Great News!!! Blogger just updated to where I can update the blog by phone instead of just being able to do Twitter and Facebook. Sweeeeet!


Legenda said...

Great! I'm happy for you!

Kerren said...

I have been trying to post this for two days, but something keeps going wrong - must be my connection.. Welcome to Africa!

Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog.. very sweet of you!

I am so happy you received it, I wasn't expecting it to arrive for a few days yet!

I printed your thank you and stuck it up on the wall at Caleb's school so all the children can see it!

I am also happy to read that Kayleigh's surgery is finally planned - every step brings you one step closer to having her home. I so look forward to the first pics you post of her at home with Brandon and Allyson - one happy family under one roof!

There was more that I wrote in my first comment(s), but I can't remember what it was

I am lecturing tomorrow, but I am taking my laptop with me just so that I can keep up to date with every development in her (your)hectic surgery day!

Warm wishes
Kerren South Africa

Jenny said...

Hey Adam- I saw that too, but when I tried to set it up, it set me up with what I think is a whole new blog! Will it allow you to post to your current blog? Have you tried to set it up yet? I'll be anxious to see if you can get it to work- it IS cool!

Carole said...

woo hoo thats great! Give our little champ lots of kisses for us!!!


southview chick said...

That is so good to hear.