11/6/08 - 6:33 - Quiet Day...shhhh

Quiet Day means VERY GOOD! She has not had any more episodes and still seems to show signs of improvement. They are still weaning her off some of the medications that she is on. Her level of sedation medication is down and they are taking her off of her blood pressure medicine all together to see how she reacts to that. They dropped her nitric oxide from 15 to 5 today. They now are going to slowly drop it the rest of the way. She will go down to 1 either tonight or tomorrow, but I heard tonight might not happen because the heart surgeon is not on call if there is a bad reaction. I am not going to argue with that :) They are planning on removing a tube that is pinched off right now anyways. It is the tube that is running in to her stomach to pull off any extra fluid. We are very pleased with her progress so far and we hope she keeps it up.

Thank you all so much for praying for our CVICU neighbors. If you couldn't find their link by searching, here is a direct link to their facebook page: Baby Mattox

This is yet another awesome photo from some very special people in our lives sporting their Kayleigh bracelets. This is (from left to right) Emily, Bob, Joyce and Bill. Bob is my Uncle and my Dad's brother, and Joyce is my Aunt. Bill and Emily are long time friends of theirs, who have always been family to us all. They are all the way over on the west coast and we miss them tons!!! Thank you so much for the love and support that you have given us through this very tough time. You are the true meaning of family :) We love you!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


caryn said...

So glad it was a good day for Kayleigh. We will continue to pray up here in MA for her as well as your neighbors! I love the socks, too cute.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Yay! I just got my computer back and was very happy to come back on here and see she is still doing well. I will surely put her neighbors in my prayers as well. I hope you are all able to get some much needed rest!
With love from NH!

Anonymous said...

I think Kayleigh looks so much better her colour and stuff, still praying and thinking of you all everyday all day xo

Canadian Barb

Unknown said...

She looks so big!! And sweet. So happy she is doing so well....but did we really expect anything else from her???? Shes a fighter :0) You must be aching to hold her!!! Iam and I dont even know her...well personally :0) Sweet dreams sweet little Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

Quiet days are good, your little fighter is justing resting up, for greater things to come. You guys take care, God bless.

The Chassards

Ali said...

I love her tiny feet in those adorable socks - too sweet.

Anonymous said...

What a little angel..... She is a sweetie!!

Amy said...

Keep up the good work Kayleigh!!!! I'm so happy to see how well you are progressing every day.

GiGi said...

Thank you God for all that you do and all that you are going to do!
Please continue to heal our Little Miss Katleigh and her friends Mattox and Delandis.
Hold them and their families close and let them rest in your arms so they can gain the strength and knowledge to do your will. AMEN

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that she is having good nights and days!!! I am praying that these turn into GREAT DAYS AND NIGHTS!!! Whisper to her to not ever give up!!! I will pray for her and your family!!

Anonymous said...

Good night sweet Kayleigh - get that rest because you have tons of growing to do! Amy and Adam -- you are great parents and so inspirational.

Have a restful and peaceful evening and can't wait for tomorrow's post to hear her further progress!


Elkins5 said...

Way to go Kayleigh!!

Aimee & Adam ~
I just found this poem I though you might like......


I go into the hospital

to make sure you're growing and strong,

The Doctor says "This isn't right,

You're 2 centimeters long"

The Doctors tells me Calm down, Don't cry

You have to be strong,

I don't understand why this is happening

Did I do something wrong?

Only 5 months along and scared to death

What am I to do?

They rush me to another hospital

Why? I have no clue.

They take me in a room

where I will have to stay,

Please let everything be OK

for hours to God I'd pray.

Days turn into weeks as

I lay in the hospital bed,

The time has come, You're ready to go,

The Doctor soon had said.

As I'm in the operating room

Scared to death I lie,

Chances slim, fear all around,

It could be a good or bad day.

I hear you cry a wonderful sound

Eyes opend wide,

They say that your here, room full of joy,

Thank Heaven that you tried.

I felt like your HERO

But would you be OK?

Questions, concerns, tears and fears,

Would you be here to stay?

They rush you off to the NICU

You're too small to breath on your own,

Doctors amazed, Nurses in shock,

If we would have only known.

So much love we gave to you,

So much love you gave us back.

You'd be coming home when you get well,

Your bags we soon would pack.

So fragile and small

Chances were closest to Zero,

You made it through everything

And now you're MY HERO!

Elkins5 said...

...forgot to mention this poem was written by a mom who's daughter's name is Karleigh born at 1 lb 11.5 oz
Peacful night,

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that she's doing so well. I think about her and pray for her everyday. Mwah, Kayleigh.


Jennifer in NM said...

This is still so amazing at what Kayleigh is doing. She is such a fighter, and she is going to continue doing well. I will continue to pray for her to recover fast and of course her neighbors. Aimee and Adam, you guys are truly wonderful parents and people. It is a running joke between my best friend and I that if you would not post the way you do I would lose my mind, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Check in on her later!


Aleksiasmommy said...

She looks so big, like she has grown, so glad she is doing well. Still praying for her here in FL.

Jennifer said...

she looks fantastic today! and so cute with her bow, socks and bears. she is going to be just fine, i know it! hang in there Aimee and Adam good things are ahead for your family.

The Woollard Family said...

Kayleigh looks wonderful for just having surgery!! I'm glad they are able to take her off her meds slowly, but surely! Blood pressure medicine can be very tricky, so I can under the issue with that. I am on blood pressure medicine and I'm 25 years old! I got high blood pressure when I was 31 weeks pregnant, daughter was born at 33 weeks, and she's 10 months old now and I STILL have high blood pressure and I have to take meds for it now, probably for the rest of my life. That is definitely one thing not to mess around with. Y'all are absolutely still in our thoughts and prayers!!