3/8/09 - Stealing Kisses

Several tests have been taking place and another one is due Monday. They are getting a general idea as to whether or not Kayleigh needs this Nissen surgery. The cray part is, Kayleigh has not been refluxing at all throughout the whole 8 months until these past few days. She has thrown up once or twice a day. They did stop her Prevacid medication other day in order to do one this test coming up on Monday, so we are thinking the medication worked to prevent Kayleigh from refluxing. So now the decision comes about to keep her on medication or do the Nissen? I would love to keep her on the medication, but we'll see what this other test proves.

After losing a little bit of weight due to the diuretics, she has put more ounces back on. She is back up to 7 pounds - 5 ounces now and is looking chunkier than ever. We are so pleased with how happy she is and how comfortable she seems to be throughout the day. After spending a week in Oklahoma training for my new job, it was so awesome to get back to see the family. Aimee and I spent quite some time hanging out with Kayleigh and taking some great photos.

Speaking of Oklahoma, if you haven't seen Abby's Blog (Praying for Abby), you must go check it out. I had the pleasure spending the week with the Riggs, at their house all last week. Their family was so wonderful to open their home to me and treat me as if I were part of the family. It was such a blessing to spend time with their children and learn a great deal from such an amazing Christian man such as Brent. He has gifted with such great knowledge about so many things that I learned a lot from his teachings. He actually does some of his teaching on his Twitters, so make sure you check him out there: www.Twitter.com/Brent_Riggs

I had such a pleasure spending some time with Landis and Sami throughout the week, but was touched by an angel when I shared some time with Abby at the hospital. She is having such a tough time right now, but never fails to break a smile for the camera. Abby is by far one of the strongest little girls I know. She was in serious pain and discomfort, even when loaded with pain medication. She wanted to color, paint, and give lots of kisses. Aimee was jealous after she heard how many kisses Abby was stealing from me. It was so cute. We shot webs from out spider-fingers and we acted as if we were pirates. Abby is a blessing to so many and she truly touched my heart. God Bless the Riggs family and praise the Lord for newly found friendships.
"Brent, We love you all so much and thank you for being so awesome to us!"

God Bless,


The Snyder's said...

I am so thankful for meeting both of these families. Kayleigh and Abby have a special place in my heart and how I would love to go and meet both of yall.. I am glad we have blogs to keep up with each other.. God Bless YOU..

Sarah Suzy said...

How great that you got to spend time with the Riggs Family! What a blessed family they are, and Abby is so beautiful and brave. Thanks for sharing the pictures from your visit!

Kayleigh looks awesome!!! That first picture of her is too sweet! I am praying for wisdom for the doctors to make the right decision about the Nissen procedure. How long does the G-Tube take to recover from? Do they still think she'll be home in about a month? Oh, I hope so! What a great day that will be!


Brent Riggs said...

Thanks Adam... we enjoyed having you here. I've waited 43 years to have someone use the words "great" and "Brent" in the same paragraph with it being "Brent has a great big mouth..."

Next time bring your wife... she's SOOOOOOO much better looking than you!!!! :)

Thanks for mentioning Abby... she's not doing well right now. Thanks for your prayers, and the prayers of your blog family.


The Rigelsky Family said...

thats great!!!!!!!!!

Amy B said...

What a blessing for both families...Abby is such a beautiful angel just like your Kayleigh..Two tough little girls with wonderful parents.
Emily is working on her email list of questions for her book and will send it this week.

Lagean Ellis said...

Our prayers go out to you! They are beautiful! God will take care of his children!

The Carpenters said...

Wow...beautiful girls all around! Well, not you Adam, but you know what I mean. ;) Prayers will continue to go from this household for both Kayleigh and Abby. God is bigger than this.
Loved the pirate pic of you and Abby (everyone, you have to see the Shake Your Booty video on Abby's site) and the first pic of Kayleigh...I didn't even recognize her!! She's really coming into her own. Priceless. A beautiful little angel.

Anonymous said...

AWWW!!! Kayleigh looks SO cute in her little pink dress!!!!! I love it!!!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

First of all, Kayleigh looks great, amazing and beautiful (as always). She is getting so big. I can not wait for the day that you guys get to take her home and she can spend every minute with her family. I know how hard it is to be in the hospital for so long, it almost makes it scary thinking about being home with them...but you all will do wonderful.

I will keep Abby in my prayers. Thank you for sharing a little about her, I have not seen their blog yet.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.


Allison said...

Kayleigh just gets cuter and cuter! Those pictures just brought big smiles to my face. My heart also goes out to all those children.

God bless you all for sharing your story with others and most importantly paying it forward!

Melody said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet the Rigg's! ;) Such a beautiful family. And that Abby just makes my heart light up!

I am so happy Kayleigh is doing well! She is so beautiful! On the newest entry (as of now anyway) I LOVE that picture of Aimee kissing her! So precious!

Joanne said...

What wonderful pictures of sweet little Kayleigh! My prayers are for your little girl as well as Abby.

Jennifer said...

What a blessing that you two were able to spend the week together ... and what a blessing to meet the beautiful & strong Abby.

So glad to "know" both of your stories.

Sweet Joni said...

What wonderful miracles God is performing :) Thanks for sharing those pictures, Kayleigh is an absolute doll & coming along so well :) Big grin of You & Abby with 'web fingers' :D She's such a sweetie... BOTH lil ones are an inspiration for me to NOT give up! So THANKFUL you were able to spend time with Brent & family!!!

While you were away, I was 'playing' Ha Actually, recently started Facebook so clicked on your link > Steven > Vids & watched them! ALL are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Another Miracle from God :) Needless to say... You NEED to SHARE him *LOL* & add a link on your site here to Pastor Steven. http://www.elevationchurch.org

THANK YOU ADAM from the bottom of my heart! Stay Strong like your daughter :)

thegilbreathfam said...

Cute pictures of Kayleigh! and Abby! Quick question...is there possibly a problem with the buy a bracelet link? I wanted to purchase some and I am having problems. Maybe it's just me. It connects me to google account and to creat an account...I did that and then it won't let me purchase! =( any ideas. thanks and god bless.

Andrea said...

I follow both of these blogs and am touched by the amazing strength and faith both families have. It is a match made in HEAVEN for these two families to be together.
Kayleigh looks wonderful!! I hope that her surgery is not necessary and you are able to just keep her on her medicine. I am so happy with how well she has been doing. She is always in my prayers along with you, Amiee and the rest of your amazing family. I am glad you were able to share Abby's story with people who have not heard about it. I found the button on your blog quite some time ago and started following it. Another amazing family....Praise God for both of these families.
Kayleigh and Abby are both in our prayers....what sweet blessings they are.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this would make a difference or not. But my son had reflux issues and was throwing up a few times a day. I gave him natural acidophalis and it really helped. On the days that he had it in one of his bottles he didnt have reflux issues at all.

Just thought i would share that with u. I read your blog and pray for you guys every day! You are an inspiration of what true faith and trust in God can do!

Anonymous said...

Its so so lovely to see that you have have finally been able to get some gorgeous family photos with Kayleigh. It lightened my heart to see them!!!

Helen and baby Rachel

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see the wonderful pictures of the little Princess. She is looking AWESOME!!! She continues to amaze me day in and day out. I have been pryaing for the right decision to made about this next procedure. I know what ever decision is made it will be the right one for Kayleigh and to get her her home with you guys very soon. I continue to be touched day in and day out by your family. Thanks for all you do and never losing your faith. I look forward to more wonderful posts.

Pattie said...

Wanted to say you little princess is in our prayers.

I wanted to offer you support if your little princess has the Nissen done. My son had the Nissen done when he was 2 months old.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

oh my goodness...so many things. first, k looks more than fab! her color is great and she's getting so big! i love her dress and her sweet facial expressions! i love that little bean.

second, the riggs rock...been following them for a long time. brent is full of great wisdom, but now i get to twitter with them too! thanks for the linky.

love the pics of you with the rigss fam too...abby is such a doll and she looks like she just could conquer anything with that smile. praying so hard for her...

Erin said...

Oh...she is so precious!!! That picture with her in the pink dress is die for...I just want to steal some kisses too. I'm glad to see things seem to be looking up. Hope the solution for her tummy presents itself to be no challenge at all. May God bless and give Kaleigh plenty of xoxo's

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Kayleigh looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wow...it's amazing to see how well Kayleigh looks in these new pics! As a mom of a baby with SEVERE reflux, Prevacid and Prilosec did NOTHING for him. His relfux picked up around 4 months (but he was three weeks early). I have a few suggestions. Have you heard of the Tucker sling, it allows a baby to lay in the crib with their head elevated, to help keep the acid down. Also, I don't know if Amy is still nursing, but there are several formulas out there that are better for relfux babies. Enfamil AR (somewhat successful), Neocate (very $$$). Good luck, reflux is horrible!

Jen said...

Kayleigh is looking GREAT! Good luck with your decision about the Nissen procedure. I've heard good and bad things about it. As far as the reflux meds...I have been told they only eliminate the acid in "spit-up" so it's not painful, they don't actually prevent spitting up. Just something to keep in mind : ). My kids were both on reflux meds (my son Pepcid and my daughter Zantac) for a period of time. My son was never a spitter, but my daughter was for about the first 6-7 months. Without the Zantac, she was clearly in pain when she would spit up, but once we got her on that, she would still spit up, it just wouldn't bother her.

capperson said...

Kayleigh is so beautiful :)

mrsrubly said...

what such a really nice looking family you guys are! i love the pic of Kayleigh and mommy and she has her eyes closed just in the moment..o what such moments like these that are forever there in your mind and heart! she's just so stinkin adorable!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is looking so awesome! That is great that you got to spend time with the Riggs! God bless little Abby! You guys have been such a blessing. Keep the faith!

Lisa said...

Aww I love the pictures of Kayleigh in her little pink dress! Such a cutie :)
Abby is now added to my prayer list.. she is also such an inspiration! Kids are amazing aren't they?

Michele said...

Love the pictures! You are so lucky and blessed that you got to spend time with such a beautiful family! I follow their blog as much as yours! May God bless you all. Kayleigh is looking healthier every day! It looks like the weight of the world has been lifted off of the both of you (you and Aimee)!

Anonymous said...

Although, I can't relate to more than half of the thing you have been through, the Nissen surgery was something we almost went through. They also took her off her meds to run some test. The results meant nothing b/c Brady ended up being to small and the probe wasn't placed correctly.

Thankfully Brady didn't need it and she went home a little over a week after they suggested it. Prevacid works wonderfully for us. She is still a spitter, but what baby isn't :)

Hopefully the tests show that Kayleigh doesn't need the surgery. I know that would be something off your shoulders.

Thanks for sharing about Abby. I am glad you got to spend some time with that precious family. I will be praying for her as well as your little darling.


Kirsten: said...

Kayleigh looks ADORABLE in that lil pink dress!!!

Sarah Benedict said...

Kayleigh looks awesome! Praying that you guys are closing up your stay at the NICU

Karen said...

Its Karen in Long Island (Grandma to Tayveon) and I have a prayer request that I would love to post on here for other readers - these are friends in a cancer chat group on yahoo that I belong to - and it breaks my heart to know that a child was so healthy and is now so ill - And your prayer chain sure does a good job - can't hurt to ask your friends to spare a few prayers for this little boy as well!! Thank you - Love the pictures and praying daily for Kayleigh and your entire family!!!
My friends prayer request:

Would you please add my sister Carol and her grandson Nicolas to your prayers guys? Nicolas is 8 and up till about 2 weeks ago seemed healthy as any kid out there. He walked into class oned day, went into a grand mall seizure, and stopped breathing.
> >
> > They discovered a tumor on the hypothalamus in the center of his brain that extended up and around the left side. It's called an astrocytoma and they said it was a grade 3+, whatever that means. It was three days before he started breathing on his own again, and his left side was paralyzed.
> >
> > Last Thursday he had another major seizure and they repeated the MRI and found a second mass in the right side, this time in the brain itself. We got the results of the biopsy today and it's another astrocytoma that hadn't been visible on the MRI they did three days before.
> >
> > The docs say there's not much they can do, though they're still considering chemotherapy to try and slow it down and give Nicky more time. The only good news is that Nicky's not in any pain as far as they can tell. Please add Nicky, Carol and their family to your prayers and I'll let you know what happens.
> >
> > Thanks guys.
> > Nan

The Drama Mama said...

First of all..can Kayleigh get any cuter?! I think NOT...she is so stinking cute!

And how awesome that you got to spend some time with the Riggs? I can only imagine being with them in person...those pictures are great!

Still praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know that my 15 year old daughter is facing the Nissen procedure and has been comforted by praying for Kaleigh. She sees Kaleigh as a strong child of God and when she gets nervous about the upcoming procedure, she plans on thinking of all Kaleigh has been through and knows she can be strong too. Yes, this Mama's little girl has been inspired by your little girl. Thanks for all the knowledge and allowing us the honor of following your journey. I actually understood what the doctor was talking about because you had helped me by explaining Kaleigh's procedure. Either way, both girls will be fine and God will lead us through.


bri said...

Those pictures say a thousand words! You all are so beautiful. What a precious family... You can see the reflection of Christ in your lives!

love and many blessings!


adrianna york said...

I am so glad that I meet Kayleigh and Abby I wish both family's the best you all are in my thoughts and prayers.
From Kim and family

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first picture of her! She looks like a baby doll. Okay, I voted she looked liked Aimee, but in these pics she starting to look like Adam.

I am still in awe of the miracle that has taken place.

Tanya said...

Kayleigh looks like such a big girl, God Bless!
Looks like you had a great time visiting with the Riggs. Congratulations on the job.

Stephanie said...

How awesome that you got to spend some time with Brent and his family. They are truly an inspiration!

Absolutely wonderful pics of you both with Kayleigh...I just love her little dress!!!

Keeping you all in my prayers! Hope the job is going well!

Because of Love said...

Kayleigh is looking great! And it looks like you had so much time with Abby.

Have to tell you I LOVE the Elevation shirt!!!!