7/21/08 - HAPPY 4 WEEKS OLD!!!!

4 WEEKS OLD!!! Where has the time gone? I just hope the rest of the time goes just as fast. Today was a boring day and we all know that boring days are awesome! Kayleigh's sats were good all day with only a few ups and downs with her breathing. They still have her on the Bubble CPAP, but they weaned her oxygen down to 26%. When Aimee and I went to visit, one second she would be satting high and then the next second, she would satting low. She was just all over the place.

Aimee was able to kangaroo for just about 10 minutes before Kayleigh started fussing and we had to put her back. We were just shocked that she was able to kangaroo in the first place because she had that big head piece on. She looks so cute though, but we are ready to see that pretty face again. The nurses did increase her feeds today to 5ml, but she only weighed in at 603 grams tonight. The nurse said she weighed her without the CPAP on so that is probably why it was around 30 grams less than yesterday. I wish they would all do it the same way though or atleast weigh her both ways.

We were able to sit down with the family planner today and go over some things. The cool part was, we were able to write down Kayleigh's likes, dislikes, concerns, and goals that will be placed on Kayleighs isolette for all the nurses to see. The biggest problem we are having right now, is that we are learning the nurses and we are wanting them to know Kayleigh's story. We want them to know Kayleigh and understand that this baby wasn't suppose to be here. I don't want to pull anything away from all the other babies that are in there, but I want the nurses to understand that Kayleigh is OUR miracle. We have some primaries, which is awesome but we know that our primaries are not always going to be there. Most of them do, but we want everyone to care as much as we do. :) The planner was awesome and we are so glad to have her help us.

Another NICU baby we have met through this journey is Parker. Parker had an ultrasound today to check for a possible hernia. Can everyone please include Parker in your prayers tonight. Parker was born at 29 weeks and has been in the NICU for 8 weeks so far. He is a cutie! I have included Parker's story over to the right on my tool bar.

Thanks everyone!

The Freemans


Robin E. Kitson said...

Don't know if my posts are getting to you but anyway. I have placed Kayleigh on Silent Unity which has a 24 prayer chain that only needs updating every thirty days. In addition I sent her story out to my co workers so they can add her to their prayer chains. As I said in a previous post that may or may not have gotten to you I have a vision> My tribe of little Freemans tell me about cousin Kayleigh and how they all played at the family reunion at Pymatuning.

Take Care,


Sam said...

I know what you mean about wanting to have primary nurses taking care of Kayleigh. I felt the same way with David - and got very defensive if someone different was taking care of him. It seemed like the primary nurses were always right on top of things that were "different" about David - and the new nurses weren't familiar enough with him to know when something just didn't seem right. It's also really nice when the nurses genuinely care about your child, as opposed to just someone they have to take care of for the night.
One neat thing about being in the NICU is how close you get to the nurses that you see everyday. I still remember and often think about the nurses that we got to know - and once a year the NICU here has a reunion where I get to take David and show off how big he is and everything that he can do... I know it means alot to the nurses too, to see how much their hard work meant to me and my family.
... Anyways. Glad to hear that today was a boring day... isn't it funny how we crave normalcy? haha....

GiGi said...

She is doing really good. She looks great and has gain 1/3 of pound. I think with all your love and prayers and you obviousely are getting great care. You will see it come on faster as she gets use to the breast milk and the calories they add to it really gets them filled out fast. I pray she keeps it up and thrives.
God Bless The Freeman family and keep Kayleigh healthy as she grows stronger.Heal her heart to get her big enough to do you will.
Also keep Allyson and Brandon safe and healthy so they can be awsome big sister and big brother.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kayleigh! WOW! 4 weeks! She looks terrific! Lots of love and prayers from Ohio!


Aunt Kathy, Uncle Brian, Hannah and Jacob

Anonymous said...

I have been following your story since you first posted about yoru prayer request when you had your ultrasound. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. You received an angel who has taught us all so much already. Never give up hope and keep up the good work!

Beth (Houston)

Anonymous said...

You do have a miracle from God. Another blog that you should check out is: http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/.
The faith of this mother is amazing and God is using her daughter's story to touch many lives. It will bless you as well.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

We have a primary nurse and it makes things great and also, since we are in a smaller room (only 7 babies) we basically get the same nurses every week...so it helps!

Wow, 4 weeks...yay! I hope the rest goes fast for you too. I think mine is going slower than the beginning unfortunatly!

Hang in there..I am so glad I met you! Love you guys, for real