9/11/08 - Breast Milk Here We Come :)

Today was a good day in many reasons. Even though Kayleigh has been cut off from feeds right now until her belly gets back to normal, it is one step closer to finding out what she will tolerate. We spoke with the doctor today and he not only feels like breast milk is the way to go, but that maybe Kayleigh needs to start feedings from a bottle. He said that feeding from a bottle will start to trigger the body's normal response to motility, which starts from the mouth. She has been sucking really good on her paci, and tomorrow she will be at full term, so maybe she will be able to get down the technique quickly and we can get started on the right foot. We are also not going to start back from square one with her feeds, so we won't be taking too much of a step back.

To hear that we are going back to breast milk has made me excited, but to hear that we are trying it from the bottle just blows my mind. I am so ecstatic that I took the time to do my research on what Kayleigh tolerated in the past and had that meeting with the doctor. It seems to be paying off. All we have to do is pray that Kayleigh will keep her blood sugars up and to adjust quickly to the bottle feedings. How awesome would that be if the answer we were looking for was to just do it the way God planned for us to.

Other than that, we had a great visit with Kayleigh today. She did not get crazy upset like last time when she had the Lower GI test done. I was worried we were going to walk in there and she'd be flipping out. Aimee and I bought Kayleigh a sound machine for her isolette. It plays a few different things for Kayleigh to listen to and it also has colored lights that will shine above her, giving her something to look at. We played it while Aimee held her today and she loved it. She was smiling when she heard the crickets and quickly fell asleep when the classic songs came on (Typical). Kayleigh's weight last night was a pretty true weight because she gained 3 more grams tonight, weighing in at 1248 grams (2 pounds - 12 ounces).

Well, To hear some good news about the change in her feeds and that she was having a happy day, we are thrilled. I just hope the tummy goes back down quickly so we can start her feeds back. Thank you all for your support through this. This has been a tough road, but I feel in my stomach that things are taking a turn for the better. Pray that she will tolerate the breast milk and we can keeping progressing forward.

Thank you all tons!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Yea!!!! Something else to consider along with the bottle is trying a SNS (Supplemental Nursing System made by Medela.) It's a container of breastmilk with a very soft, thin tube attached. The bottle hangs around mom's neck on a cord and the tube is taped to her breast. It allows Kayleigh to try nursing yet guarantees that she receives some milk (through the tube) as she most likely won't be able to latch and you don't want to wear her out trying. It will be great for Aimee's milk supply and maybe will help Kayleigh eventually get the hang of nursing. Just a thought... I'm so happy to hear that breastmilk is in the plan. You guys are doing a great job being Kayleigh's advocate!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are getting back on track. I really agree that breastmilk should be so much easier on her system. I hope it works like a charm for her.

You'll have to post a pic of her enjoying her new little machine.

Unknown said...

Yaaayy Kayleigh :0)

Unknown said...

This is AWSOME news! I pray that everything goes smoothly!!

Anonymous said...

"How awesome would that be if the answer we were looking for was to just do it the way God planned for us to."
EXACTLY! You nailed it! It just makes the most logical sense. My preemie didn't get fat and or even on the charts with breastmilk, and her drs didn't like it, but I still knew it was the best thing for her. I know Kayleigh's growth is a huger issue than most preemies, and breastmilk may not fatten her up like formula might, but I still believe it's healthiest for her delicate little gut at this stage, and will probably ensure her steady progress, instead of the constant backslides. Best of luck with the new strategy! Happy un-birthday tomorrow, little Thumbalina!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing journey you guys are on. I've been following your blog for a while and continue to keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Our girls spent 6 weeks in the NICU just a short time ago and, although our journeys are different, our hearts for our children are the same.

Your strength is inspiring and I wish your family the best as you work towards bringing your sweet little girl home.