Woollard

Wetumpka, Alabama (but in North Little Rock, Arkansas until Friday)

TaraS2TX said...

What a great idea.
Kayleigh is soooo beautiful!!
I just kept looking at the pics over && over again.

You know it happen to me a w while back i was getting something to eat and when i got to the window, he said the car in front of paid for you. I was like NO WAY!! So sweet, im here in Texas!

But I love what you all are doing!!!

Artfulife said...

What a lovely idea. I will have to work on doing something special in her honor. Have a beautiful day.

Stephanie said...

There are times that I look at Kayleigh and my heart just breaks for what she is going through. Sometimes it's hard for me to focus on all the good and I let everything else get me down. I so just want her to be home with you all and running around. That's coming though!!!!!! HAVE NO DOUBT! I just know that she will be there in no time ...I pray for that everyday. Thank you for sharing Kayleigh with me..thank you for allowing me to love her!

I love your Thoughful Thursdays idea...can't wait to hear more and get started!

Cathy said...

This is GREAT Adam!!! My daughters and I do something similar every time we go out to eat together. While we are waiting for out food - we pick out a family to pay for. It's often an elderly couple - once was a very lonely looking older gentleman dining alone... once was a mom and her 6 kids.

I am going to continue this - but take it ONE STEP FURTHER... I'm going to print up a sheet of business cards that say " You have been blessed by none other than KAYLEIGH"... I'll add her blog web address to it as well - and a picture with your permission! I'll ask the waitress to bring that card with their receipt to their table.

It continues to amaze me daily ... just how much that angel has touched my life!!



The Rigelsky Family said...

Great idea...hmmm I will have to think of something great....

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! You finally get to tell others about Kayleigh's Story and how God has touched all of us through her. :) Good luck! And many prayers and wishes your way!

Anonymous said...

WE did something like this on my mommy board, except it was called "Pay it forward". Since we were strapped for cash at the time I just baked a cake for a co worker and gave it to him. He was thrilled, he loved the cake when I brought it to work one time and was so excited to have one all to himself LOL.


Anonymous said...

The red mark on Kayleigh's head almost looks like a cross :O) Wouldn't that be a sign?

Kristine said...

She really is quite the little peanut! I want to snuggle her! Great idea for Thoughtful Thursdays!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is looking more beautiful every day. It makes my day to get on the blog and see great photos and updates. We pray for Kayleigh every day. I know she will over come this belly issue because it is so small compared to all of her major hurdles. Our preacher preached on miracles Sunday and told us at the end of the sermon that if we had a miracle we had been praying for to stop and pray for it at that time. The miracle that came to my mind was sweet Kayleigh and as I stood there praying for her tears were whelping up in my eyes as I saw how God was so good and how much she truely has blessed me. I hope as you tell her story everyone will be touched as I have been. Thank you for sharing this miracle and we will contuine to pray that God will get her home with you guys soon. I love the idea about Thursday's!!!

Alicia said...

Great Idea for Thoughtful Thursdays! I cant wait to do something. Good Luck on your TV interview, I will be praying for all of you!

Kristen said...

We are in W-S and WXII is our favorite newscast. Can't wait to see it!

mrsrubly said...

this is wonderful news, miss kayleigh. i am so glad that you are feeling better and looking great as well! also, i just wanted to tell your sweet sweet mommy that i went over to Missy Knight's blog. Well they had a 5K Mito walk on saturday. if your mom hadn't put up the Knight's blog on the tweet thing i would never know about sweet samuel. see, look at your works all over the world. good night sweet heart. til tommorrow's update, i will continue to pray and think about you and your family.

The Carpenters said...

I think it's going to be hard for us all to actually write about the "thoughtful" thing we do, even though I hope it's not hard for us to actually do! Let's not let that stop us from doing it. We need to brainstorm to find great things to do in honor of Kayleigh.
Also, she's beautiful. Thanks for the new pics. And the red mark on her head totally looks like a cross. Thanks for pointing that out. See? She's got the mark of Jesus!

JoEll said...

I am so happy that someone there is finally wanting to help and listening to this preciouse little angles story. I wish i lived closer so I could meet the most amazing and caring parents and this little angel

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is truly a blessing....she looks so beautiful...I love those pics where you can see her face more! We are praying and believing for complete healing for Kayleigh!
God bless you and your family! Keeping the faith in NB, Texas

Erika said...

What a nice idea! I'm glad that Miss Kayleigh is doing ok. Praying as always... -Erika

Tanya said...

That's an awesome idea, I gotta think of something really cool to do by next week! Congratulations on the media coverage, can't wait to see the clip.

Penny said...

What a blessing to get some news coverage!!I know the God will guide your words and help d a work in others lives through the interview.

Faith said...

We're praying for you guys still! Someone paid for my meal a few days ago because I told them that I wanted to be a missionary. It was extremely touching. I can't wait to do the same to someone else. God Bless you and your precious family!


Jodi said...

Continuing to keep your little angel in my thoughts and prayers....stay strong little one :) And I think your idea of "paying it forward" is so neat....I'm already trying to think of different ways I could do just that!
Jodi from NW Ohio

Unknown said...

I am SOOO!!! excited about The Thoughtful Thursdays!! that is a Graet idea and I can't wait to get involved with it. We are Praying for Kayleigh and your family. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
My name is Erika, from Texas, I like you had a preemie baby too. Born at 30 weeks. Just keep the FAITH AND NEVER LOSE HOPE! I know the ups and downs, my baby was also very sick at one point but everything will be better, with all the medical advances you should feel some comfort, though it can be hard at times.

Nutty Mom said...

Oh Kayleigh looks good! I hope her feeds go well. She has the prettiest little hands. And her scar is looking good!

RuensOnTheRun said...

I noticed you were following my blog, so I wanted to come check your out. I am so glad I did! I will be honored to add Kayleigh to my prayers. We did NICU with our middle for different reasons, but it was scary and I will pray for ALL of you. You now have a new blog follower and I will post your button on my blog. I will keep in touch for updates! Blessings..

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a long time and have yet to comment. You have an absolutely beautiful little girl who no doubt will keep your hands full as she gets older. She is one of the strongest children I have learned about. My family says a little prayer for her often and will continue to do so. :)

4 on the go said...

I've been following this blog for awhile and i think you have come up with some amazing things even with everything you have all had to deal with.
Kayleigh, yourself and family are truly amazing people.
i will continue to pray for your little sweet heart as well

Liz said...

I have been following your story for about 3 months now, and I must tell you that this morning, when I was reading your blog...I could NOT believe how beautiful Kayleigh is becoming. She has always been precious, but now that she is growing, you can REALLY see her beauty! Praise God for what HE is doing in her life! I am originally from Winston-Salem, NC and I think it's cool that WXII is doing a story on you....so awesome! PTL!

One of your prayer warriors in GA,

The Cunningham Clan said...

Adam and Aimee - when I looked at the new pictures of Kayleigh's IV, the red area around the IV site in the 3rd picture looks like a cross.

Kayleigh has touched my life, and I pray for your family daily.

Anonymous said...

HI Kayleigh this is Fatimal and I hope you get better and we pray for you every night hoping you will get to go home soon!

Danyele Easterhaus said...

i love the idea of thoughtful thursday!!! great idea...spread the love!

Erin said...

Your daughter is beautiful. She is in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! I am a longtime reader and first-time commenter. I'm 22 and I tutor a local girl for her Standard Grades (Scottish qalifications) for free as I love her mum to pieces and wanted to help out.
She and her parents plus two sisters live together in a 2-bed flat. We always study together in her livingroom as the bedrooms are very cold. I only recently found out that two of the girls share a couch and the third sleeps on the floor - no bed.
They are such loving sisters when I made this offer they said they would be happy to all sleep in one bed together.
Tonight I took apart the double bed in my spare room and we got that set up for them at their home along with a whole bunch of extra duvets and blankets and pillows I had (I saw a lot of quilt-stealing in their fture if they didn't allhave their own!). It is not the perfect solution but it made me feel good to help.
I told them about you and gave them the blog address, you have inspired me to put more of myself out there and I look forward to becoming a regular commenter - I will let you know what good deeds I can think of in Kayleigh's name!