8/6/08 First Family Photo

Mommy, Kayleigh and Me

Happy Daddy

Looking at Daddy

Naked Baby!!!

Family Reunion Outfit

Today was the perfect day to take advantage of some photos and we are pleased to finally have our first family photo together. I was able to hold Kayleigh for over an hour today!! WOO HOO!!! It was amaaaaaazing! I can't begin to describe the feeling because this time I wasn't doing kangaroo care, so I was able to look at her face while she slept so comfortably wrapped up in this warm blanket. She was out like a rock when I held her and her sats were perfect the whole time. I just sat there and stared at her face and was just so amazed as I thought to myself how blessed I am to be holding her at all. There were so many people telling us we would not get to a state of viability or if she was born she wouldn't survive long, and now I am sitting here holding an unbelievable miracle. I can go on and on trying to describe how deep these feelings are, but there is just no way to even scratch the surface. I feel like I experience a glimpse of what heaven is all about when I hold her in my arms. My world completely stands still and nothing else is important or can even phase how amazing I feel.

Today was extra special for another reason. Every other year my Mom's side of the family will get together for a family reunion. Now my Mom was 1 of 9 children, so over 65 adults and children invade a small campground up on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The coolest thing is to see my Papa Yash (Grandfather) sit in his lawn chair and watch everyone while he thinks to himself: "Look what I've created." This year, we drove 10 hours through the night to drop the kids off, stay a full day and drive back to be with Kayleigh. (Sorry Everyone, I said we didn't have internet the other day, but I didn't want anyone to know our house would be empty.) It was so worth seeing family and getting all the well needed hugs. Every reunion trip, someone designs t-shirts for us all to wear and my Aunt Kathy who also had a preemie (Jacob) made Kayleigh an outfit with "Wojtowicz Reunion 2006" embroidered on it. We were able to dress Kayleigh in it tonight and while everyone is still up there in now, we will be able to send it to them. I will be so excited when my Papa Yash gets to see the photo. Papa is such an amazing guy. He is 85 years old, rides a bike everyday for exercise and also plays golf several times a week. My wish is to just be half the man he is today and my life will be unbelievably great.

Today, Aimee and I had our 6 week follow up with our Doctor who delivered Kayleigh. While we checked in, we got to see some of the other nurses who helped us along the way. Aimee and I were on cloud nine because they were so wondeful to us and it was a pleasure to share stories with them and give them this website for them to see all the photos of Kayleigh. Our Doctor is such an amazing person. She was at the right place at the right time when she kept Aimee in the hospital, administered the steroid shots for Kayleigh to grow and was on call the night pre-eclampsia forced Kayleigh to come in to this world. We had never met her until a few days before Kayleigh was born and God sent her to us for a reason. She is an angel in our eyes and as we told her this, she was so selfless as to blush unlike what many other Doctors would have done. She said she never delivered a baby that small, but always played it in her mind on how she would operate if she did. (THANK GOODNESS) ha-ha! We love you all Charlotte O.B.!!

Kayleigh is still around room air with her oxygen. She had ony one desat today and it was in the 70's, so that is not bad at all. She is off the triple mix which is extra nutrients they are giving her through an IV. Since they took out the IV yesterday and she is up to 12ml, they decided she didn't need it anymore. She weighed in tonight at 783 grams which is 1 pound 11.5 ounces. She did have a lot of air in her belly today, so our pimary was rubing Kayleigh's belly and pushing her legs up to her chest to try and get Kayleigh to fart. It was funny to watch because Kayleigh seemed to know when it was time to push because her face turned red as an apple. They said there was no back up of food or anything to worry about, but they just needed to help her push that trapped gas through her system. All together, she is doing just great again today.

Thank you all so much for your prayers! Can't you see how much they are working? God is surely listening to all of you and laying his hands on our sweet Kayleigh. Thank you so much.
The Freemans :)


Sarah Suzy said...

She looks so different now! Your blog is the first thing I check in the morning and in the evening and if I don't text my husband at work with an update about mid-day he wants to know how little Kayleigh is doing. You guys are unbelievably blessed. yay for so many good days! Love the pictures!!! Especially your first family portrait..brought a tear to my eye.

GiGi said...

Just think next year she will get to be at the reunion. She is amazing and every night when we check on her she gets prettier and prettier and you can see more personality in her eyes and face.

They still are giving her extra calories?YES?
We added the calories to their(our 3 premies)breast milk for at least 6 months.Still they are 2 and in the 10% for height and weight.
We should be caught up by 5 but those extra calories thr first 6 months really helped them thrive.

GOD Bless the Freeman family and help Kayleigh to grow so she can be home with then soon.

Anonymous said...

What good pictures of Kayleigh! I love the close-up. Her hair looks like silk, doesn't it? Pretty!!!

So happy she had a good day again. We are praying for lots more of those. Know that the prayers are unceasing for you, little Kayleigh, and your mommy and daddy. (to help them keep up with all this progress!)

Love and Hugs,
Pennie, Michella and Marissa

The Baldwin Family said...

Your first family photo is just beautiful! We're so happy with all your joyous news.

The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I love the pictures! Nice looking family! I can't get over how tiny she still is...and what a beautiful face she has! How much does she weigh now?

Glad things are going well. As she gets older, she will progress more and more and you will see so many cool things happen and then all of sudden she will be so big and heavy...

Glad to hear things are going well. Just remember take some Aimee and Adam time too!

Anonymous said...

hello. my name is karen gabbert and I work with Joyce (aka nama) and she wanted me to let you know I've nicknamed your daughter, "The
Princess Warrior" because I can see she is a real fierce warrior. She's stronger than you think. Joyce wanted me to let you know we all ask about her everyday. we're
thinking about you and her. your in our prayers. God has something special in mind for all of you. take care and know God and all of us at the hospital love you and are here for you.

Karen Gabbert

Heather Marie said...

I LOVE the pictures of Kayleigh in her new outfit. She is improving so well. I do not know you guys but I read your blog everyday and I just want you to know that I pray for your little angel! I can't wait to hear more good news!! :)