9/21/08 - Today....

Kayleigh slept. The End!

Ha! Ha!, Actually that is about all that happened today. Besides sleeping, she came down on her oxygen a little more and they are thinking about extubating her tomorrow, maybe. It all depends on how she continues to recover from the surgery. Allyson and Brandon came in with us today to spend some time with her, so they were happy.

After talking with our nurses, Kayleigh has been quiet and sleeping all day long. The day ended so perfectly when I glanced in to say goodbye to her and she peaked her eyes open at me and gave me a smile. I was able to grab the camera in case she did it again, and she did. After all the curiosity of her being in pain from the surgery, that goes to show she is happy.

***If ANYONE has a blog or website that they have created for their preemie(s), I want to add it to our site to share your stories. Please email your child's name and website at
Adam@TeamFreemanProperties.com. THANK YOU!!!!

I am hoping to have a lot to write about tomorrow. Let's pray that she gets her tube out and we can plan on starting her feeds soon.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

What a pretty smile, and a pretty round little head too. Michella said, "Looks like heaven is missing an angel." (She wanted me to be sure to include her remarks.)

We hope she is getting all her battles out of the way up front, so she will be set for life and won't have too many more coming her way. Don't we wish it could work like that?

Hope Allyson and Brandon will soon get to enjoy their little sister being home with them. I know they look forward to helping spoil her!

Hope this week will bring lots of good things to Miss Kayleigh.

Anonymous said...

Well I had to cry today after reading about Kayleighs little smile and seeing the picture. Since the morning of her surgery my internet has been down. Talk about perfect timing. I have been worried about her this whole time. I check on Miss Priss every night before I go to bed and haven't got to since Friday. I'm glad to hear the surgery went smooth. I'm praying that her body is just taking all the nutrients from her food and that is why its coming down so slow. We are singing and downing the poopie dance. With Love, Nikki Conway