June 20th, 2008

Hello everyone.

I bet you thought that you wouldn't hear from me for a while. You should have remembered that every time we get good news, bad news is just around the corner. Maybe not bad news but less than good news.

I thought that I would possibly be going home yesterday. The only reason that I was still in the hospital was because they were making sure that my pain could be controlled. The doctor then told me that I would just come home today to be safe. I went all day without any pain meds & took a dose at bedtime because I was getting a little achy & I wanted a good night sleep. Adam & the kids came to see me last night & the kids took turns climbing in bed with me. Adam told me that Allyson made a comment in the car that touch me & has me feeling down today. She remembered that two years ago I had to go away for 6 weeks for job training in Indianapolis. They didn't see me at all for the entire 6 weeks. She told Adam that she doesn't know how she dealt with me being gone for so long.

Today I woke up with the anticipation of coming home. I got up at 8am when they brought my breakfast, gobbled it down, & went back to sleep until I heard the news that it was time. In between dreams one of my doctors came in. She is from the same practice but I have not been treated by her yet. She apparently looked over my chart before she came in. She started asking me all kinds of questions about what I understood the plan to be from here on out. I told her that I thought that I was going home & then she asked about the plan for the baby. She knows that Kayleigh is viable now so it seems that someone was finally ready to have a conversation about "the future" with me. She asked me if we would do anything that we could to keep her alive if things started to go badly. Of course, we said yes. So, she has the same thoughts that Adam & I have had for many weeks. She feels that I need to be here so that we can catch things as soon as they happen. We mentioned that to another doctor the other day & he didn't feel that it was necessary. We were shocked. I will be monitored for 30 minutes twice a day & have ultrasounds every few days to check on growth. The doctor also asked me if I had considered taking the steroid shots to speed up the growth of Kayleigh's lungs. I told her that I have been asking about them since 23-24 weeks & nobody wanted to do them that early because if I stayed pregnant longer, they didn't want to repeat them. Thank God for this new Doctor! They may be giving me the steroid later today. Five minutes later she came back in & told me that my blood pressure has also been up so they needed to draw some blood before we did the shot. Great! Maybe I could have pre-eclampsia too! I told her that I am determined to get us in a medical journal somewhere.

So, my new address is room 9215 at Carolinas Medical Center. I have asked if we can re-wallpaper the room & get some new furniture but I don't think that is going to happen. I am going to have to settle for photos & my own pajamas instead of this HUGE gown. If anyone has any ideas of what I can do to stay sane for the next several to 12 weeks please let me know. I am going to see how many houses I can sell from bed. LOL

Adam is such a blessing to me. He is going to have to take over my role at work & home while keeping is role too. Plus, he has to come see me every chance that he has. I already told the nurse that half the week he will be living here with me.

Thank you all again for your thoughts & prayers. You never know what my next update will be. It could be a birth announcement.



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