Aimee's Message Board Post 6/21/08

Hey Ladies. Today was a good day. The kids were with their dad & Adam just left but he has been with me since 1pm today. It was the first day in a long time that I didn't worry about ANYTHING. No work, no problems, nothing. It didn't start off to well though. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I am not the kind of person to ask for things so I tossed & turned until 5:30am before I called my nurse in. She said that it was too late for sleeping meds but she gave me Vistaril. It calmed me down & finally got me to sleep around 6:30am. With that being said, I was up again an hour later for vitals & breakfast. I think I fell asleep for 30 more minutes after I ate. After reading online today I saw that the side affects of Betamethasone are sleeplessness. I wish someone had told me that! LOL I would have taken the Ambien at 12am. So, tonight that is the plan. I had my second shot today which hurt a little more than the first but that it because she went slow & left out the butt massage. My face & arms are flush but that could be the medicine as well. Tomorrow they are waking me up at 5:30-6:00 for my glucose test since everyone seemed to forget (twice) that I still needed this. They also wrote in my chart that I can go for a 30 minute walk twice a day. Can you hear me? WOO HOO! Adam doesn't want me moving out of the bed but he realizes that I need this. I took a shower today, put on some great smelling lotion, my own pjs, & we walked to the cafeteria. For now, going to the cafeteria is a hot date. LOL Just to be able to walk across the hall to the refreshment station is exciting. I have only left my room before today for 10 minutes in 4 days. We ate bad food all day & watched, don't laugh....the first four episodes of Dawson's Creek. I am a Melrose Place, 90210 girl & Adam loved Dawson's Creek. Well, Katie Holmes to be exact. He has been begging me to watch this forever. Being tied down in the room gave him the opportunity to spring it on me. It actually isn't bad. We have a good two full days to go so it passes the time perfectly. I told him that I feel like we are dating again & he is hanging at my apartment & then going home at night. Tomorrow he has to go on an appt. for us & then he will be here around 5-6pm to spend the night. Yeah! I was thinking of asking my nurses if I could put a dry erase board on m door like in a college dorm & if I put a towel on the door it means stay out. LOL I mean I have to keep my humor in here at least.
Thanks for all of the great ideas. I played a few games last night & today the day was so perfect that I didn't even think of other things to do. I think I told Adam 50 times how happy I was to have him here.
Oh, I almost forgot the main reason that I started the post. When we were on the monitor this evening Kayleigh had 4 A cells. The nurse said that she didn't expect that for a 28 weeker. She said that it looked like the strip of a 32 weeker. Go figure. Little Kayleigh is only measuring around 22-23 weeks! These doctors better get prepared for a miracle because there is one coming!
I will check in again tomorrow I am sure. I hope that everyone has a great night. Thanks for hanging out with me.


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