May 28th, 2008

When I wrote my update last week I was so excited that Kayleigh had grown 2 weeks out of 2 weeks & that the amniotic fluid had not decreased even though it stayed the same. However, the doctor had noticed some fluid around her heart that was cause for concern. After I sent the email I did some research online & started to get more & more worried. I had actually gotten more upset than previous bad news visits. Adam wasn't home so I was able to be sad without bringing him down as well. I have been so positive & he has stayed positive with me so I didn't want to let my worry bring him down. I emailed my doctor & he told me that the fluid was significant & gave me an amount of 5mm of fluid. From what I had seen online that was a pretty bad sign. They suggested that a large amount of fluid like that could mean that she is in the beginning phases of passing due to heart failure. Needless to say we began to freak out. I called my doctors the next day to rearrange some appointments. I pushed the pediatric cardiologist until today because our original appointment wasn't until next week. I figured that if the fluid wasn't there two weeks before then I wasn't going to wait two more weeks to have a specialist look at it.

So, we went to see the pediatric cardiologist today. Are you sitting down? He didn't see the pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) that the ultrasound tech or the doctor saw last week! He said that he heart looks fine from what he can see. The heart rate is good, the squeezing of the heart is right, & there doesn't appear to be anything wrong structurally. We are beside ourselves. We are so happy but at the same time, every good news has also brought bad news so we are just waiting to see what is next. Could it be that there is a conspiracy going on with all of our doctors. LOL

Yesterday we had a visit with a neonatologist (baby specialist). They will be the ones treating Kayleigh once she is born. Gosh, it sounds so nice to start planning for a birth. He also didn't sound very positive but he also thought that there was fluid around the heart. He said that she needs to be at least 500g to have a chance because their equipment isn't small enough to handle a baby smaller than that. She was 269g last week. He also said that a "healthy" baby should gain 20g per day at this point. If we were lucky enough then she would be 489g when we go back for another ultrasound next Tuesday. Since she has been growing small we are hoping for 10-15g/day. We also discussed that since the blood flow from the placenta is not good but stable that once she is at a viable size of at least 500g that I may go on hospital bedrest to be monitored. That way if there is an unexpected change we can have an emergency c-section. Adam & I are thinking that this could take place around 6/10 if she grows 10-15g each day. I am glad that I will be able to work because that will save me from boredom. Adam could go on appointments but I can maintain our client load that we have now. We also have other staff that could take over if we can't maintain the service that we give now.

What does all of this mean? It means that all of your prayers & thoughts have played a major part in Kayleigh's growth & health. We believe that the fluid was probably there last week & now it is gone. She wasn't growing & now she is. The amniotic fluid was going away & now it is staying the same. The blood flow from the placenta was getting worse & it is also staying the same. We couldn't have gotten here without all of you, your prayers, & God. We still have a really tough road ahead of us so please don't stop your prayers. We are keeping our fingers crossed that next week we can break the trend & get good news two appointments in a row.

Thank you all so much! We really appreciate it.

Aimee & Adam

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