7/11/08 - One Step Back

Did you think Kayleigh was going to let us have three good days in a row? NOPE!! Just look at that picture - she is pondering what kind of trouble she is going to cause next. If you have followed her story from the beginning, you will very well know that Kayleigh doesn't let us rejoice in good news for long.

This morning, Kayleigh decided to have numerous desats which eventually ended with her being put on a bubble CPAP, which to me looks like a normal CPAP (with a head gear) but with Bubbles. Actually the bubbles are there to help Kayleigh remember to breath as it is suppose to startle her brain receptors. Don't ask me how it does that though. Even with the new Bubble CPAP, she was still having desats, so they drew some blood to see if she had an infection and is sick. Those results came back negative, thank goodness. As of right now, she is still having desats but if bringing herself out of them quickly. They don't seem too concerned about it and decided to increase her caffeine to see if that will help.

Please pray that they will find out what is the root of the problem and fix it quickly so Kayleigh can rest easy and focus on her growth. Speaking of growth, they increased her food and she is currently weighing 566 grams (1.397 pounds), so we are making improvements there. Kayleigh had three poops marked down today, so we are extremely happy to see the food is working its way through. The nurse also said her stomach is soft and her color is looking great, meaning her digestive system is working normal.

Let's hope that she gets a lot of rest tonight and tomorrow becomes a much better day. We need your prayers everyday. We are positive that your prayers are the only reason she has made it this far. Let's all pray that she will get control of her breathing so she can move on and focus on her growth.
God Bless,

The Freemans
Aimee worked on a project for everyone to see ALL of the photos we have taken of Kayleigh and put it to music. Please click on the photo link below to see it :)

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Anonymous said...

Im sorry about the set back, Im sure she'll bounce right back! I will definatly keep her in my thoughts tonight.


Chase said...

Sorry, I can't look at the NICU video or the pics to music, I'm still WAY too much of a sap....You are officially on the NICU roller coaster. Thank God for the positives...No infection! And CPAP is something you guys can handle, compared to the vent days this is so much better. Two steps forward, one step back. It's normal, she's beautiful and has so many prayers coming her way you can't even imagine. Just a reminder to stay positive and strong, the NICU can wear you guys out more than the wee ones. Remember stress = sick = they won't let you in the NICU.
You and Amy keep taking great care of each other, you are all doing great!
(Thank you so much for adding Trey to the site, I'll ask that he keeps his post over Kayleigh's isolette) :*)

Unknown said...

When both of mine started feeds they would desat like crazy.. They did best when they were on their tummy during and after feeds.. Also, if they ever got the SLIGHTEST bit anemic (remember, they draw labs on these little ones like its nothing, and 1 cc of blood for them, is huge) they would also desat! BUT, even when they were this small---- if I looked at them funny, they would desat, lol! I remember getting so close to being home and they would STILL desat.. Like the day they were going home, if the monitor read funny or something I would literally almost have a heart attack thinking they would keep them! Ugh.. She's still itty bitty-- so she's allowed to do this... It's typically outgrown by 35 weeks-- but thats for the average preemie.. Mine, like yours had SEVERE IUGR, so they get their own set of rules! Hang in there! It'll get better! She looks amazing!

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

I know after this first month is over she will start getting more strength. Its just their little bodies are in shock for awhile. She's doing very well. Anthony was on the ventilator for 17 days and was on the nasaltherm (like the CPAP but in a cannula form) for almost the whole time he was in the NICU.

Love the little picture video! Love that song too. I have it on one of Anthony's video montages on my youtube. Its all such an adventure and a journey.

Unknown said...

Sorry that lil Kayleigh is having a rough time right now. I'll continue to pray for her healing. It's great that she's breathing on her own that small though! And the NICU is like that the WHOLE time. 2 steps forward and 1 step back gets you closer to the door!!! I hope tomorrow is a better day!

In Christ,