June 3rd, 2008

It is with deep sadness that I send this update today. We went to see the specialist again today for our two week ultrasound. When I last updated, Kayleigh had grown two weeks out of two weeks, the amniotic fluid stayed the same, & nothing else changed except for the fluid around her heart. We now know that the fluid isn't a big deal so we expected decent to good news today. As it turns out Ms. Kayleigh hasn't grown at all in the last two weeks. However, the amniotic fluid continues to stay the same. She is still 10oz. & she should be about 28oz. by now. Plus, it appears that the flow of blood from the placenta has now gone from absent to intermittent reverse flow. This is not a good sign. The doctor said that this is not something that usually gets better, it gets worse. If it goes to continuous reverse flow, Kayleigh will surely pass away. Nobody can say how long this will take so we are hoping & praying that she will grow enough before that happens so that we can take her out & test our chances on her survival outside the womb. I have to say that it is hard to remain positive with this devastating news. We are certainly not going to deliver her before she has a minimal chance to survive so now we are just playing the waiting game. We are going to keep doing all that we are doing & hope that God will answer our prayers. Even though I am not ready to say it out loud, I know that everything happens for a reason & God has his plan. It is just unfortunate that sometimes it hurts so much. I know that Kayleigh's story has given so many people hope & inspiration but I hope that can continue in life & not death.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts & prayers. It seems that we need it now more than ever. I know that we keep asking this but it is all that we can do to not feel completely helpless. Thank you all so much for your support. We often depend on it.


Aimee and Adam

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