Love Letter to Adam 6/22/08

Thank you baby. I think that we bring out the best in each other. It is hard to stay mad or upset when you love someone so much. I think that this situation with Kayleigh has really made us see how silly the little things can be. We have gotten along better than ever. Sure, we have a few speed bumps get in our way every now & then but they don't usually last more than a few minutes. I have so much love for you & I want you around all of the time & sometimes that gets in the way. I know that we have our whole lives but there are certain moments like when you were here yesterday that I want to last forever. I feel like you are part of me & when you are gone or doing something else, I feel empty. Part of me thinks that is a great thing to have in a marriage but I can also see where from time to time it could cause a disagreement. I have never in my life wanted to spend every waking moment with someone. Sometimes I have to remind myself that you are not physically attached to me & that I can let you go for a few hours,etc. You say many times to me that we have our whole lives together but I also think that you take for granted that means 100 years. People say that life is too short & we all know that it can end at any second. I want to do everything imaginable with you. Every experience, every thought, everything I want to be with you. You are an amazing man & I see it more & more each day. We are starting to learn each other well. Our behaviors, our thoughts, our intentions. We know how to push & when not too. We are building one of the best families that people will ever meet. We need to remember how we feel about each other right now for the rest of our lives. Whenever one of us feels that we can't take it anymore we need to be able to re-read these letters from each other & remember how strong our love is. We have something that unfortunately most couples will never have. At least that is what I think. God has his plan for me & I am so blessed that it was to meet you. I never thought that I would find my life partner so quickly but I thank God that I did. Most importantly you are my best friend. We can tell each other anything, laugh together, fart together (even though I try not to), we can get dressed up or just sit home & be buddies You are my lover & I appreciate how much you care about me & how I feel & how comfortable I am with new things. You are absolutely gorgeous which honestly in the past has made me a bit jealous. Over the years & through my growth in trust I have come to believe how much you love me & wouldn't ruin our marriage over something stupid & meaningless.You are an amazing dad & that is only going to get better. You had to find your way which is to be expected but you are getting so much better at being a dad to the kids & a friend when needed. I also think that this situation is coming at a good time for you to know them better. I have seen more & more over the last few months how much you mean to them & them to you. I feel like they are starting to treat you like their dad & not so much a step dad. Four years may seem like a long time for that to happen but they were only 2 & 4 when we met. They are learning to. My heart is so full when I think of how you are going to be with your little Kayleigh. I am actually tearing up picturing you holding her, protecting her, & loving her. I am the light of your life now but I think that our love has created some strong competition for me. LOL I know in my heart that you are never going to hurt her & that you are going to do everything in the world to show her what she means to you. You will finally understand how hard it is to punish the kids. :) I love that you have something that you love to do with fighting/grappling. I haven't seen you passionate about something like this before. The good thing is that you are pretty great at it too so it isn't a "wasted" hobby. I enjoy going to your competitions & seeing you do so well. You can't see it & that competition because you have to stay tough but that moment when we first get in the car alone together & you jump around in the car like you are 5 means the world to me. I am so happy that I am the one that you share those moments with. I love how you take care of me even though it seems that I don't like to be taken care of. It is nice to not only have someone say that they worry about you but they step in to make sure that you don't have to do it yourself. I appreciate that when there have been things in our relationship that have gone wrong on your end, that you are honest with me even if it is painful to hear & can take a long time to get over. Of course I would rather those things not happen to begin with but we are going to make mistakes. The important thing for me is that I feel that if you do falter, you will be honest with me. I do not want a life of secrets & I think that in this life there won't be any. I am more & more proud each day of my relationship, my family, & my job even though it is going slow. As a team you & I are figuring out how to make things work even if it is making lemonade out of just lemons. Our love is conquering everything that gets in our way. Thank you so much for bringing God into my life more than he has ever been then before. Without it, I don't know that we would have found our way back to each other & I honestly don't know if it would have gotten me through this trying time with Kayleigh. Thank you for believing in my feelings that the doctors were just wrong about her. You may have thought that I was crazy 10 weeks ago but now we both believe in this miracle. Kayleigh is destined for greatness. Ok, I am going on & on forever & you aren't even going to have time to read this all if I don't stop. I am not much of a writer but I guess it is easy when you feel so much inside.

You are my world. I will never love anyone the way that I love you. You are a huge piece of my heart & my soul. When I think of us I think of Noah & Ally from the Notebook. I imagine us dying together holding hands in the hospital bed & truly never being apart from each other. At least that thought makes me feel better because I think that I would just die inside if I didn't have you with me. You are an amazing man Adam Freeman & I thank you for making the choice of asking me to be your wife. I am so proud to be Mrs. Freeman & I will do my best to live up to my name for you. I love you baby!


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4 Lettre Words said...

This is truly beautiful, Aimee. I read it before, but now more than ever, it speaks to me.

I hope you don't mind, but I copies and pasted a section for my own husband. He needs to hear this, too.

God bless...