3/5/09 - "Thoughtful Thursdays"

This has been on very exciting week for the Freeman family and we are happy to share our second "Thoughtful Thursdays" event with you. We will be doing this every week and we would love for everyone to join in and do something nice for someone out there.

Last week, The Nye 5 is in our spotlight for their "Thoughtful Thursdays" kind gesture. Read it here: The Nye 5

Okay, here is how our "Thoughtful Thursdays" works.

You all are going to go out in to this crazy world and do something EXTRA nice for someone else. You can do something nice for someone you love, someone you don't love, or someone you you have never had the chance to love and come back here to share about it each and every Thursday.

God has shown Himself through Kayleigh and we need to glorify Him in all that we do. We need to touch other people with our kindness and spread the love of God with Kayleigh's story to everyone we possibly can. When you deliver your good deed to someone, let them know that they were touched by Kayleigh and share her website with them, so they too can join in on Kayleigh's journey and our "Thoughtful Thursdays" to glorify God.

NOW...You you have got to think outside the box and come back and share it with us and the world. Be creative and make your stories stand out. You never know, you may win a creativity award and get recognized for ALL to see.

Here is what I did:

I had the opportunity to talk with a young man who was only 17 years old. He had been having a lot of problems at school and was easy to open up his feelings to me. Normally in my life growing up, I never was one to offer good advice, but since I have matured in my life and faith, I was able to direct him down the right path.

He was burdened with friends who were making false statements about him and he didn't know how to act or react to the situation at hand. I was able to lead him down a path that Kayleigh's journey had led me. That was a path of forgiveness. I told him that the people who are giving him a hard time were not his true friends and the people he needed to hang out with were people who encouraged him to do the right things as Jesus had taught us.

I told him that we live in this world to prepare for eternity and I explained how people have not been so nice to me on Kayleigh's blog, but I had to delete the negative comments and continue spreading the word of God and serving that purpose without the devil getting in the way.

I told him to follow Kayleigh's blog and to look deep in to what she has taught us and how all the people who follow her story are the true friends he needs in his life, the one who support and love you through the good and bad parts of your life. He felt encouraged and I felt fulfilled with God's everlasting love.

Okay, now it's YOUR turn.

Here's how you get your link on our blog for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

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That's it! You'll be linked in today's entry.

Can't wait to read your blog posts for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Last week I showed you an angel doll I made for the sibling of a baby born sleeping. I promised this week to show you the doll I made for his baby sister-she's a year old. :) The whole set is complete but now I want to make the mother a charm bracelet of some of her favorite hobbies so she has something just for her.

Christian's angel for Mama

4 year old's doll

One year old's doll

Next week I hope to have the bracelet to share. :)

The Woollard Family said...

I linked my blog after I posted my Thoughtful Thursday post. I hope I did it correctly. My friends are right, I'm so technology illiterate.

That was wonderful what you did for your Thoughtful Thursday Adam!!

I'm glad that Kayleigh is doing wonderfully!! She's getting cuter and cuter by the day!

Heather, Joseph, & Bailey Alyse Woollard

Wetumpka, Alabama

♥I love my preemie♥

Kritter Krit said...

Visting from the Riggs family blog. Wow. What an amazing story! What a CUTIE you have!

I just realized I'm acutally responding on the wrong post. I'm actually commenting on some things you mentioned on the "To Do or Not To Do".

Regarding the Nissen: our daughter's story is quite different from Kayleigh's. Sophie was born, full-term, at a healthy weight. However, from the very beginning, she had MASSIVE problems with reflux. She struggled with severe dysphagia, reflux, feeding aversions, a hypersensitive gag reflex, DGE...the list of digestive FUNK went on and on.

She slept-fed (I don't know if you're familiar with this or not) from birth until around the age of 11 months, and then was syringe-fed until the age of three and a half.

I'm rambling...

The doctors wanted to perform a Nissen in combination with the placement of a g-tube. (We, actually, by the grace of God, managed to avoid both. You can read Soph's story in the Reflux portion of the sidebars on my blog, if you'd like.) The doctors all told us they "ALWAYS" performed the Nissen Fundoplication at the time of a g-tube placement. But we found, in questioning our head ped GI closer, that that isn't "always" true. They will consider a g-tube placement only, if the parents insist on such. It helps to have the support of your lead physician as well, of course.

We wanted to avoid the Nissen because of the potential life-long struggles that can come with it: the inablility to vomit (even with a virus), the need to "vent" through the g-tube in order for the child to burp, bloating, discomfort, the fact that the wrap came become loose and sloggy with severe retching...the list for us went on and on.

We decided since Sophie, despite all of her issues, was not an aspirator, we would try our darndest to avoid the procedure. Had she been aspirating, we wouldn't have had that choice. Aspirating, for obvious reasons, takes reflux to a different tier of concern.

I say all of this, not to make you question your doctors...well, actually, yes, to make you question your doctors. And to let you know that parents do have the right to speak up and advocate for or against certain procedures. It doesn't hurt to ask WHY and to let them know your thoughts and concerns about things that you don't fully understand the need for or longterm benefits of. I know LOTS of moms of reflux babies who say the Nissen was a GREAT choice for their child. I know lots of others who wish they had inquired more into the necessity of it, and insisted on exploring other options before taking that step.

Every situation is so very different. And I'm just jumping in late in the game, I know, but I just wanted to give my opinion on the subject.

Your daughter is a beauty - such an incredible miracle. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I will pray for you guys as you journey through this trial.


Danyele Easterhaus said...

loving this...and i'm posting up after preschool pick up! you all rock my face off!

this world isn't the life we should be living for...and you just gave that young man hope! that's more priceless than anything. love it! praying for "young man"

Anonymous said...

It has been a busy Thursday in this house so far. My first thoughtful thursday deed is that I donated ALL of the twins clothing to a lady that runs a teenage parenting class. She is going to make up gift bags and give the girls something nice for their babies since they are stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for their unborn children. YEAH! So far we have donated ALL of the twins clothing starting with the preemie stuff.

My second and by most exhausting thoughtful thursday deed is that I am babysitting for 3 other families ALL DAY TODAY! (for free) so on top of my 1 year old twins, 6 year and 7 year old, I have 3 other 1 year olds and a 3 year old. They other families are going to love and logic parenting classes and could not afford to pay child care so they were not going to go. SO I have multiple children all day today, just to be a friend. :)

TriState Saver said...

The Lord continues to bless us in so many ways! I am glad to see others praise him as well!

Good Luck & God Bless!


Tanya said...

You did this kid a great service, it's very hard to see the forest for the trees at 17. I am thinking about how I can contribute to your carnival, I'll post once it's done, just can't promice it will be on a thursday :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam and Aimee,
I do not have a blog but I have a myspace link :D. I wanted to share a thoughtful thursday story with you guys. I was walking my son around the neighborhood in his baby car (his cadillac hehe), and something told me to take a different route. I decided I should take the route since I am a big believer of God sending messages to you for a reason. I thought nothing of this at the time but soon enough God let me know it was time for me to spread Kayleigh's thoughtful thursday love. I came across a homeless man who was seeking refuge beneath a medical building. This poor man was languishing under the staircase. At first I was afraid to stop, but then I remembered God and knew that with him I could move mountains. I then approached the kind man and asked him if he was hungry. He sweetly replied, "yes ma'am, I could use some food"; to which I replied "I will be right back with some food". I then walked two blocks down to the nearest convinience store and bought him several items of food, enough to last a few days. This is when I told him that he was touched by the grace and love of one strong, beautiful baby girl named Kayleigh. She is an angel Adam and Aimee. I know that Robert, the homeless man, will never forget this act of kindness. I won't either. I can only look forward to helping as many other people as I can, even though I do not have much to offer, I offer whatever I can, I was raised to be a giver. Thanks guys for encouraging others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but I have a caring bridge site for my premature son. FYI We found out I was pregnant Jan 2008 in Disney (similar to your story) and Derek was born June 27, 2008 just days after Kayleigh. He was 3 months early too. He weighed 1 lb 8.4 oz. We set up our site to praise God. He laid it on my heart to share what He was doing in our lives and I promised to spread His word. This was the best way I could think of.

At any rate, I posted my thoughtful Thursday deed today and linked that. Hopefully that will work for this. I urged my readers to do something kind in the name of Jesus Christ.

I thought I was pretty faithful to God and found praise in the darkness when Derek was born, but you two take the cake. I feel your love for God in every entry and I'm learning to grow closer to Him and trust Him more through your blogs.

I'm praying for you and your situations. Trust He will care for you in each one.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Kayleigh! You looked so beautiful in your little pink dress! Very pretty! I am so glad to see that you are doing well! You are looking great! My husband and I are still praying for you! You keep on being strong Angel! We will continue to pray for you and your mom and dad!