June 19th, 2008

Hey everyone. I hope that you all aren't worrying about us too much. I know that many of you knew that we had an appointment on Tuesday & today is Thursday.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning I had some really bad back & right side pain. I tried to wait it out thinking that Kayleigh was just sitting on a nerve or something. The pain got increasingly worse over the next few minutes so we called the doctor. I am not a medicine taker & I certainly don't like the hospital so I have to be REALLY hurting or worried to take that step. I am very familiar with how contractions feel & I didn't think that was what was going on but nothing about this pregnancy has been normal so it was a possibility. I was supposed to go in at 11:15 for the ultrasound appointment but we were told to go to my regular OB's office. We got there at 9:30am after a long drive to the hospital. It is only a 20 minute drive but it felt like hours. I was unable to sit or lay down so I was on the floor in the waiting room hunched over a chair. We were finally called back to be seen & the same thing, I couldn't even sit on the exam table. The doctor found Kayleigh's heartbeat as well as another finding. My ovaries are the size of tennis balls with many cysts on them. Ouch! He wanted to send me to labor & delivery to be monitored & to monitor Kayleigh.

We got into the room & I still couldn't sit in the bed. Fortunately I only had to wait about 15 minutes before the extreme pain would be gone. I had a nice mix of Demerol & Phenergan. I have never had pain medicine through an IV so I didn't realize that it would be working within a minute. The nurse told me that I would get drowsy but geez. I couldn't see anything two minutes later LOL I stayed in that room for several hours & everything was looking good with Kayleigh. I had been monitored for probably 4 hours & they confirmed that I was not having contractions. Yeah! This was good news because we still didn't know how big Kayleigh had grown. So, why am I having this pain? I was sent to radiology for a renal ultrasound. (to check my kidneys) They thought that I might have a kidney stone. They got the results back & nothing again! Now I am thinking that I am going to be a medical mystery too.

Since we knew that nothing was going on with Kayleigh they moved me upstairs to the OB high risk unit. I would be staying the night here. I continued getting shot up with drugs every 3-4 hours so I was doing okay. Adam stayed with me the entire time. I really appreciate him being here but I hardly said 5 words to him the whole day because I was on vacation in never never land. We went to bed early that night & got up early yesterday morning. It is hard to sleep through the night with doctors & nurses coming in to take vitals & give meds. Lucky for me that the meds put me to sleep.

At 9am yesterday the doctor came in & told me that we would see how the day goes to determine if I will be sleeping here again. He also ordered the ultrasound & said that they should be in at any moment. I tried not to take any pain medication after that because I wanted to be alert for the ultrasound. When they still didn't show up at 3:30 I couldn't wait. I had a half dose this time which didn't even tough my pain. At 6pm they came in & gave me my full dose. I was pretty much drifting off when there was finally a knock at the door. Woo hoo the ultrasound guy is here! He was doing the scan for a few minutes checking everything out & seeing her movements when we just blurted out how big she was. Are you sitting down.............469 grams (16.5oz or 1lb) ! I can't believe it & Adam jumped off of his chair & asked for him to repeat it. She grew 200 grams since the last ultrasound two weeks ago. She is considered viable now. My amniotic fluid also went up to 4.7 which is the highest it has been in 9 weeks. He checked for several minutes & can see no signs of reverse flow from the placenta. All of our worries are gone! As you can imagine we are overwhelmed with joy & in a state of shock. We have been told for nearly 10 weeks that we would never get to this point. To make things even better, I have been feeling Kayleigh move like crazy. It started on Sunday night after we got home from visiting with Adam's parents. I guess Kayleigh gave daddy his first Father's Day present. I felt a bunch of little movement & then both of us got to feel two huge kicks. Ever since then she has been beating me up. I love it though. I know she is okay when I feel her move.

So, what is next? We are going to be seen twice a week for monitoring so if something goes downhill, we can take her out. We also will get an ultrasound every week instead of every two. Now the only thing left to deal with is this pain. Nobody is sure what is going on except for that I can be feeling the tenderness of the swollen ovaries. The doctor said that they looked like the ovaries of someone who had fertility treatments. He doesn't think that it is anything to worry about. Except for the pain of course. It is possible that all of her moving around is hurting them. I don't have enough amniotic fluid to protect them. Last night I thought she was treating them like a speed bag. Just punching them over & over. LOL I am hoping to get sprung today but not without a nice prescription. I have hardly handled sitting here in this bed & I know that once I go home I will find other things to do & I won't rest the same way. At least I have my computer so that I can work & touch base with everyone.

Thank you all again for praying for us. We didn't even expect her to grow as much as she did so this is certainly a miracle. We are not out of the woods yet but we can see the light. I just know that this time we are going to break the pattern & not get bad news. We can't wait for you all to meet Kayleigh. You may not get to hold her though because it looks like Adam & I will already be fighting over her. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts. I hope that the news continues to get better & better & that the sad stories have ended.

My next goal is two pounds. This would be about 900g. This will probably take about 3-4 weeks if she grows well.

I hope that you all have a great day. Sorry for the long email, I got carried away. LOL

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