Since Kayleigh had quite a few good days in a row, they decided to take her off the Bubble CPAP and put her on the nasal cannula. She has been doing great on it so far. Her oxygen is set at 26 and she did not have a single desat. She is also up to 11ml on her feeds, which is the highest she has ever been. She is tolerating it very well.

Today was a very exciting day. When we first came in to see Kayleigh without the CPAP, we were just blown away with excitement. It was a good sight to see Kayleigh without her face all covered up. Since they had the beanie on her for so long, it gave her a little cone head. That should fix itself now that she is off it. Not only was it so wonderful to see Kayleigh on the nasal cannula, this was the first time we have ever seen her so alert. She was moving around a lot, looking around all over the place and making tons of noise. It was a true turning point of emotions to just see her act like a normal baby. She was awake for a good 30 minutes before all the hustle and bustle caused her to conk out.

I captured some video that really shows how alert she was. Poor Kayleigh was in the middle of getting an IV removed, so she was crying a little bit. Mommy was able to put her hands in there to comfort her and Kayleigh was squeezing her hands like crazy!!! The cutest part of the whole video was catching her sneeze. I never understood the parents who would go completely nuts over a babies smallest actions until I saw Kayleigh sneeze today. It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen that I made one of those "parent" sounds: (AWWWwwwwwwaa)Look at me now!

There was something about today that just eased my nerves. To see her so alert and doing so well on the cannula, I just feel so much more positive than I have been feeling over the past 18 weeks. This has certainly been a really tough road to travel and when Doctors were not so positive for so long, you couldn't help to think about the negative aspect of it all. Today a big piece of it just went out the window. She just looks so much more healthier today and so active, that it blows my mind. Our nurse told us today that if Kayleigh continues to do so well with her breathing when she gets to 1000 grams, she will not have to have the heart surgery to insert the pulmonary band. We will have to still do the VSD repair on her heart at 2000 grams, but this eliminates them haing to go in twice. How awesome is that???

We just need to pray that she will continue to tolerate her feeds, breath well and grow fast!!! Kayleigh is just beating all the odds and it's because of all of your prayers. I saw a road sign yesterday that hit the nail on the head. It read "PRAYER, The Best Wireless Provider Around" That is completely the truth!

With Love,

The Freemans


Sarah Suzy said...

oh my goodness, she is beautiful!! I am so glad to see a post from you. GO KAYLEIGH GO!!!!!!! What wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I mean WOW!!!! She is so georgeous, amazing, and strong!! She is what you call a "TRUE" miracle!! My prayers are still and always will be with you sweet Kayleigh!! God Bless Kayleigh and her family!

That video brought tears to my eyes!! I was remembering my baby when he started moving and was alert, everything went so good from there!! Its amazing!! I know exactly where you are coming from!!God is good!!

God Bless You all!!!

mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

oh she is looking soooooo good! And yes she looks very alert! Also I know seeing her crying always makes a parent sad but it just shows she's getting much healthier and isn't so weak anymore! These are all very good things! A couple times it almost looked like there was going to be a smile. =-)


Sam said...

What a lucky little girl - having such amazing parents that love her so much. She really does look so much more alert... I nearly cried though and my arms ached when she was crying... I imagine you feel the same.

Thanks for the update. I hope the good updates keep coming.

Brinson's Mommy! said...

What a cutie pie! I know how good it feels when you get to really see your daughter's face for the first time. It's a wonderful feeling. I cried this week when Brinson finally got off her cpap. Glad to hear Kayleigh is doing okay. You guys are always in our prayers.

Living With CES After Failed Tarlov Surgery said...

Awwww she is doing awesome guys :) you can really see the weight on her.. just fantastic. I bet you all are so proud of your little fighter.


Anonymous said...

Well, the good news was worth the wait! We were so excited to see Miss Kayleigh's progress that we wanted to do the "happy dance." It was so good to see her moving around and even crying. Sad, but sweet progress! It was so sweet when Aimee told her, " I love you, I missed you!" Ahhhhh!
Adam, I agree, what a relief for you guys! Let's keep being prayer warriors for your daughter, and she won't even need surgery!!

Lots of love and faith!
Pennie, Michella, and Marissa

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks great! I just loved how peaceful she looked with her mommy snuggling on her. She was just soaking it up, wasn't she?

Thanks for sharing the video. We're still praying for you guys and pulling for Kayleigh.

The Baldwin Family said...

We are so excited and encouraged by your wonderful news! We check your blog frequently and say our prayers for you and other NICU babies frequently throughout the day. Thanks for all the updates, you guys are doing great (both Adam and Aimee as well as Kayleigh (and Allyson and Brandon too). Go Team Freeman!

Kim, Stephen & Zachary

Molly said...

Hello Freemans,
I have been following Kayleigh's story for BBC and just wanted to say how excited I am that she is doing so well. You have a beautiful, precious daughter. You are, and will continue to be in my prayers!
Molly Schefers

annaandallysmom said...

I am so happy to hear she is doing well. I have missed being able to read about her for the past couple of days. I know that we have never met but keeping up with little Kayleigh has made me think of your whole family as a part of mine. I hope things continue so great!!!!

God Bless,
Monica :)

Shalyn said...

Yeah Kayleigh No More CPAP!!! It's always such a pleasant suprise to come in a be able to see your childs face:) I am so glad she was awake for your visit, the video is Adorable! Keep up the Good Work Kayleigh:)

Anonymous said...

Go Kayleigh Go!!! Get better so you and Parker can meet soon and hang out! I have been thinking alot about you guys this weekend. I am so glad to be in your life and that God brought us together...we are getting together a package for you guys to send...a few onesies, a book or two from my husband and some other things. Hang in there...enjoy your little girl and let us know if you need anything....


Unknown said...

GREAT NEWS!!!! She's looks amazing and looks like she's getting big. What's she up to now? That's awsome news about maybe not having to do the first procedure! I love seeing videos of Kayleigh! Keep em coming. :)


~Kayce said...

I am so grateful that Kayleigh is doing so well. I couldn't get enough of the video. She is absolutely beautiful! I watched with tears and a thankful heart.
God is Amazing!

Anonymous said...

it is wonderful to see her so alert and doing so well. you can relly see how much she has grown. When I watched the video it was like "O my gosh, just look at her" she is so beautiful and is an ispiration to us all. Even the girls at work ask me how the little baby girl is. i will continue you keep you all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Kayleigh looks so amazing! Thank you for sharing that video. I must admit it choked me up when she sneezed. I still have a lump in my throat. I am just amazed at how different she looks today. Like you said, it's so great to see her moving around and acting normal. I continue to think of your family often and you remain in my prayers. Today's blog entry really made my day! God Bless You All!

Mandy a.k.a K.Faith from BBC

Anonymous said...

She is so incredibly cute. Her little cry just melts my heart. And it almost looks like she was trying to smile when Aimee was talking to her! Keep up the good work Kayleigh!


Destiny said...

There is just nothing more precious than your sweet Kayleigh! God bless you all!