9/20/08 - Slowly Recovering

Today was a good, but long day for Kayleigh. She is still on the vent and has been slowly coming down on her oxygen. This morning, she was having a hard time keeping her sats up and they had her on 74% oxygen. It has been slowly dropping all day and she is currently at 45%. At one point, she was breathing room air, but started having some desats and they had to increase her back up. They decided to give her some lasix since her urine output was low and she was wheezing some. The lasix is a diuretic that will help remove water off the lungs and help Kayleigh pee. Besides the fentanyl drip, she only got a little bit of pain medicine (morphine) today.

Since late this afternoon, she has not had any desats and her pressure control on the vent is at zero. That means the vent is not helping her breath at all. So all in all, she is starting to get back to normal. I am ready for her to get off the vent and back on the cannula so we can start feeding soon. Her weight is around 2 pounds - 13 ounces now. It dropped a little, but that is expected.

I was able to take a photo of her new toy today. I have been forgetting to take a pic of it. Kayleigh was having a rough morning with her desats and her oxygen way high and we noticed she was not listening to her lullabies. So we pulled the toy out of her drawer and put it in her isolette. We noticed a quick turn around in her sats. She started breathing better and her hands weren't so tightly gripped. It was almost instant relaxation for her. That made us feel so awesome to see that this toy was a great investment. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a child in the NICU. There was a study that said babies who listen to music do much better in the NICU. After reading that, we couldn't resist and made sure she had one the next day.

Thank you all so much for your prayers through this surgery and please pray that she will recover quickly so we can start feeding soon.
God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Unknown said...

Praying for a speedy recovery!

I bought the exact same music box for Carly while she was in the NICU!

God Bless!

Unknown said...

I am glad that music seems to help her relax...my Uncle helped do that study. I pray for your little girl every day and hope she gets strong and gets to go home soon!
shannah from Michigan

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for your family. She is going to do big things when she comes through this