3/26/09 - Donation Total - Need of Prayers

Wow! I was off the other day when I put in a guestimate for how much donations came in. We are so blessed to announce that the total amount of donations that came in for the giveaway were $6,623.

Thank you tons!!! We are so fortunate to have such a great support system through this trying time. I can't imagine where we would be if we didn't have you all to guide us through our hard times, help answer questions we have and contribute financially to help us get by. Every single one of you are such a true blessing.

Please pray for Kayleigh, the Drs. and my sanity right now. Way back when Kayleigh had her gastrointestinal surgery to see what was wrong with her slow bowels, they said they were doing a biopsy of Kayleigh's intestines to determine whether or not the cause of the problem was Hirschsprung's Disease. The reason they were supposed to do that was because Aimee asked for it to be done and if I am not mistaken, I think one of you all mentioned it to us.

Well, it turns out there are no documentation of that being done now and they are planning to do it again while Kayleigh has her PEG procedure. Supposedly they did a biopsy for Cystic Fibrosis, but we were never told of anything about that at all. If they find out it is Hirshsprung's disease, the procedure it takes to correct that problem will be a Colostomy Surgery which will definitely set us back further in to bringing her home.

Aimee and I are quite frustrated at this point because if this belly issues is a problem that we have been having for so long now, and with us mentioning this problem to the Drs. a long time ago, we are going to be so angry that this could have been taken care of a while back. Please pray that this is not the case because I don't want to be un-Christian-like to anyone :)

We need to have a rally with picket signs, saying "HURRY UP YO! Kayleigh's got to go!" (sorry, that was cheesy). Anyhow, I am about done with all these setbacks and my head is about to explode here. This is why I need you all to pray for my sanity as well! Listen to me, I am starting to look a little like this guy:

Thank you all again for your support through all of this and let's keep our prayers going strong so Kayleigh can come home.

God Bless,


The Woollard Family said...

WOW, that's wonderful!!!!! You truly are blessed!!

We are praying for Kayleigh. That's crazy that there are no records of that being done. I can't imagine just how frustrated you are. But, if the tummy issues she is having is from that and they are able to do the surgery to fix it, will there be any damage done since it wasn't fixed before hand?

And, I actually LOVE the "Hurry up Yo, Kayleigh's gotta go!"...I love it!!

Heather, Joseph, & Bailey Alyse Woollard

Wetumpka, Alabama

♥♥♥I love my preemie♥♥♥

Alexa said...

haha Adam... it will get better and as always your in our prayers

Stephanie said...

Here is one christian women.. checking in and prayers are so going up for kayleigh, you and aimee.. I so hope thing will work themselves out soon..

Kayleigh needs to be home .. in her OWN bed in her OWN room..

Praise god.. he will he our thoughts and take it from there..

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

Uggg Dr's can be such wonderful blessings, and also big frustrations!

We just found out after 21 months Anthony was tongue tied!! We've had him in speech therapy for months and she never caught on to it!!! Thankfully through a quick examination by his pediatrician it broke so he doesn't need surgery. But this has set his talking back. Hopefully he'll be able to catch up now. I just mention this because I know Kayleigh will be having therapy and if for a second you think its not going in the right direction get a second opinion. We want what is best for Kayleigh always! =-)

Also congrats on the new job Adam!!! I know that has to be a huge relief to you guys.


Faye said...


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This is awesome. I am so glad we all raised this amount for you, yall truley deserve it!!! Kayleigh is all the times in my prayers and I am praying for her not to have to under go anything else so she can be at home. Have the Docs still not set a time and date for the procedure? I think I would have blown a gasket by this point. I know God gives you both the strength to get through all of this. Keep more wonderufl updates coming soon and I am praying hard for her we love you guys ton. I feel as though I am family and I have never meet you. Kayleigh pitch a fit and make them release you!!!! I know you are so ready to get home with your family.

elteescat said...

It's not so crazy, you just need to adjust the way the rythim translates: "Hurry up, YO!! Kayleigh's got to GO!" Then You'll be all set! Like I told you in a comment a few weeks ago, I would have lost MY mind already AGES ago! The bible says we're not tempted beyond what we can handle, so God must think you're made of some pretty tough stuff! Just keep on marching and you'll win the battle before you know it!

Kelli said...

I hope that she will not have anymore setbacks so she can come home with her family! Blessings from the Alabama coast!

Anonymous said...

Prayers every day, for everyone in the family, and especially Miss Kayleigh, every time I look down at my pink bracelet I whisper in God's ear. Peace to you, I personally don't know how you've held it together for so long, but sometimes it helps to lock yourself in a closet and scream it all out--God knows you could use some release, yo! Leslie in CT

e.h. said...

Wow! $6,623! Thats amazing! Nice work!!!

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for Kayleigh and hope she gets to come home to her family very soon!
Baltimore, md

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the donations!! =)

Prayers going your way!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Please pray for my sanity too.

lisapooh98 said...

I know that at the end of this month was when you were going to lose the house. Is that still the case? I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately and wondering if things have gotten any better for you financially. That's in addition to all of my thoughts about Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

wow adam! over six thousand dollars raised! Yay! Can you also post how much you have collected in donations from the paypal link on your site? It would be great feedback for those of us that are contributing! Thanks and congrats on the money raised! Hope Kayleigh gets to come home soooon!

SometimesSheWhispers said...

Depending on how had the Hirschbrung's is (if she has it at all) there is a pull-through procedure that doesn't even require an abdominal incision. Hopefully they can do that if she does!

Danyele Easterhaus said...

good grief...what in the world?? ok, i will buy the banners, you gather the signs and we'll protest!

i'll pray for your sanity...and i'll add mine next to it. i'm thrilled you all received so many donations. fabulous! yeah god!

Anonymous said...

Prayer's are going up...Kayleigh will get to go home very soon..I feel it in my heart...Kayleigh is sooooo preciou...she needs to go home so she can see her pretty room and bed you have waiting for her! GOD Is Good All The Time and All The Time GOD Is Good...HE hears our prayer's for all of you and HE will answer them very soon! Have a spectacular GOD filled weekend. Please give Kayleigh a kiss on her forhead...she is an Angel!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to stay strong!! The things we'll do for our kids! You and Aimee are awesome you guys just hang in there we are all praying that Kayleigh gets home soon..under the best possible condition. Take care of those precious children and take care of each other!!

Holly said...

I'm glad we could all help you out so much.. Hopefully it will be enough so Kayleigh can see the nursery you put together for her. Well I will be keeping you all in my prayers and I will hope everything does get figured out. The saying is so awesome by the way. She does neeed to be home! God Bless and I'll be praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing! I'm so happy that so many people were able to give. We cut out our weekly lunch and coffee out for 2 weeks and were able to donate. Hang in there on the other matters, things will work out, God always finds a way :)

Unknown said...

Adam and Aimee - we are so sorry to hear about the latest discovery! Praying for you and Kaleigh!

May you have the peace of God that surpasses understanding as you face the next couple of weeks!

Blessings and love,

Jessica said...

Has Kayleigh ever been able to stool on her own??? Or has she always needed rectal stim / glycerin suppositories to stool??? Odds are, if she has been able to stool completely on her own for most of the time, she doesn't have Hirschsprungs. The babies that I see in the NICU that get diagnosed with it have NEVER been able to stool with out some sort of assistance.

But if she does end up having, she by no means has to have a colostomy right away. Up in my neck of the woods, we will do rectal irragations to help them stool. We will teach the parents how to do that at home until they are bigger / older and will have a pull-through procedure like a previous poster mentioned.

Hope everything goes well!

Unknown said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that they are testing for Hirschprung's! I mentioned it, and am extremley flattered you took my advice! : ) Keep us posted!

Jennifer said...

Praying for you tonight.

JaMean said...

Adam, no one WANTS to be un-Christian-like and some days are downers! It's ok to feel frustrated.

Things have improved so much for her. We will continue sending our prayers up for your GORGEOUS baby girl.

XOXO Lots of love from Utah!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I know you guys must be soooo frustrated! Great news about the giveaway though! As always, we're praying for you. Love the Nadeaus

Anonymous said...

Poor Kayleigh! I sure hope another surgery doesnt delay her homecoming! I agree with the others , if she has stooled on her own without assistance it is pretty unlikely that it is Hirschsprung's. But it doesn't hurt to have things checked out thoroughly. I always say, don't ignore a mama's gut instinct about her baby!
Prayers keep coming your way for a complete healing. May the blood of Jesus spread over the Freeman family protecting them and healing their daughter.
And, yes I too, would love to hear a tally on your paypal donations to see where we stand in how good we are doing with the donations. Thanks Adam! Bless you!
PS. How is the new job going??

Emma said...

I keep hoping to see Kayleigh going home on this blog! It must be so frustrating for you! Please know your family is always in my prayers over here, hundreds of miles away, but close through the spirit of God!

GammySel said...

May our Lord Jesus be with you as you deal with all these uncertainties. May he strength you- and quicken your spirit with questions to keep the doctors on their toes. And Most of all may the Holy Spirit be present to give you peace and reassurance that you are being prayed for!!
Kayleigh will grow to be a might woman for the Lord!!

Stephanie said...


Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Praying for ya'll, it must be getting frustrating.. Love the slogan though:)

Tammy On the Go said...

I did not get to do my thoughtful Thursday. would love for your prayers..you can see a special boy at my blog!

Erin said...

Prayers on the way. I can not begin to imagine how frustrating everything must be. You are so strong and have such a great attitude. Keep it up!!!

N said...

Do these donations help you with the house situation at all? Are you guys moving into an apartment yet or are you staying in your house?

Erin said...

I am praying everything is fine, and I know the road has been long and frustrating at times, but in the end it is best if they catch something now, so when she does get home, she can stay there without little "oops" visits back to the hospital. Keep the chin up...Everyday is a day closer!! xoxo to your angels

Adam said...

LisaPooh98 - United Family Services have helped us push the foreclosure date off from March 29th to April 27th, which buys us a little more time to figure out our plan. We will either move in to an apartment or cramp in to one our parents house.

Smith Family - We received a couple thousand several months back, but a few hundred here and there right before the donation/giveaway. I don't have a total though.

Jessica - She has been able to stool on her own, so that is a good sign. Hopefully your right!

GarnerGirls - The job is going really great. I have had to set up my business and I am just about there so I can start going out in the field and turn things around for us, hopefully :)

RockyMountain Mommy - These donations don't help with the house given that we are way too far behind and the bank is not willing to work with us.

The donations do however, help us pay our car payment, insurance premium, food and gas back and forth to the hospital. So thank you all tons!!!!

God Bless,


Adam said...

The Woollard Family - I know there will be setbacks, but I don't know how much damage will be done. I am sure if they do a colostomy, they will have to cut her open. We should get more answers soon, so I will be sure to let you all know.

Thanks :)


Tanya said...

We are praying! I hopt they don't need to do anymore surgical procedures. Praying she is negative for Hirschsprung's.

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh has been on my mind a lot today and I know God is working this all out and she will be home with you guys realy soon. I have a positive outlook on the results!!! I just wish they would hurry up and set a date for the two procedures and test. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you two with me feeling this way. I have said all a long that God has a special plan for Kayleigh's life and I know each thing she has to endure is making her stronger to tell the world how God brought her through it. Thanks Kayleigh for being my little inspiration and Angel, I love you!!! I know you will come through this all with flying colors and those docs want have a choice but to release you. :)

Chelsa said...

praying for your sweet family here in Indiana :)

AliciaJohnson1983 said...

OH MY. I cannot believe they didn't do that procedure. It sounds like a very good possibility that it may be this condition that has been causing all these problems! I'd be looking like the picture of the crazy guy too if they told you that! You are in my thoughts and prayers and as well as the rest of the fam.


Kerren said...

I am so pleased about the response for a donation! YAY!

Secondly, I am sorry to hear that Kayleigh may be detained longer in the hospital.. I find it frustrating and I am not even there.. if it would help for me to protest here in Africa I will!

btw - I am still working on that package for you (children). This week has been very hectic for me, but I hope to get it off to you next week sometime.

Thinking of Kayleigh always


Anonymous said...

Adam, check on a surgery that's called the Cecostomy. My son had it in the fall, not sure if it would work for her but it's much less invasive and is a awesome surgery. If you want anymore info, our email is: puddin@eastlink.ca


memories and dreams said...

I have a child with Hirshsprungs Disease so know what that is like !!

I am thinking of you all. She is so beauty full !!


Anonymous said...

Our daughter was born prematurely at 1.5 pounds at 30 weeks.
They did the biopsy on her and it came out negative for hirschsprungs.
Cystic Fibrosis, is usually a sweat test or a blood test. Don't think they can biopsy for it.
Depending on how big Kayleigh is, they may have to wait on the sweat test.
Our daughter was also tested for CF, but it came back negative. ( I have Cystic Fibrosis, so she was at a higher risk)
Here's praying for you!!