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I really do appreciate all the ideas and questions every has. If I some how miss answering one, I apologize. Just ask me again and I will either email you personally or answer it in a post. All of you have treated us like family and have practically considered Kayleigh as one of your own. If there is any ideas you would like to offer or questions you would like to ask, please do. If you don't want to post your comments for everyone to see, you are more than welcome to contact me personally at

God Bless,


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Anonymous said...

I just watch the video on Youtube about Kayleigh. I saddens me to find out after fighting she didnt make it. I am 14 years old. I decided about 3 years ago that I wanted to be a NICU nurse. I was born in the NICU also. My nurse still works at that same hospital, and she took us back to where they keep the babies and I got to seen this set of triplets. And that day I decided that I was going to be a NICU nurse. After watching the video and reading the blog I just want you to know that Kayleigh had inspired me even more to be a NICU nurse. May God Bless!!! Love from the mountains of North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

I am certain you have read and heard this countless times how your little angle provoked tears in me. God is truly amazing. I used to think that if I could only understand I would be O.K. Well, through my own troubles, struggles, and traumas God has allowed to come in front of me, I find out why sometimes like to grow closer to Him, to stop doing something, that He is teaching me something, that someone will come to Him or learn something, and causing me to grow in areas that will glorify Him. My human mind cannot comprehend His ways or thoughts. So at the times nothing makes sense, I look at His track record in my life and others like Kayleigh's and my faith is strengthened knowing all is well in Christ Jesus. May God shower you and yours with His Divine Favor in every way in this human life that you may have His peace, joy, and love to share and spread and ultimately to bring Him his deserved GLORY. In Jesus Precious Name I pray AMEN

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