It Has Begun :)

WOW, This is way cool!!!

LeeLou's Baby Photos Contest and Virtual Baby Shower has begun. Go check out all the photo finalists at: LeeLou's Blog - They are adorable!

Good Luck in all the fun games and giveaways. They have some really neat prizes and we look forward seeing who wins!

God Bless Everyone,


Danyele Easterhaus said...

i have been here this morn...and i forgot to comment! i am praying for some great things to happen today in the baby shower!!! i posted a linky up on my blog for others to see too!

Martha Compton said...

Hey Adam and Aimee!
We took your suggestion and sent in our daughter's picture for the contest. She's a finalist!!!! Yay! Everyone vote for Campbell from SC! Here's to a preemie winning the contest!

dani said...

Hey Freemans....I just wanted to say THANKS for the encouragement to enter the Leelou Cute Baby Contest : ) I came to check your blog like I do every night...and saw one last post saying it was the last day to enter. I had seen it before and hadn't done anything about it...I had even visited their site, but just hadn't emailed any pictures. So I emailed them the LAST NIGHT possible! And now my little Makenzie from Arizona is one of the finalists! Wowzers! I was shocked, especially when I saw how many entries they had! So thanks for the extra nudge I needed to enter her :)

Anonymous said...

How is Kayleigh doing?? What kind of progress is she making?? Is she still on the vent??

Just thinking about you guys and checking up on Kayleigh!

dani said...

PS...I guess I feel like this goes without saying..which is why I didn't say it earlier...but as always we're over here praying for little Kayleigh! I just re-read my last comment and was pretty disgusted that I had written all about ME! UGH! Just wanted to let you know that SHE is SO very loved over here : )

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Well I was really disappointed Lucy did make the cut in the cute baby contest but I am so happy that LeeLou has highlighted Kayleigh and Mia! How awesome to have that many more people praying!

I hope Kayleigh had a good weekend!

Katrina said...

Hopefully they get her feed back going so she won't loose too much more weight.

Anonymous said...

I hope "our" little sweetheart is happier today (tuesday). I can't wait to see more smiles.
Many hugs,
Amber (Las Vegas)