7/22/08 - Daddy's in Love

Yes, I am so in love because I got to hold my precious little girl again today. Aimee took a great photo of her laying on my chest sound asleep. It was so amazing to feel her move her tiny little hands against my skin. She was satting good for fifteen minutes before she had a couple episodes where her heart rate and oxygen dropped, meaning we had to put her back. I could tell she really liked it when I hummed a song to her. I guess the vibration was comforting to her because she looked so relaxed laying with me. The funny part was when they put Kayleigh on my chest, she farted and you can tell something else came with it because it sounded raunchy. What is it with Kayleigh trying to poop on me? This is the second time! ha-ha

She had a really good day today. They increased her feeds to 5ml because she was tolerating the others very well. They have moved her lasix to every other day, which the lasix is helping remove the fluid in her lungs. Aimee and I noticed that her eyes and mouth seem to be much bigger. She yawned a few times today and that mouth was huge. Aimee made a joke to the nurse saying that big mouths run in the family and I would agree. Kayleigh opened her eyes today and I could tell a big difference in size. This is the first time she opened her eyes for us in the past couple days, so it seems to me that things are starting to develope quick! We still have not gotten a chance to see her hair and how much that has grown over the past couple days. I can't wait to see that.

The note you see at the top is a note from Kayleigh to all the nurses who take care of her. We want to make sure they know who Kayleigh is so they have an invested interest beyond normal care. I want them to feel a part of her family and to take pride in the work they do when they are with her. Hopefully it will help. We have picked up some primaries to take care of her when they are on shift that we really like and we added another great one today. We are so pleased with the primary nurses we have so far. I am sure Kayleigh is too :)

I sent this out in an email today to people we updated while we were in the hospital. I wanted to add it to here on the blog as well incase the person we are trying to track down was not on that email list. Aimee received a call while she was at the hospital from a flower delivery place asking if we were going to be in that hospital room the next day. We told them we were not going to be there and we gave them our home address to send the flowers to. We did not receive the flowers at our home address and since they called Aimee on the hospital phone, we were not able to retrieve the number to call them back. So, if you didn't get a thank you note for sending flowers, please let us know as this person is you :)
Aimee and I can't thank you all enough for all the prayers, gifts and love you have given us over the past several weeks. It means more than anything for people to reach out and contribute something for Kayleigh. She is going to be thrilled when she is older and finds out how many people were pulling for her through these tough times. Whether we have known you forever, or you just posted for the first time today, we love you all like family and are so greatful to have you in our lives. You all have shown the true meaning of love.
Thank you so much!

The Freemans


Robin E. Kitson said...

I see she did well today. Its a long long road. My little brother who is old as dirt now was a premie. Back then the doctors just gave up all but one..She was just out of med school and she said I have an idea it isn't proven but may I try. My mother said sure lo he began to grow darn if I know what it was she did but whatever who cares.

Good night take care, I'll pray along with you guys. Smart idea to get that card made so people will know she is loved.

PS Hey I didn't mean for my picture to get on here I just added it due to my storytelling business and apparantly it now just shows up.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I check on you guys every day! I'm so glad to hear Kayleigh is growing and getting stronger. You guys are in our prayers daily.


Anonymous said...

Keep up with the kangaroo time. You will see a difference over time. When we first tired it with Parker we could only do maybe 15-30 minutes at a time...now, it can be as long as three hours. And I truly believe kangaroo is what helps him grow and get better and beat all the odds. It's probably the most favorite thing for me to do with him I plan to do it when he comes home.

I love the note and I think it is a great idea. I don't know how your hospital does it, but at ours, when they do shift changes, they just go over the basic details, but the note seems very much like it would help. Because you can have numerous nurses and such and they may not get the whole story or things may be told differently (as I shared in the email today!)

You guys are doing a great job of hanging in there! I know it isn't easy, but God is in control and you will be ok! It may be a roller coaster, but somehow you make it through!

We are here if you need us!
Andrew and Denise :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Kayleigh is getting to snuggle with her mommy and daddy a lot. It must be so wonderful to her to get that close contact.

Still praying for you all daily.

Anonymous said...

My good friend Faith gave me your blog. I wanted to leave you a note as we also had a tiny one 4 months ago. Ryder was born March 08th at 24 weeks weighing in at a whopping 1 lb. 8 oz and 11 1/2 in....Today he is 9 lbs. 4 oz. and 22 inches. He has been home for 5 weeks now and is perfect, we dodged all the bullets (no braiin bleed, PDA, etc.).
The best advice I can give you for the roller coaster ride that is the NICU is not to get overly discouraged at set backs. They WILL happen. There are good days and bad days, treasure the good days and try not to fret the bad days. There are progress plateaus, anticipate them, but remember, they don't last and then she will be progressing again...Stay positive, it happens.
And soon, she WILL be home...Just like Ryder!
You all are in our prayer circle and we will watch your progress!
God has blessed you!


Anonymous said...

I have been following and praying for baby Kayleigh since Amy first posted on Babycenter when she was 18 weeks pregnant. I come on every day to check on her progress, and I am praying so hard for your little girl. My 3 year old saw her picture the other night on the computer and asked about her. I explained that Kayleigh was a very small baby, but we are all praying for her to get big so she can go home. God bless you all, and thank you for sharing your miracle with us.

Unknown said...

I just love reading your updates. I look everyday for a new post. I have to say I'm feeling a little addicted. LOL I'm glad she's doing so well. She's definatley a little trooper! And YAY for primaries! Carly had GREAT primaries. But even when they weren't there all the other fill-ins were wonderful. Like I've said before I can't say enough good things about the nurses there. I know Kayleigh has nurses that love and care for her just as much as you guys do! What her latest weight?

I'm so proud of you Kayleigh!!!


GiGi said...


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